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    posted a message on My old friend comitted suicide

    He didn't kill himself he was making friends with a rope.

    He was playing chicken with a rope. The rope won.
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    posted a message on I think I'm going to kill myself
    Quote from TYTHERDGOON

    Suicide is a wonderful thing and people should help in any way they can.
    But you are right with the forum thing forums are a place for this, see a Suicide assistant.

    Oh gawd...
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    posted a message on Fallout the Movie!
    Quote from GoodOldGamer

    If you skip all the unrelated side quests in Fallout 3 and stick to the main story points, it's a relatively short stint in the Capital Wasteland. Dad leaves the Vault, and you get exiled from the Vault. You eventually track down Dad (which if you've played once already you can skip all the way to Vault 112 immediately if you want). Then you watch Dad die. Then you kill every Enclave from that point on in the game. And just to tick them off, you start up the water pumps at the Memorial at the end.

    You really are hell bent on bashing fallout 3 aren't you? Well, most critics disagree with you. Fallout 3's story is epic. It may have some blemishes, and yes the vastness and shear number of quests can get in the way (for people who are focused on the main story) I prefer to trail off from the main story and explore. My first fallout 3 character, I focused on the main story, it took me about 5 days to beat.

    Read some reviews. I will post the links below.



    And as for making a fallout movie, or miniseries, I was only toying with the idea. As was the OP. I think it would be somewhat intriguing.
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    posted a message on Some papers I wrote.
    Here are some papers I had to write for Pre AP english this year. The first one is a persuasive write, the second is a satirical article. I hope you enjoy. The persuasive write didnt paragraph, so i made the beginning of each paragraph bold.

    The Ultimate Sin
    “A liar will not be believed, even when he speaks the truth.” These days, our society doesn’t seem to care about lying. Dishonest advertisements, laws, and politicians are breeding like rabbits. Something must be done about this debauchery, and fast.
    Corporations just love to give us glittering generalities about their products, but what’s behind all their self flattery? Take Tyson Foods for example, they put labels on their food products that say “Farm Fresh!” or “All Natural!” They also put heartwarming depictions of cows lowing in spacious green fields, with giddy farmers happily tending to their every desire. I wonder how much profit Tyson would rake in if they showed us how they really raised their cattle. Tyson, in fact, does not raise their cattle with gentle care and diligence. Tyson raises their cattle in the most hellish, over populated, disgusting, and unholy cattle yards where the cattle are fattened quickly then brutalized for their meat. That’s what Tyson calls “Farm Fresh!”
    Likewise, Washington State likes to pass laws that keep us safe from harm. They say at first: “This new seatbelt law will be a simple misdemeanor, if you get pulled over for speeding and the police officer sees you aren’t wearing your seatbelt, the officer can write you a ticket for both offenses.” Sounds great, slap more fines on speeders. Before long though, without much publicity, Washington State changes the seatbelt law to a primary offense: “people who don’t wear their seatbelts are obviously dangerous criminals who must be dealt with accordingly by police. From now on, there will be a one-hundred and twenty dollar fine for seatbelt violators!” The state loves to protect us from those crooked seatbelt violators, one fine at a time.
    Moreover, politicians love the American people. In fact, they love us so much that they never grow tired of telling us how better off we are with them in office, instead of some other guy. Sometimes they tell us scandalous things like: “don’t vote for my opponent, he beats little animals!” We are soon entertained by a flawlessly executed rebuttal from the opponent: “there is absolutely no evidence to support my opponent’s claim that I beat little animals. But I can tell you with the greatest sincerity, that he in fact flogs starving orphans!” After a few months of loving statements from the candidates, one is finally voted into office to join his brethren in D.C. They are the true heroes of America, heroes who vote unanimously for congressional pay raises and pensions. America is in reputable hands.
    Henceforth, these perverse situations can’t be tolerated; we must demand that everything be honest and fair. Corporations shouldn’t be able to show us false depictions of their product. State governments shouldn’t pass absurd revenue making laws and justify it by saying they are “helping our safety.” And politicians should spend more time explaining to us how they would improve our country, rather than tell us how much their opponent would ruin it. Sounds fair, I mean, isn’t it true that a liar will not be believed, even when he speaks the truth?

    Here is the satire.

    Politicians in D.C. declare that an “Iron Curtain” is to be built around the entire continental U.S. to combat illegal immigration.

    Washington D.C. – Congressmen in D.C. say they have found the perfect solution to our country’s dire illegal immigration problem. They propose that a twenty foot tall concrete wall be built around the entire country. This so called “Iron Curtain” bill would keep all illegal immigrants out, and then some.

    Billy Bob, a citizen from South Carolina had these words to say about the proposed bill:

    “We South Carolinians are tired of those aliens from countries such as Turkmenistan and Tennessee sneaken across our northern border. Dadnabit, we want justice!” Mr. Bob has also stated that he, along with his sidekick, Mr. Banjoplayen Fixgiven, will support the proposed “Iron Curtain” bill.

    An artist’s rendition of what the proposed wall should look like.

    States across the nation are supporting the new bill. Senator Willy Nilly from Arizona explains the logic behind it:

    “Not only would this ‘Iron Curtain’ keep illegal’s out, it would help isolate us and make us more independent. For example, if China tries to contact us saying ‘we want our money back’ we can just say, ‘sorry, can’t hear you through the iron curtain.’”

    Our state leaders clearly support the newly proposed bill, but what exactly does this bill state? Officer Triggerhaapy from the United States border patrol gives a brief summary of the ten thousand page bill of bureaucratic bliss:

    “To put it bluntly, a twenty foot tall concrete wall would be built around the entire country. For every two hundred yards of wall, a guard tower will be built with a full garrison of border patrol officers calling it home. Border patrol officers would also have full authorization to shoot anything that gets within a mile of the wall. Just in case one of our expert marksmen misses a shot however, a ten foot deep trench will also be dug around the entire wall. At the bottom of this trench, razor sharp stakes or ‘Panji’ will be placed to impale any and all who try to get across. There would also be a fail safe for if an alien gets lucky and somehow gets across the trench. A super heated laser system will be set up to stop the rest of the evil doers.” Sadly, Mr. Triggerhaapy could not explain in great detail how the laser system would work.

    Dr. Mengele explains in a heavy German accent the exact method in which the lasers would work:

    “Yes yes, if an illegal manages to get across za trench, they vill find that the super heated lasers vill slice them into millions of pieces! Muwahahahahaha!”

    Dr. Mengele (pictured above) demonstrates the magnificent
    power of the laser system.

    This proposed bill would quite obviously solve all our problems. Even the cost is entirely reasonable according to Senator Spen Thrifty from Massachusetts.

    “The estimated cost of this proposed concrete wall and all the security measures accompanying it, would be somewhere in the neighborhood of twenty trillion dollars. Hear that, only twenty trillion dollars!”

    The “Iron Curtain” bill has also spawned a lot of talk in the concrete business. Richy McFatso, CEO of Concrete Incorporated explains the perks and benefits this bill would bring to the business world:

    Richy McFatso (pictured above) was CEO of
    Scotch Tape before his post at Concrete Inc.

    “Because of this damn recession, my company has had to make some serious cuts in wages and work force. My monthly bonus of fifteen million was cut to ten million and thirty thousand workers were laid off! Not only would this “Iron Curtain” stop illegal immigration in its tracks, it would also generate billions of dollars in revenue for my company. And I would once again, enjoy a fifteen million dollar monthly bonus!” Mr. McFatso had no comment on whether or not the thirty thousand jobless workers would come back to work. Only time can tell.

    There, I hope you enjoyed. Ive been wanting to post these for some time now.
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    posted a message on Sequels YOU want to see!
    I would like to see a Minecraft 2...

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    posted a message on Crimes and their Punishments
    Ya you are.
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    posted a message on Crimes and their Punishments
    Quote from Vincenzo

    Could you quit acting like I am fine with the way prisons currently are? Thanks.

    Take your pent up frustration about the prison system elsewhere. Just because I don't believe every murderer in the world should be shot on the spot doesn't mean I think they are entitled to free cable tv, free world class exercise gyms, free room, free food, free bed, and everything free under the sun.

    Wow, cant take a little bit of socratic dialogue can ya? You just need to calm down.

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    posted a message on What would you do if you had a million dollars?
    Quote from Beexichan

    Donate it to RSPCA or the 40 Hour Famine Organization. :3

    You cant be serious?

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    posted a message on My first made signature
    Quote from Vydrakk

    I've got better things to do.

    Like what? Play more roblox?
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    posted a message on Homophobia (And other discrimination towards gay/bisexual people)
    Quote from Haseno

    Why am I so gay, would be the better question.

    They even have stores called "Gay-Mart."
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