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    posted a message on How to break bedrock with trees [TUTORIAL]
    Hey guys if your wondering how to install Rei's minimap than I have created a tutorial just for you, it is very quick and simple. Hope you enjoy it :)

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    posted a message on How To Install Forge and OptiFine (New Launcher ) - MineCraft
    Hey guys Just showing you how to install forge and optifine :)

    Links and all are in the description.

    Link to video
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    posted a message on Pumpkin Headed Mobs Mod
    Hey guys,

    Here is a little review I put together for this mod.

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    posted a message on BattleMobs
    Hey guys,

    I made a mod review for this awesome mod. Hope you guys will be interested to go check it out :)

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    posted a message on I need your help to create a city
    If you start up a server make sure you can trust people that won't grief your map.
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    posted a message on World Downloader Mod
    Hey guys!

    I made this video on this mod I really like this mod so I thought I'll do a video hope you guys injoy it.

    Also what I was saying in the video this mod is good for seeing what people have built in the server that you can't see so you would use this mod to see what they built that you can't see ( E.G Private rooms, Caves )
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    posted a message on The Giant Zombie Mod
    Hey people I made a video review on this mod showing what it does (implants a big ass zombie) .
    What I thing this mod would be great for is to have the zombie as a boss, and gabgob just some things you should add to the mod .

    More XP when you kill the zombie .
    Longer Life .
    Does damage on you.
    Also make it drop something rare.
    And something extreme like make the zombie a boss and have its own arena so you can go and fight it .
    That’s about it all I can think off .

    But great mod I really like it !

    Here’s the video:
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    posted a message on [1.2.5] The Highlands Mod
    Quote from Zucchiniz

    This is a simple mod that adds a new biome to your worlds:
    The Highlands

    The land in this biome is extremely high compared to the rest of the world. The edges are very steep, and are a challenge to climb up. Once on top, you will notice the relatively flat land, with a few trees, some tall grass, and plenty of flowers. This biome adds a nice land feature to your worlds, and can look amazing. The land is so high in some places, it almost touches the clouds. If a river flows through it, it makes a beautiful canyon.

    This mod will be incompatible with any other mod that adds new biomes. You do not need ModLoader for this mod, and you will need to install the files directly into the .jar.


    Download V0.2 for Minecraft 1.2.5 via dropbox

    Hey guys I really liked this mod so I made a little review on this mod not the best but you can see what this mod generates, so please don't hate first mod review and Great stuff Zucchiniz
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