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    posted a message on What blocks do you want next in MC:PE?
    Redstone and all its variations.
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    posted a message on First Music Release
    A song I've worked on for a long time, with almost 24 hours of production put into it.

    Thanks for listening!
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    posted a message on Minecraft: The Beginning [ACCEPTING]
    HalvedWalnuts' Diary: Day 1, continued
    It seems the humans are calling me "Green Chap"... what a degrading name. (of course I'm the one they call Green Chap.)
    They are talking about eating me, if they are calling me "Green Chap"... Oh, they won't eat me. I'll gnaw my own legs off before I let a human do anything to me again...

    The sun is going down... the time to strike is soon...
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    posted a message on Minecraft: The Beginning [ACCEPTING]
    It seems they have their backs turned and they are turning their attention away from me. TIME TO STRI-
    "HalvedWalnuts! Dinnn-er!"
    Oh, diamonds. It's my adoptive mother calling.
    "It's getting cooo-old!"
    Well, she did say she was making Steve Stew...
    Oh, well. Revenge can wait until tomorrow night.
    *Slinks into shadows*
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    posted a message on Minecraft: The Beginning [ACCEPTING]
    Character Application-
    Name- HalvedWalnuts
    Age- no one knows...
    Gender- even he doesn't know...
    Race- Creeper-Human Hybrid
    Appearance- Like Steve, but with creeper skin.
    Equipment- Kamikaze explosion
    Personality- Secretive, vengeful
    How he got into the story- In the far past, scientists were doing tests on a human subject with a blue t-shirt and jeans. They tried fusing him with a female creeper in order to create a supersoldier, but something went terribly wrong. Blah blah cliché story. I woke up years later in the ruins of the lab, with sickly skin and a thirst for vengeance upon all humans for the pain and horror they have brought upon my now-green body and mind.
    (heart beat sound in the background)
    Who... who am I? Where am I? I'm green...
    They did this.
    I must get revenge...
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    posted a message on Diagonal Conveyor Belt for Mobs/Humans
    I like this idea.
    But, wouldn't it be more space-efficient to use something like this?

    As you can see, it doesn't need any additional or different wiring when you stack them diagonally.
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