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    Quote from keegandeathman2

    Spoiler contains Quote]
    Maybe I can try.
    CW needed something to pass the time, so he started making maps, but now he has more friends to hang out with, and he doesn't want to spend his life in a chair clicking on a mouse. So he does stuff other than, well, this.
    He also has ran into some trouble, the story.
    The story isn't supposed to take place in Minecraft, but since it is being portrayed that way, it is hard to get it to work. Because, CUBE Inc. or whatever it's called now, is supposed to be a whole new game. And he's doing his best to get the story to work, but it just isn't happening the right way. He has the story, but portraying it in MC is a whole new ball game.
    It might not be a whole lot less confusing, but it sure is shorter. And CW, you need to know, that, well, look at all these guys! There here for you, we're here for you. When you're stuck(mentally, not like your in a hole with your laptop), and are felling down, we always be here for you, but not there cause that be weird.

    soooooooo why did you just restate everything he just said?
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    I lost my respect for bethesda when they decided to pull this I think they should calll it off if they want keep there name good.
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