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    See, I just did it old school and copied it all into the minecraft .jar and made sure all the resources were put where they were supposed to go. You guys forgot to mention that you need to DELETE THE META-INF file, but after doing that, it worked fine.

    OH! I found one of the torches! Now where to put it... stupid derelict ship...
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    Quote from BrightsideRy

    Something witha slight bit more originatlity. This just seems this mod has taken most of whats Minecraft, adjusted a few textures, thrown in this, that and the other and call it a mod. Some of the additional things, I actually like. But alot of it just feels... Copy-pasted. ._.

    I'm sure when Notch builds his 'skyworld' you'll think that's an original creation. Though... everything in that creation will be exactly like the minecraft world, except now, you can fall off and die. With Aether, at least you have options, you HAVE to start from scratch now. In your last review, you missed the concept of breeding Moa's, forgot to mention clouds specifically blue clouds have a trampoline effect, wasn't any mention of quick soil, seemed to skip over the effects of the tools (odd effects, seem vague), leaped over mentioning anything about rings and effects, forgot to mention the new atheistic blocks, didn't mention that there were 3 dungeons all with a unique type (only went through one), forgot about how there are different tree types, how some trees drop golden apples, ect. I'd really like to go on, but you'll tear into these like the troll you are. Wouldn't really help mentioning that these are actually unique and the play style is far different that anything that the minecraft team has come up with.

    So enjoy skyworld when it comes out, you can play it now actually, it's in your copy of minecraft you just need to unlock it. I'm sure you'll think that world is more to your 'original' style, with everything literally the exact same. from the dirt to the trees. Wow... that sounds like so much fun... really... no sarcasm here.
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