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    Its always tricky to get back into mods like these after prolonged absence - especially if things change this much

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    the wiki here says that you can craft both blue and purple slime balls from congealed blue slime blocks

    that doesn't sound right - is that correct? or are there purple slime blocks?

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    I'm using the DireWolf20 1.7 beta

    ...and I'm curious: There are a lot of things missing from this version of Modular Powerarmor? Like, the "walking generator" and the extra cooling devices, the night vision... a lot of things just aren't there


    Any idea when they'll be added?


    I also have a bug report:

    When trying to mine regular plain stone with the powerfist (with the pickaxe and diamond drill upgrade...) it happens
    roughly as fast as doing it with a block of gravel

    And similarly: When then mining Tinker's Construct blocks (such as Aluminium ore) no blocks are dropped. I can mine them just fine and speedily, but there's no ore block dropping from it that you can pick up.

    ...it works just fine on coal ore though

    I don't think that's working as intended
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