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    Hey guys I'm trying to a server for minecraft but some people like griefing and some don't, what I want to see is how many people like griefing or not, Comment why?

    This is to see how many people think griefing should be allowed or not on servers
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    Quote from Big_Al

    Normandy SR2


    To scale if each block ~=1 meter

    So big, takes up 1 chunk

    Thats really awesome, how long did it take you to build it ?
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    That is just intense man awesome job!
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    Quote from Fu2_Master_Zero

    I like to build. I like small servers. And i like alot of add. Must have a nice and friendly people.

    Hey mate !

    Everything on this server is Updated fill free to join at anytime guys/girls

    I'v just started making a server but its factions with grief, if you would like to join we would be glad, so far its a 8 player slot so it's a small group right now but it'll gain bigger in the future.

    To keep updated join our steam group: http://steamcommunit...ps/AmazonGamers

    Also to keep up to date with me and my server subscribe to my youtube cannel: Wild2Gamers - YouTube

    The IP:

    Peace man.
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    AmazonGamers Server!

    Yo whats up people,

    I'v been making a server with a group now and On it so far there are 8 slots if we fill the 8 slots to the max we will look into having a 20 player slot and so on.

    This server is a Grief/raid/PVP and the theme for the spawn is a (ruin/Amazon) there are alot of ideas coming to the server so things like spleef/shops/arenas (ect)

    Youtube: Wild2Gamers - YouTube There will be updates on the server and how it is going on my cannel for you guys to keep updated!

    Here's the IP:

    Also join us on steam if we get over 50 users join will be holding a contest for you guys to win free stuff


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    Quote from Zucchiniz

    Wow, Thanks!
    Great mod review!
    Only thing is you pronounced my name wrong. :rolleyes:
    it's pronounced Zoo-kee-nee-z, like the vegetable "zucchini."
    Other than that it was great!

    haha Yeah sorry about not getting the name right I wasn't too sure how to say it at first so i went on google translate and I just went with what they had, but hopefully later I'm going to start building with the mod on becuase I got some good ideas that I think would look great.
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    Looks pretty desent , nice job!
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    Quote from Zucchiniz

    This is a simple mod that adds a new biome to your worlds:
    The Highlands

    The land in this biome is extremely high compared to the rest of the world. The edges are very steep, and are a challenge to climb up. Once on top, you will notice the relatively flat land, with a few trees, some tall grass, and plenty of flowers. This biome adds a nice land feature to your worlds, and can look amazing. The land is so high in some places, it almost touches the clouds. If a river flows through it, it makes a beautiful canyon.

    This mod will be incompatible with any other mod that adds new biomes. You do not need ModLoader for this mod, and you will need to install the files directly into the .jar.


    Download V0.2 for Minecraft 1.2.5 via dropbox

    Hey guys I really liked this mod so I made a little review on this mod not the best but you can see what this mod generates, so please don't hate first mod review and Great stuff Zucchiniz
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