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    This realm is brand new. The end goal is to have a healthy economy to allow for maximum creativity.


    -No Griefing. Of any kind.

    -Must be mature.

    -PVP is enabled but discouraged. If both participating players want to fight then feel free, but the point of this realm is to build incredible structures and have fun.

    -Pranking is encouraged. Expect to log on and see your base flooded or come back from an afk session and be surrounded in obsidian :)

    For an invite message R3FR4KT on xbox live with:

    -Your Age

    -Your Skill Set (redstone, megastructures, autofarms, etc.)

    -Your Intentions (average playtime, goals etc)

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    I'm 23. My gamertag is R3FR4KT. I want a cooperative experience and I'm not afraid to gather resources to boost the economy.

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