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    The current state of the clan chat:

    Spamming links for the epic free prizes website. Come on guys, this is getting annoying.
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    Maybe you got rubbed by slime pheromones while in the flatland area and now all the slimes are in a frenzy to mate with you.
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    I was playing multiplayer on a PVP server and I was at spawn. When I decided to go out of spawn, I was met with a spawncamper, iron+diamond mix and a diamond sword (Before Enchantments were added to the game), and there was a huge group of people gathered inside of spawn, too afraid to go outside.

    A few brave souls tried to go at him, only to be smited by his superior equipment. Strange enough, they went in one by one, as if they were lining up to go inside a giant meat grinder. Anyways, I decided I didn't have anything of worth to lose and sprinted full speed at him. He hit me once and I knew that one more hit would kill me.

    I started circling him to try and get some kind of advantage, but I knew it was hopeless with my lack of armor and sword quality. All of the sudden, a lag spike strikes and I end up behind him, while he's swinging wildly at thin air. I get him with an expertly placed backstab (overly obsessed TF2 player moment) and kill him.

    You should have seen the shower of looted goods he had, it was like an item fountain erupting with a full inventory's worth of goodies. I was so delighted that I jumped up and down and danced on his corpse out of pure joy, celebrating my unlikely victory. At that moment, I remembered the mob watching our fight and ran at full speed to the spawn before anybody gets any ideas to kill me.

    When I finally got to spawn, I checked my loot and noticed, quite happily, that I got his armor, weapons, diamonds, and precious metals. I looked back at where the fighting happened, and see some of the things I was not able to carry in my frenzy to take as much as I could carry.

    A few vultures decided to take the remaining loot for themselves, fighting over it, while I walked away quietly, giddy with my new loot, and headed to my clan's base. Reading the chat, there were quite a few "lol"'s and "Holy sh*t"'s in there, as well as a "You hax0r, good job" from the person I killed.

    True story.
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    One year of service for Kevin, me, Zappa, and Viggih!
    And a great thank you for everyone who was and is in the clan and helped bring it to what it is today!

    Some Special videos for this occasion:

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    OIN skype chat in a nutshell
    [5:30:55 PM] Kevin: yo brad
    [5:30:59 PM] Kevin: you can blow me homie
    [5:31:07 PM] Kevin: brb getting liad
    [5:31:14 PM] Zappa: liad
    [5:31:17 PM] Zappa: >
    [5:34:27 PM] brad_bolander: Can I get some liad too?
    [5:34:56 PM] Zappa: i ran out of liad, i gotta run to the store and get some more
    [5:36:22 PM] MilanManiac9: Marflugrmnlsdf...
    [5:37:38 PM] weatherdog: How can you run out of liad? Everyone loves it and keeps at least 3 cans of it...
    [7:25:58 PM] Zappa: kevin did you get your liad?
    [7:26:53 PM | Edited 7:27:04 PM] weatherdog: Twilight: A movie/book that teaches teenage girls to find a man... a hundred year man. But don't worry, it's not pedophilia, he looks like he's 17
    [7:27:47 PM] Kevin: lollololol
    [7:27:49 PM] Kevin: I meant laid
    [7:27:59 PM] Kevin: and yes you ****ers I got my laid
    [7:33:05 PM] Zappa: was it some high quality liad?
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    And that, kids, is why you don't anger people with more power than you. They'll go on a blind rampage to preserve whatever shreds of their dignity and honor they still have, usually at the expense of other people.

    Of course, all you're doing is proving that you are too much of a coward to face what other people say about you, you're just hurting yourself.
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    posted a message on Cavera - THE fairest PvP Server [1.3.1] [Bukkit] [Vanilla] [24/7] [Lag-Free!]
    Lemonstand and Crizpystixx accepted and whitelisted. Along with bbwf on the website.
    The one using Gotgamer's account, please put more depth into the bio, and possibly make the character older. Also, read the "example of a bad app" on the server website, the whole "His parents were killed by bandits" thing isn't very original or interesting.
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    ​BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD!!!!!1!!111!1!!1!1

    Anyways, let's thank Zappa for finding this.
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    You Horrible Monster!

    You insufferable creatures. You insult us with your ignorance. You don't care for causing grief. You are the true monsters, and yet you dare insult us! You come into our home with your shining weapons and armor, kill everything in your path, and take all our valuables, causing death, destruction, and grief in your wake. Why? You say it's a "holy crusade". You claim it's to rid the world of monsters. You state that you are doing the world the best good you can! But you are not.

    I have watched over three of your disgraceful generations rise and fall. I have seen each one of them send countless "righteous warriors" into my homeland to kill and loot the innocent creatures of my land. I have fought alongside my brothers and watched them all drop dead on the ground. I have seen the countless forts, castles, dwellings, outposts, and mines your species have erected all over our unspoiled land. Your architecture torments me. Your kind fear and loathe us, yet you seem foolhardy and heartless enough to come in here and slaughter us.

    Your kind has never been one to have any compassionate feelings towards nature. You always destroy it. You claim to preserve it, but your efforts are unnoticeable. Everything you do, only makes everything harder for us, for the creatures in your realm, for all of nature. You would burn down a forest for the hell of it. You would kill countless, countless animals for meaningless orbs. You would create holes in the earth and weaken its skeleton for your precious metals.

    You are the true monsters. You are the harbingers of death. You are the failures of nature. You, are the ultimate disgrace to life.

    Chapter 1
    Everything was fine on this day. Well, calling it a day would be inappropriate, since there is no decipherable day cycle, the creatures here tell time by the heat of the magma, hot during the “day” and cool during the “night”.

    As I was saying, everything was going as it should be, even better than it should, actually! The Pigmen were tending to their farms, building more homes, patrolling the usual routes, the hardened Blazes were watching over everyone, keeping order and preventing the souls from Ghasting, the Magma Cubes flopping around uselessly, and of course me, looking over the success of my civilization.

    It has been passed down, generation to generation, for many millennia now. Every ruler, or Lord of Flames, has added something new to this realm, starting with my great-great-great grandfather, Lyrox, who took over the Nether after the great creator Notch blessed this once forsaken place with life. Lyrox was a sympathetic person; he wanted to make sure that no living being’s soul would float around uselessly after death, so he created Soul Sand, magical sand that had the ability to attract free floating souls, that would lock away souls of the wicked inside them. The reason for this is that once a soul disappears, which it does unless locked away in the Nether, the being who harbored the soul would be forgotten, and nothing would ever bring back that memory.

    I made a great improvement to the Nether, Blazes. These little creatures are more mechanical than biological. It is a metal shell infused with a willing soul to give it life. These have flaming rods circle them to provide them with the ability to light on fire, and shoot fire. As a squad of them were patrolling, they noticed something strange, a black structure that looked like a doorway, but was missing a door. Upon closer inspection, they realized it was made of black stone, obsidian. They immediately sent me a signal, since this arrangement of obsidian could create a Gateway between our Nether and the Overworld. Travel to the Overworld has been forbidden, but that doesn’t stop invaders from the Overworld from coming inside.

    Just as they sent the signal, the Gateway was activated, a purple field appeared within the frame and a horrible noise, like many screaming souls, since burning souls were used to sustain it, was emanating from it. As soon as it lit up, a figure jumped out of it like a bright, blue, shiny, blur and launched itself at the nearest blaze. All you saw was a blur of blue and heard a sound like metal hitting metal, and the blaze went flying back, destroyed, smoking and disappearing forever with the soul.As the other Blazes figured out what happened, it was too late, there were three of them left, and there were ten enemies altogether now. A few blinding and frenzied moments later, they ended up as their comrade, dead and forgotten.

    A nearby Pigman patrol spotted what happened and spilled pools of lava around their village for protection. But that didn’t stop the invaders, one of them, who was apparently a priest, threw a bottle at the feet of their group; the contents immediately went fizzing in the air and stuck to the invaders. They charged at the magma wall, and went right through it as if it was nothing, not a single burn.

    As the Pigmen stood dumbfounded at the fact that the invaders came through unscathed, the invaders came at them with incredible speed, an arrow hitting the first Pigman in the shoulder, the force of it threw him back and ripped off his arm. The others pulled out their golden swords and stood their ground, calling their brothers and sisters to arms with their bloodcurdling battle cries, like hundreds of pigs slowly being stabbed to death.

    Chapter 2
    There was a knock on the door, three to be precise. The sound reverberated through the giant empty room and vibrated in my ears. “Come in,” I said, since I knew that this was of highest importance, three knocks means that there is usually a big problem threatening my people.

    The door opened with a weak creak, and as the giant blood colored stone doors opened, the frail voice of my personal servant came through, barely hearable. “L-lord,” he stuttered, “there w-was trouble at… at one of the nearby Pigman vi-villages, t-ten invaders... kill… k-killing ev-everyone!”

    “How are the Pigman warriors standing against them?” I asked. I could tell from the way that he shrunk down even more than usual that the Pigman warriors were not holding at all. “Never mind then, send a group of 20 Blazes, and have them release some souls for Ghasting, as well as reinforce the Pigmen.” I stated. He nodded about 6 times in rapid succession and quickly fled the room, his demon claws clacking against the stone floor.

    I turned back to the window overlooking much of my kingdom, this isn’t a random attack, I thought, they will send more, this is just the start of an invasion, maybe I should go down myself. Normally, the Lord of Flames was to stay away from open combat, as there was always a chance of being killed, but I was never one to follow tradition closely, the Lord of Flames is supposed to lead his army into battle, make the enemy cower in fear and surrender, and if that doesn’t work, charge in and slaughter them until the give up, or until each and every single one of them is dead.

    As I walked down towards the exit of my Citadel, I grabbed my sword, Sanguis Lapis, which was passed down by generations to me, first created by Lyrox during the creation of this world. I walked outside, the heat of magma hitting my face, this is going to be a great day, I thought as I walked towards my dark and secretive group of warriors.

    Chapter 3: Regret

    Section1: John and Robert
    “Damn it!” yelled Kyle, one of the 4 archers, “John is down! They swarmed him!” John was the big, ugly brute, with that murderous grin on his face, a face marred by multiple scars from past battles. He wielded a giant two-handed diamond sword, which looked normal when held in his massive, ape-like arms. He was slicing through the poor Pigmen as if they were blades of grass, making his blue gem sword turn into a bloody, redish-blue color. But they eventually got behind him, the only side he was vulnerable from, and struck, all aiming to the weak spots of his armor, the back of the neck, the back of the thighs, and other less protected parts.

    The warrior known as John fell down to his knees, he pulled out a small dagger, gripped it in both hands, keeping remarkably steady while being beaten from every side, and stabbed himself, yelling “I regret nothing!” as he fell down on his face, limp on the floor, blood gushing out of the wound, staining the already blood-red netherrack.

    “John!” Yelled a nearby-warrior, he held a single, small blue sword. Unlike the brutish warrior, this invader was small, agile, nimble, and fast, he avoided most strikes from the Pigmen, delivering light and fast attacks whenever he could. But there was one flaw that he had, he was easily tempered. He charged at the Pigman standing near John’s body, yelling “You bastards! You killed him! I’m going to kill you, kill you all!” as he hacked and slashed left and right without thought at the Pigman, but that was a fatal error. The Pigman grabbed the invader by the wrist with his left hand; a giant, mutilated, rotten hand fell upon the invader, stopping him from striking. He looked up in horror into the face of the Pigman, only to realize it had no eyes, for they had long since rotten away.

    “No… no… this-this can’t be! It… it just can’t. NO! What are you doing? NOOO!” He yelled as the Pigman raised its sword, twisted the invader’s arm to the right to reveal the unprotected elbow, and brought the sword down with all its might, severing the limb with barely any resistance, a disturbing crack and a loud shwink followed. The invader dropped to his knees, clutching his bleeding wound, breathing heavily, the world going fuzzy, and looked up to see the Pigman swing its sword sideways, surely to sever his head, but before that, the invader remembered something from his childhood.

    It was dinner time and the invader, back then in his mid to late teens, had a steaming argument with his father, an old man with greying hair, about what he will do with his life. The invader, obviously losing, stormed out of the house, grabbing his sword along the way, and walked towards the pig pen. The pigs were just finishing off the last of their slop as the invader came in, took out his sword, and sliced off the head of the unfortunate pig to get in the way of his blinding rage. The other pigs started squealing out of fright after seeing one of their kin being slain and ran away, finding their own separate corners to cower in, just as the invader’s father came around to see what all the noise was. He looked upon the dead, headless pig, and then at his son breathing heavily with pure rage in his eyes, and the bloodstained sword in his hand. “Robert,” he said, “you don’t just go and take out your anger on an innocent being, you’ve just gone slain a perfectly good pig! And what’s worse, you did it right in front of the others! You better watch your head boy, for one day, there’s gonna be one angry pig coming for it, YOU WILL REGRET THIS!”

    And now, almost 15 years later, this has happened, an angry pig has come for Robert’s head. Down came the golden blade, glinting from the hellish fires all around, curving when level with his neck, and slicing his head clean off. The head went flying through the air, carried by the force of the strike, landing in a nearby magma pool, forgotten forever. The body stayed perfectly still, the Pigman took its hooved foot off the ground, put it on the dead warrior’s chest, and pushed the body down. It then picked up its enemy’s sword, and threw it at him, it landed square in the chest, going through the body and pinning it to the netherrack floor.

    Thanks for reading my story! I have always taken an interest in writing and literature, so I thought, why not go for it and write one for Minecraft?
    Anyways, leave your suggestions/criticism please. Praise is great, but it gets you nowhere, criticism makes you strive to get the approval of the non-believers.
    I'll just set my course by what you people say, but largely by my own decision.

    Thanks for reading and I hope that you will enjoy my future writing. :)
    And don't forget to leave a rep! :3

    Current Progress on Chapter 3: Writing rough draft. Section 1 finished.
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    Quote from watupman101

    can i join please?
    :Notch: :Notch: :Notch: :Notch: :SSSS: :Notch: :Notch: :Notch: :Notch: :Notch: :Notch:

    Short answer: No.

    Long answer:
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