About Me

I am also known as Jacknife98, Big Mek Gobsmasha and Major Vincent Smith. I am a member of the awesome BrassGoggledCoders modder team, and dabble in almost everything to do with minecraft, including modding, redstone, texture pack making and a bit of server hosting.

My favorite out of all of these is currently modding, and also playing modpacks like FTB (especially Direwolf20) and Tekkit. I can regularly be found playing with the other Gentlemen (and Ladies!) on, a whitelisted steampunk custom modded server, alongside my friend lstarwars3.

When i'm not playing minecraft (or modding etc for it!) I'm most likely playing something else. I have quite a large steam library, considering I own a mac, mostly thanks to the Humble Bundles, and enjoy TF2, Terraria and Game Dev Tycoon, among others.


Modding, Texturing, Steampunk, FTB/Tekkit, Reddit, Science and other Internet Stuffs.

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