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    posted a message on Prime's TF2 [Guns] [Spout] [War] [Beta] [Strict Whitelist]
    Beta Application:
    In game name: webbyster
    Time zone: EST
    Experience (In detail, please):I have helped test many servers made a few of my own.. i am experienced with plugins and mods, and have been playing minecraft for a while now (5 years) i know what players want and i know how to make it happen...
    Qualities: i tend to get along with other players and im pretty laid back...
    How long have you played Minecraft: 5 years (Ish)
    How long have you played TF2: Play it, love it. around 1 year
    Why would you be suited for this position: I love to help servers progress and populate, and i love both of these games and i know i can support you and your team to making a better community for all.
    Additional Notes: Its prime time tonight baby!

    Lol, wrong app...
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    posted a message on Accepting Skin Requests
    If your not to busy with all these other peoples skins (You have ALOT Of Requests!) I'd love a derpy Narwhal that has a millitary vest, pants and gloves... In desert camo! im a skin creator aswell, but im really lazy :P Tnx!
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    posted a message on [1.2.5] [Forge] Mine & Blade: Battlegear - Discontinued
    cant seem to find a download link? :P
    ive tried looking in the download section and couldn't find it...
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    posted a message on Tekkit Server [50 Slot] [PvP] [24/7]
    • Minecraft Username: webbyster
    • Age: 13
    • Opinion of server after you're on the whitest: Haven't really been whitelisted, but i hope its a fun experience!
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    posted a message on NeonCraft, An Enjoyable Minecraft Experience. [U-Arena] [Mob-Arena] [PvP] [Semi-Hardcore] [TnT] [Griefing Enabled] [Hunger Games
    An Enjoyable Minecraft Experience...

    NeonCraft aims to provide a a fun PvP oriented server for all ages. Our Admins are trust-wrothy, and will not participate in Faction-Wars... as they have creative and it would be unfair. Moderators are allowed to fight as they have no ability to spawn in items.
    We are always open to suggestions for plugins, And are searching for more good-natured staff.

    Have fun, Stay Alive. IP:

    List of RULES In-game... At spawn.

    Our Hand Built Spawn:
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    posted a message on The Walking Dead - Adventure Map! Need help!
    Quote from kenvanme

    me as well i will send you the word document through email or skype. i already have the basic story line maped out. also i was wondering if we could add a kind of quest system where we use the book and quill instead of having a text file. also we can use these books for quests. like say we have a chest in front of the villager with published book detailing the quest. this way the player has free reign but also can choose to do quests if he like. also we could have chests with loot in the houses and possibly some traps. like say we have a sighn outside a house saying dont enter or well shoot. and when you step on the pressure plate to go inside a redstone repaeter with 2 ticks makes the dispenser go off when the door is opened we could also make the dispenser aoutomatic.

    Im really liking the snapshot use idea instead of txt files... i think it would fit well with the map.
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    posted a message on Chaos fruit
    Ehh! Shark :D
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    posted a message on The Walking Dead - Adventure Map! Need help!
    Minecraft Username: webbyster
    Skype: thehungrymango
    Job(s): Builder, Redstoner And Maybe even a Texture Artist if you need one...
    Small Description: I enjoy creating adventure maps, but haven't really got around to finishing one off either becuase of my friends getting bored, or something not working out. I'd love to finish one off for once with a group of good people
    Have you seen the tv show?: A few parts, i get the concept of the storyline.
    Pictures of what you have built: I had a huge abandon city i was working on, but after i got the technic pack mod i blew up the world with a couple nukes.... maybe i could just show you what i could build? :P

    Peace, Webby
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    posted a message on ~Orcs Vs. Elves~ - 75 SLOTS - Website - LOOKING FOR STAFF - Hardcore PvP - McMMO - Factions - WHICH WILL PREVAIL?!
    IGN: webbyster
    What Faction Would I Like To Join?: I'd Join whatever faction needed more people, it looks like the elves are short so ill join them!
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    posted a message on HELP PLS. Cant login on minecraft game launcher!
    Mojang Is most likely updating the game. Guys, Don't freak out it'll be back up later today im guessing :D
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    posted a message on Tekkit Survival - Looking for 5 players
    Well, Following that you said 5 players... your gonna say no, But May As Well Give It A Try! :D
    IGN: webbyster
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    posted a message on D3matt's Technic Pack/Tekkit Server
    IGN (Minecraft Name): webbyster
    Age: 13
    Have you played any Technic Pack mods before? I Have, But just on single player... I Really Really Want to try this out in SMP!
    Have you ever been banned before? (Be honest, being banned may not disqualify you, lieing will.) I Have, The Admin Was A... Interesting Character, And i gave him a few suggestions, BANG he banned me....
    What do you want to get out of this server? A great SMP technic pack experience!
    Anything else? Ill get My Two Friends To join the server, beko1475 and epro23!
    Thanks! :D
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    posted a message on In a apocalipse, would you eat the person above you or keep him/her alive to help you?
    Eat the robot, You would need your minerals in an apocalypse! :D
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    posted a message on looking for survival for 2-10 people
    I have one, we could do adventure maps, or survival... but its not 24/7 :(
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    posted a message on *JungleServ* [Old Forum]
    I think thats a great idea! i would love to join! Whats the ip?
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