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    Our server is Java Edition, Semi-Vanilla Survival World. We've been running for over a year, with this being our third season. It is a relatively new map that has only been up a few weeks. We love a sense of community and working together that engage in community projects or helping each other out. It’s a small but growing member based, we just ask for dedicated and open-minded players.

    Some Features We Offer:
    • Plugins: Two Set Homes, /Spawn, One player sleep
    • Grief Protection: griefing and stealing is a huge rule breaker. So never worry about your stuff being taken or destroyed, staff has a way of finding out who did it and fix it.
    • Discord: the main way of communicating with players even when others aren’t on in-game
    • Towns: The new map means there aren’t too many established towns yet. This creates an opportunity to find other members wanting to build together, make your own, and of course build on your own if you want to.
    • Events: we love playing together by hosting fun game nights such as PvP fight nights, creating board or mini games, and even kill the ender dragon together every time the end gets reset (multiple times a season).
    • The End: This gets reset a few times throughout the season to give newer members a chance to explore the more rare items
    How to Join

    We are a +16 server but will make some exceptions to younger members. We are a whitelisted server, with a quick and easy application. Join the discord if you’re interested in joining: https://discord.gg/CvMwFw

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