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    posted a message on Dystopian Mercenaries - Disbanded

    Attention: Superpost incoming!


    On our home server, the Dystopian Mercenaries are currently constructing an enormous Arena to host all things competitive in Minecraft. So far, Fnfrg, Link, Shouter, Lakefisher, and Kevin have contributed to construction, which is organized and directed by myself. Once completed, the Arena will hold events for PvP, PvE, and whatever other challenges and obstacles we can think of. Today, January 19th of 2014, construction began on this Arena, and as I write this, it is the end of the first day of construction, and I believe we have come very far.

    The arena from the outside:

    The reason it's so tall is because there are three floors, making it well over a hundred blocks high. The exterior, which will be made aesthetically appealing once the interior is completed, is a cylinder, with the diameter of the base at a nice 101 blocks. It's a pretty massive structure. Today, we were able to near completion on the first floor.

    Floor 1

    As can be seen, the inside of the first floor is separated into four Quadrants. These Quadrants are unnamed, and as such will be identified by the type of place they are: The Nether, The Tundra, The End, and the Void. Note: The Glowstone blocks are a temporary lighting system, placed in order to prevent mobs from overrunning the floor. A superior lighting system will be placed at a later date.)

    The Nether:

    Fairly straightforward: The Dystopian Mercenaries bring the Underworld into the Overworld. This Quadrant has Lava, Netherrack, Soulsand, Nether Quartz Ore, and Glowstone. Naturally, there's stuff on fire for no good reason.

    Another angle:

    The Tundra:

    Right next to the fiery Nether is the icy tundra. This Quadrant features Ice, Snow, and Trees, and again is an excellent copy of a winter wonderland.

    Another angle:

    The End:

    A unique, inspired addition to the Arena, the End is exactly what it sounds like. Complete with the same materials and type of tower that the real End contains (no Endermen or Enderdragon.....yet.) this Quadrant is a faithful recreation.

    The Void:

    My personal favorite, the Void section brings a completely original kind of combat not found anywhere else in Minecraft. If you fall off of the Void's platforms, there won't even be Bedrock to stop your fall. Players need to navigate the unforgiving platforms all the while worrying about getting knocked off by others; in this way, the Void brings a unique combination of PvP, PvE and Parkour to the Arena.

    More Angles:

    But wait! There's more!

    The Box:

    What better way is there to watch people die than in the comfort of your very own Throne? This box, fit for an Emperor, provides a way to simultaneously experience the events of the Arena (from a safe distance, of course) while satisfying your God Complex.

    A Throne for a King:

    The Best Seat in the House!

    The Fence-Pistons:

    One of the best additions to the Arena is the Fence-Piston System. When holding an event in the Arena, the first question is "Which Quadrant?" If the answer isn't "All of them, damn it!" then the Fence-Piston System is the System for you. Fences, operated by Sticky Pistons, provide a way for players to be contained in a Quadrant, or Quadrants. Each of the four borders between Quadrants contains a line of Fence-Pistons operated from a single lever. (These levers will later be moved to a Master Control Room). When raised, nothing can leave the Quadrant, and nothing can enter.

    The Wiring:

    Hitting one of these levers sends out a signal to raise or lower a line of fences.

    Your signal starts out its brief adventure here. Each individual current is a type of gem block (material chosen because I'm fabulous like that)

    Onwards and onwards it goes through the vast area beneath the Floor:

    Until it reaches its destination, and activates/deactivates the line of pistons.

    Due to the nature of this setup, it's possible to hold different events in multiple areas. While players battle off endless waves of Zombies in the Nether and the Tundra Quadrants, there might be an Archery battle going on in the Void, and a duel in the End. This allows the Arena to again provide a unique experience not found anywhere else. And that's just on the first floor. What comes next, you might ask? Well, that's going to be a surprise. Stay tuned for more.

    So much has been done, with a lot more to do. We'll get there.

    Yours truly,
    no_hands_45 and the Arena Construction Crew.

    Ahh... looking good there! I like the idea about multiple levels and quadrants, gonna be exciting to try!
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    posted a message on Dystopian Mercenaries - Disbanded
    As we all know, the vanilla texture pack to minecraft is not the most perfect texture pack, according to many people, so many use texture packs, however, i see this could also be a problem if all out members run around with different texture packs and build building which aesthetics correlate to their texture pack, but not other. This could mean that a lot of building would seem out of place for somebody here. Therefor i think it would be nice if we had a vote on whether we had to design building after A) Vanilla texture pack B) A clan chosen texture pack C) Our own texture pack. Kyle, could you make this vote happen, please? Also, i want to hear our members ideas too, so please reply to this!
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    posted a message on Guitarist needed for Minecraft parody!
    Name (optional) Mikkel
    Age (optional)
    Are you using software or instruments to reproduce the guitar stuff? I have a physical guitar, electric and just pure strings, however, i am not sure about the recording quality of the guitar. BUT i also have a program for the guitar, a specialized guitar program for creating and pre-listening to charts, where the sounds are recording HQ from varies of different guitars from different brands, with lots of effect on too (like chorus or flanger).
    Do you have a YouTube channel where I can see your talent? If so, what is the name of the channel? No sorry, but if you want i can try and make a quick track for you within a week to send to you.
    If I do choose you to be my guitarist, how can I contact you? (Email, Skype...) You can use both email and skype. Just pm me
    How many minutes (or hours) are you going to work on this a week? (optional) Depends on the workload i get, but i can easily drift away for hours into it when i go do it, so a good couple of hours a week. Depends how quickly i finish it too.


    Checked your youtube channel. If you want to contact me, please do it by text and never by call. Also, i worry about the quality in which you will be able to produce the product. Please note that if i sense a lack of seriousness i will probably drop from the project pretty quick. However, if you can live with that i am still fresh for it.
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    posted a message on Looking for builders that helps on a RPG server!
    IGN(InGameName): same as my f_u_c_k­ing username, baby pie delicius ;D
    Can You use Worldedit/Voxelsniper: BBBUUUUURRRRRNNNNNNN IIIIIITTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Can I trust You: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! ­ no you can't!
    Age: Catholics don't abuse me anymore!
    Previous Expirience: A made cock out of cobble-dirt once!
    Examples: <>
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    posted a message on LordOfTheRings: Hobbit the unexpected journey.Whole film in minecraft
    Name: Mikkel
    Ign: weedmandauber
    Age: eighteen

    Cast (Or voice act): I want to do both if possible, but if i had to choose, i would rather voice act.
    Have microphone?: Yes. Clear voice. A bit bad with capturing very very deep bass sounds, but with a bit of sound editing (i will do it before i send file ofcourse), you can get it anyways.
    Have skype?: Yup...

    Skype: mikkel_koss
    Willing to work hard if needed?: If i weren't i would have passed trough this post instead of applying. So yea, i am.

    I am not sure atm wich voice i would be best at portraying, so i will have to experiement a bit with that.
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    posted a message on [Closed] ☆ ☆ ☆ SUPER-EARTH ☆ ☆ ☆ The Original Minecraft Community ☆
    Minecraft In Game Name: weedmandauber
    Where are you from?: I am from the country of Denmark
    Your age?: I am eighteen years old
    Have you read and agreed to the rules in the post below?: Yes. Normal and fairplay rules.
    Did you vote for us?: Yes, yes i have.
    Extra notes?: Only a question i have allways been wondering. Does writing something here even help, when you consider how easy it is just to write random words that just has to sound legit?
    How did you hear of Super-Earth?: I was looking at a lord of the rings map, when i saw a post wich linked to super-earths website.
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    posted a message on (New)[RECRUITING]Caffine[Private Server][Epic!]
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    posted a message on Awesome NEW minecraft clan recruiting members (LMS)

    ign: weedmandauber

    age(12+): 18... months

    what can you bring to the clan: Endless pain and suffering and bad one-liners

    how long you have been playing minecraft: beta 1.2

    what makes you want to join this clan: The idea of it being mental
    details about yourself: I am mental... i also like poodles

    ... taco bell
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    posted a message on Kingdom Hearts: MC ~Looking for Modders/Texturers/Modelers/and more~
    Hi, as a Kingdom Hearts fan i am VERY interested in joining in on the project, however, i can't choose what i want to be, so i want to apply to a bit of it all, if it's okay :D


    Minecraft Name: weedmandauber
    Age: 17
    Previous Work: None officially puplished. I am relatively new, but i am serious in my work. Have experience in recreating things in pixel art and in paintings, so i personally think, that i should be able to do a great job.
    Resolution: What you want it to be. I am good at working inside criteria.
    Gameplay Designer:

    Minecraft Name: weedmandauber
    Age: 17
    Gameplay Element 1- Special spawn (if that and that is in place, spawn that. Used to balance how many heartless goes against you and what kind after what premises are met. Examples, what kind of mobs should spawn in that place or something similar.
    Gameplay Element 2- Stat orientated abilities, something i allways wanted in kingdom hearts. I know it kinda is in it aswell, but not on the scale i want it (AP boost, STRENGT boost, MAGICK boost).
    What do you think the mod's type of direction should be?- Action RPG orientated, with alot of ability into customise your keyblade apprentice/master.
    Sound Designer:

    Minecraft Name: weedmandauber
    Age: 17
    Previous Work/Examples: Nothing puplished.
    Note: I do have a music program to make background music and such, while having a library with ochestrial samples, i think i might have potential to make something, but i guess this would rather be an experiement and not something you should rely on.
    Story Writer:

    Minecraft name: weedmandauber
    Age: 17
    Example Story: You wakeup one morning noticing a new creep in your minecraft world, IT'S THE HEARTLESS. It has taken the heart of minecraft. You have become a keyblade chosen, and are now setting out to find a way to restore your world. You will wander trough many worlds helping people and looking for clues to have to save your world. You then get noticed by a keyblade master and come under apprentice. After your exam you first mission is to dive into the world of dreams and make your own world and other worlds re-birth from their sleep.

    Minecraft Name: weedmandauber
    Age: 17
    Glitch: "New test will be created soon" and of that reason i have chosen to wait testing, so i cant test in a version that is most usefull to test. But i have beta tested many games. Even tough this is a mod not a game, i guess it's still counts ;D

    Hope to hear from you, hopefully with acceptance as a role in your team. In the darkest corner of universe shines the purest light.
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    posted a message on Need 1 actor for a minor comedy!
    Hello. My name is weedmandauber.

    My friend kyle and me is making a small comedy video. We aim for barely a minute. Its basically toilet humor. Our only requirements is you being able to talk to us over skype and being able to join our hamachi server. The show is about this guy who doesn't drink MinechugTM and our very personal advisor will try to tell him why he sucks balls and need to drink Minechug22. And the role we need you to do is the person who sucks balls and need to learn why MinchugRadiator is better than raw porkchops... we do have a script to follow, but l wanna be honest with you, we might improvise a bit! if you are interested in trying this role, please PM me and i will see to it.
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    posted a message on ...
    In Game Name:

    What do you like about our clan?
    It's an active pvp clan who supports active social players.

    What time zone are you in?

    I am in CET or GMT+1

    How did you find our clan?
    I followed a link sent by one of my good friend ViolentKyle! So far i know he should have a very important position in the clan!

    At the current time of me writing this application i am 17.

    I am experienced in ALOT of the concepts in minecraft. However, due to not being on the best internet, i cannot pvp at the BEST level. Else i can make advanced redstone circuitry, nice buildings, nice decorations, farms, mines, mobgrinder(even tough i dislike making them), tnt cannons(even tough i have forgotten the algorythm for length of firing(etc... 4tnt = 56blocks send away)) and other mighty stuff. I have also been told i am a good decorater, since i often includes lots of small details. I am also been told i make cool skins! :D. I am also a tactician, a diplomat and a person who often knows what people think and are also hard to deceive when it's important for the guild.

    What previous clans have you been in? (This is a plus):
    I have been in Assassins Something guild, and when it broke down, in a small guild broken of from assassins to continue playing with a few of those before it broke down. I have also been in an anti-griefer clan, however, i never got an anti-griefe assignment. I actually never got a single word with the guys giving out missions even tough i wrote to them.

    What makes you different to everyone else?:
    I am an optimist. I am an accepting person. I am a hardworking person. I am a person who cares and loves for his guildies/clannies. Not being one, but one among is what i allways try to become. This attitude also makes me very loyal towards other persons.

    Do you have a microphone?
    I have a laptop mic. But it is decent and not noisy, but if i smash my buttons for hard you might be able to hear it weakly, but it should be okay. (Basically, a SMALL BIT sensetive against background noise).

    Are you going to be active?
    Active? Yes. Alot? Not as much as i want in my current position. Basically only have about 1 hour of free time computer a day for a minor period of time.

    Loyalty Level (1-10):
    Towards Kyle and the goals of the clan 10! Towards others in the clan will probably wary alot! But should be between 6-9. I am a wary person.

    Length you've had Minecraft ?
    Since early beta.

    Do you have Skype?
    Yes and i am friend with kyle on it.

    Anything else?

    I dont have much else to tell really but i am really exited about your clan idea about the clan. If you talk about the concept, i think i understand the origin concept and are hoping to have a nice time playing with ya all! weedman out.

    Or yea... please call me "endidan"... i prefer that.
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    posted a message on The Watchers-NOW RECRUITING (PvP) (PvE) (Jobs) (Factions)
    Quote from Strokk

    Accepted (as you are my friend and have been in many clans with me)

    By many clans... you mean two? xD
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    posted a message on The Watchers-NOW RECRUITING (PvP) (PvE) (Jobs) (Factions)


    Redstone. A bit rotten, but still a bit there archery. Assassin :3.

    length you've had MC:
    Since later alpha, however on friends account. Bought the game in earlier beta and was able to play more intense at that point!

    why you want to join:
    I was hoping to join a serious guild who would NOT be disbaned liek AoD ;D

    secret sentence:
    I swear to be loyal to The Watchers
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    posted a message on Army Of Death |AoD|Recruiting|Hardcore|PvP
    Am i REQUIRED to use the skin?...
    I love my skin so much :S even tough it ain't very... dead...

    Also... is that the skin you got from giggles? :P IF SO... i hope he at least credit'd me a small bit <.
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    posted a message on Army Of Death |AoD|Recruiting|Hardcore|PvP
    Quote from ArmyOfDeath

    Clearly in automatically since your an AL Veteran. Don't even need to review the application but I did because I know yours is always the best.

    Mine is allways the best? xD. I was tired when i wrote it tough! xD
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