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    Thanks everyone.

    From an outsider's perspective, an owner of a server can ban anyone they want for any reason. It's their server. As some of you say, just find another server to play on.

    This practice of some admins using anydesk to remote into a machine to check for cheating software is just plain dangerous. Its potentially worse than an invasion of privacy. If someone has remote access to your machine, even while you are watching, there is nothing stopping them from installing whatever they want. One could install something with an innocent name like 'Minecraft cheat checker' and the child watching thinks that its all normal but that software could have additional payloads such as keyloggers, viruses, webcam spy software and so on.

    I am sure that the vast majority of admins are acting perfectly innocently when they use anydesk. However, it normalises what is an exceedingly dangerous practice. Indeed my son insisted, 'This is normal. Its what happens on Minecraft'. From a child safety point of view, I was horrified!

    The machine my son was using has been wiped and we've had a chat about IT security and what the dangers are.

    Thanks again,


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    Hi everyone

    I work in the IT industry but know next to nothing about Minecraft. I have a question about standard practices within the community if I may please?

    My son was playing on a popular Minecraft server when someone accused him of cheating. He was asked by an admin to allow remote access to his machine via Anydesk to prove himself and was then banned from the serve for some infraction or other.

    Looking at my son's machine I see the admin installed software to look in detail at running processes and so on and I shudder to think what else has been installed on there. I now consider the machine to be compromised and will be performing an OS wipe to make sure everything is OK.

    My question is 'Is it normal for admins of community Minecraft servers to make this sort of request?'. I wouldn't give remote access to my machine to anyone for any reason and am astonished that he was asked to do so.



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