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    posted a message on Undead Peace Can YOU handle this challenge?

    Let Me tell you a story. The four Elementals lived together in harmony until someone went and killed the air Elemental the air elements ,civilians, went into a great depression. The earth elements where cursed with a disease called Bergios. The earth elemental was in great panic, the Air elements refused to give up the antidote from the mystery of the murder. The Air elements where the most at peace then them all. The earth Elemental ,Opoi, got the disease as well. The Disease killed all of the earth elements. What was strange was, the elements came back to life but didn't act quite as cheerful as normal. The Water Elemental was worried for their own domain to be attacked by the murderer or the disease. The Water Elemental Locked himself into the Element Vault forgetting to bring with all of the water elements. The water elements started purging on one another to try to survive the future curse. The Ocean Started to create Random holes of panic from the water elements. The Fire Elements broke into the Elemental Castle and claimed it as their own to leave nothing for the rest. The fire elements locked away the Gate keepers to all of the castle barriers and hid them far from sight. The Cha-la ,Elemental army, where forced to come out of the ancient Temple and stop all of the madness, but the problem was that the madness was never ending. Deep Inside of the temple something moves. The Last corrupted cha-la taking form of a corpse on the ground gets up and walks to the exit ready to begin its journey...

    Forge 1.7.10 Required



    -sorry for using google drive.

    Thank you for Downloading!

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    posted a message on Undead Peace map testing

    I am looking for people to test my Minecraft map (forge 1.7.10). If you want to qualify for a test version of this map please send me an email at "[email protected]".

    In order to play this map you will need

    • Forge 1.7.10
    • Minecraft (pc)
    • intelligence on downloading and storing mods

    If you are qualified (in my opinion) to test my map please follow these restrictions

    1. Don't share this download with anyone else
    2. If you want to post a video it must be the first 15min of the map
    3. don't change anything about the map

    If you get to play the map you must send me an email about any trouble you had with this map, problems that make your play through impossible, and parts you didn't enjoy.

    I hope that you can all get to play this but not everyone can be picked to test play...

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    Want to play some hunger games?



    Good Luck!

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    posted a message on THE MINE/ HUNGER GAMES

    Have you ever wondered what its like to be katniss everdeen in the hunger games!?! WELL NOW YOU CAN

    *challenge your friends to a fight

    *prove your the best

    *fight til you drop!

    download link


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    posted a message on Ore Challenge!

    Ever wanted to be the richest player on minecraft? WELL HERE IS YOUR CHANCE!!!


    Download link above

    Zip download


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    posted a message on Wareor land (idk) (theme park)

    Someone i know wanted me to make this so yea


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    posted a message on Ac ant farm survival map

    It can be short or long it depends on how long you can survive in your thriving ant farm!

    The ant farm models are created by ants canada! DOWNLOAD IT HERE! (it works now)

    this map is fun if you like a farm challenge.


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    posted a message on Undead Peace


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    posted a message on >LF Builders | Darksouls spawn | Anarchy Server | Thetruthfullcake

    Age: 12

    Past Experience: I Played A Lot of games and Dark Souls are my favorites next to Minecraft

    Position: admin+builder

    What makes me Worthy?: well... I made multiple creations on any game that tend to be popular. I am working on a Dark Souls 2 map.and I can build huge creations and I can program my computer(find exact files and change them). and I am mature... when I do things I tend to care about. and I don't want any reword other then the satisfaction of creating something amazing.

    want to see my map?

    go to my profile page friend me on steam and watch my videos.


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