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    posted a message on Crashs whenever I join a server or a world in singleplayer

    I downloaded everything again and java too, I joined the server and I got a fatal here:

    C:\Program Files (x86)\Minecraft\runtime\jre-x64\1.8.0_25\bin\javaw.exe (0x3FC30000)
    C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\ntdll.dll (0x77010000)
    C:\Windows\system32\kernel32.dll (0x76DF0000)
    C:\Windows\system32\KERNELBASE.dll (0xFD2C0000)
    C:\Windows\system32\ADVAPI32.dll (0xFD330000)
    C:\Windows\system32\msvcrt.dll (0xFD8E0000)
    C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\sechost.dll (0xFED10000)
    C:\Windows\system32\RPCRT4.dll (0xFEE60000)
    C:\Windows\system32\USER32.dll (0x76F10000)
    C:\Windows\system32\GDI32.dll (0xFDD20000)
    C:\Windows\system32\LPK.dll (0xFF310000)
    C:\Windows\system32\USP10.dll (0xFDAB0000)
    C:\Windows\WinSxS\amd64_microsoft.windows.common-controls_6595b64144ccf1df_6.0.7601.17514_none_fa396087175ac9ac\COMCTL32.dll (0xFB9B0000)
    C:\Windows\system32\SHLWAPI.dll (0xFDB80000)
    C:\Windows\system32\IMM32.DLL (0xFEF90000)
    C:\Windows\system32\MSCTF.dll (0xFD980000)
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Minecraft\runtime\jre-x64\1.8.0_25\bin\msvcr100.dll (0x5B610000)
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Minecraft\runtime\jre-x64\1.8.0_25\bin\server\jvm.dll (0x777A0000)
    C:\Windows\system32\WSOCK32.dll (0xEED10000)
    C:\Windows\system32\WS2_32.dll (0xFEFC0000)
    C:\Windows\system32\NSI.dll (0xFDD90000)
    C:\Windows\system32\WINMM.dll (0xFA590000)
    C:\Windows\system32\PSAPI.DLL (0x771E0000)
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Minecraft\runtime\jre-x64\1.8.0_25\bin\verify.dll (0x6B160000)
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Minecraft\runtime\jre-x64\1.8.0_25\bin\java.dll (0x60900000)
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Minecraft\runtime\jre-x64\1.8.0_25\bin\zip.dll (0x610D0000)
    C:\Windows\system32\SHELL32.dll (0xFDDA0000)
    C:\Windows\system32\ole32.dll (0xFF010000)
    C:\Windows\system32\profapi.dll (0xFCF20000)
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Minecraft\runtime\jre-x64\1.8.0_25\bin\management.dll (0x6F670000)
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Minecraft\runtime\jre-x64\1.8.0_25\bin\net.dll (0x604D0000)
    C:\Windows\system32\mswsock.dll (0xFC740000)
    C:\Windows\System32\wship6.dll (0xFC730000)
    C:\Windows\system32\NLAapi.dll (0xFAB60000)
    C:\Windows\system32\napinsp.dll (0xEEBE0000)
    C:\Windows\system32\pnrpnsp.dll (0xEEBC0000)
    C:\Windows\system32\DNSAPI.dll (0xFC5C0000)
    C:\Windows\System32\winrnr.dll (0xEEBB0000)
    C:\Windows\system32\wshbth.dll (0xEEBA0000)
    C:\Windows\System32\wshtcpip.dll (0xFC140000)
    C:\Windows\system32\IPHLPAPI.DLL (0xFA870000)
    C:\Windows\system32\WINNSI.DLL (0xFA860000)
    C:\Windows\system32\rasadhlp.dll (0xFB050000)
    C:\Windows\System32\fwpuclnt.dll (0xFA620000)
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Minecraft\runtime\jre-x64\1.8.0_25\bin\nio.dll (0x604B0000)
    C:\Users\master\AppData\Local\Temp\4c98-f546-5486-a610\lwjgl64.dll (0x80000000)
    C:\Windows\system32\OPENGL32.dll (0xEE980000)
    C:\Windows\system32\GLU32.dll (0xEECE0000)
    C:\Windows\system32\DDRAW.dll (0xEE610000)
    C:\Windows\system32\DCIMAN32.dll (0xEEE20000)
    C:\Windows\system32\SETUPAPI.dll (0xFEB30000)
    C:\Windows\system32\CFGMGR32.dll (0xFCFD0000)
    C:\Windows\system32\OLEAUT32.dll (0xFD5A0000)
    C:\Windows\system32\DEVOBJ.dll (0xFD010000)
    C:\Windows\system32\dwmapi.dll (0xFB3D0000)
    C:\Windows\system32\VERSION.dll (0xFC070000)
    C:\Windows\system32\CRYPTSP.dll (0xFC7A0000)
    C:\Windows\system32\rsaenh.dll (0xFC4A0000)
    C:\Windows\system32\USERENV.dll (0xFC260000)
    C:\Windows\system32\CRYPTBASE.dll (0xFCE50000)
    C:\Windows\system32\dhcpcsvc.DLL (0xFA5F0000)
    C:\Windows\system32\dhcpcsvc6.DLL (0xFA5D0000)
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Minecraft\runtime\jre-x64\1.8.0_25\bin\awt.dll (0x5B470000)
    C:\Windows\system32\uxtheme.dll (0xFB800000)
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Overwolf\\x64\OWExplorer.dll (0xF4900000)
    C:\Windows\system32\dbghelp.dll (0xF52D0000)
    C:\Windows\system32\ig7icd64.dll (0x5BD20000)
    C:\Windows\system32\igdusc64.dll (0xF9330000)
    C:\Windows\system32\mscms.dll (0xEBB30000)
    C:\Windows\system32\icm32.dll (0xEBAE0000)
    C:\Users\master\AppData\Local\Temp\jna--1081267614\jna5708123351012482158.dll (0xEB6E0000)
    C:\Windows\system32\api-ms-win-core-synch-l1-2-0.DLL (0xF5400000)
    C:\Users\master\AppData\Local\Temp\4c98-f546-5486-a610\OpenAL64.dll (0x56490000)
    C:\Windows\system32\CLBCatQ.DLL (0xFDC80000)
    C:\Windows\System32\MMDevApi.dll (0xFB3F0000)
    C <log4j:Event logger="bkr" timestamp="1503597386586" level="INFO" thread="Client thread">
    <log4j:Message><![CDATA[Connecting to mc.keinett.us, 25565]]></log4j:Message>

    expected <

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    posted a message on Crashs whenever I join a server or a world in singleplayer

    Whenever I join a server, create a world or start a world The game works for about 2 to 5 secs and then crashs I first got

    this problem when 1.9 was released so I launched mc and then I joined a server and that happend...No mods no nothing it doesn't work with all the version not only 1.9+

    and I get an error, here you go:

    Error executing task
    java.util.concurrent.ExecutionException: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Invalid dimension id 14
    at java.util.concurrent.FutureTask.report(FutureTask.java:122)
    at java.util.concurrent.FutureTask.get(FutureTask.java:192)
    at h.a(SourceFile:47)
    at bib.az(SourceFile:991)
    at bib.a(SourceFile:419)
    at net.minecraft.client.main.Main.main(SourceFile:123)
    Caused by: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Invalid dimension id 14
    at ayn.a(SourceFile:60)
    at bsb.<init>(SourceFile:63)
    at brz.a(SourceFile:895)
    at jw.a(SourceFile:31)
    at jw.a(SourceFile:12)
    at hv$1.run(SourceFile:13)
    at java.util.concurrent.Executors$RunnableAdapter.call(Executors.java:511)
    at java.util.concurrent.FutureTask.run(FutureTask.java:266)
    at h.a(SourceFile:46)
    ... 3 more

    I got this problem in another laptop so yeah thank you so much!

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    posted a message on Potion Of Suffocation
    Quote from jdc997»

    So I can do up to 36 damage with a poison potion, or 6 damage with this after the potion has already been applied?

    Yeah, No Support.

    Except that poison doesn't really kill, unlike this potion.
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    posted a message on Potion Of Suffocation
    Quote from Badprenup»

    I'm not the biggest fan of this, because besides what other people have said, you claim this has a use in PvE and I'm really not seeing it. If I have basically any weapon in the game besides my fists I can kill just about any non-boss hostile mob before this potion would start to cause damage to it. In fact due to the range of a splash potion and it's area of effect I'm probably more in danger from it than they are if I get caught in the splash. And this adds to the fact it is has a high risk but also a high reward.

    You also say mobs drown in water so this would work well on them. That is true, but how often are mobs really going to be underwater long enough for this to be useful? They don't swim down and even if they fall from the top of the world into water they don't sink far enough to start drowning with this before they surface. The only time most mobs are in danger of drowning are either if you happen to hit them into water and they can't get out (like in a ravine that opens up to an ocean) or if you build a mob drowner (in which case is drowning speed really even a factor)? I'm not saying that they drown. I say that they technically drown if left in water, but they automatically resurface so that won't be a problem. What I'm saying is that they do have a breath bar, and that potion will work on players as well as on them.

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    posted a message on Potion Of Suffocation
    Quote from Cerroz»

    Those examples simply don't work in the slightest. New types of blocks to build with is not the same story as a new potion. Why use a high risk/high reward potion when you can use an existing low risk/high reward one? Because simply the reward of the first is higher than the latter.

    So basically your potion is like poison but more complicated. If I can just hit the player with poison or harming and be done with it, including me bashing him in the face with my sword, I'm not wasting time on something that takes 10 seconds to actually do something. This also has almost no use in singleplayer. This potion effect could work if a mob gave it to you or something, but this is pointless as a potion. Mobs drown in water, so that potion will work on them and will deal damage.

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    posted a message on Potion Of Suffocation
    Quote from Cerroz»

    Variety is only good if the new add has a good purpose, and sadly, this potion doesn't have that. Your potion won't exactly "put PvP in the right direction."

    You can't use "we don't have a lot of this" as a suggestion support beam as that truly doesn't mean or prove anything. No support. The same can be said for all wood types besides oak, the three new stones added in 1.8, stained glass, and many other things in Minecraft that don't really have a gameplay use, while this potion fits with the 1.9 combat update, and adds more time management to fighting. For example, imagine a scenario when two people are fighting and there are reinforcements coming for one of those players. The other, using the potion, will need to calculate the time it takes for help to arrive. Basically, all the potions in Minecraft are guaranteed to cause their effect, while this one is a high risk/high reward potion.

    Your potion sounds like a buffed version of poison. In actuality, a potion of poison is actually much stronger than my proposed idea of the potion of suffocation. You see, the damage of the potion of suffocation doesn't start until 10 seconds after the potion hits the player, leaving him with enough time to react. In addition to that, poison deals far more damage and in a shorter time than suffocation.
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    posted a message on Potion Of Suffocation
    Quote from Endergirl00»

    That's a lot of damage to be done, especially when the player has a total of 20 health. Even if you are to be left with a few hearts, the next damage will most likely cost you death. Also take into consideration that your opponent will also be doing damage along with this. So if this potion won't kill you, the number of hearts you have left and your opponent present will most likely will.The enemy will have 10 full seconds to prepare himself for the damage, it isn't spiky like poison or instant like harming.

    Well what are other counters? As far as I can tell, that's only two, and I just pointed out the problem with this counter. Besides milk, running away and just plain health regeneration, helmets with water breathing enchants work to slow the suffocation, if not end it before they even start taking damage. And by the same logic, potions of harming have ZERO counters, armor doesn't help because they're potions, they instantly deal damage, milk doesn't work.

    But still, they make a great offence, and they technically do give off a negative effect and are an opposite of the Regeneration Potion. I agree with you on this but they still don't give fermented spider eyes a use because they don't even use them.

    I'm a little confused, can you give me an example? For example, the elytra that just got added in 1.9. Can it be used in DIRECT combat? In a sense that it deals damage? No, it's very situation. The mobility it gives is rarely useful considering the great sacrifice made by not using a chestplate.

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    posted a message on Potion Of Suffocation

    - Considering the damage it deals y:

    y = 2*s - 10. where s is the number of seconds the potion lasts.

    - So, 13 seconds are 6 damage while 16 seconds are 12 damage. So yeah, 3 seconds ARE a great extension.

    - If that was implemented, the player would have to keep track of the debuff, adding more management to PvP instead of just timing your sword swinging.

    - The potion actually has many counters besides milk. It can't kill the target if it has a full hunger bar, the regeneration will leave the player with at least a couple of full hearts.

    Thank you for constructive criticism. I'll try to balance it out more.

    Note: Potions of poison are not negative potions, they don't use fermented spider eyes. And by combat benefits I meant DIRECT combat benefits, excluding mobility and survivability.

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    posted a message on Potion Of Suffocation

    I'm back!

    it's been a long time since I have posted, and today I'm here with another suggestion: Potion Of Suffocation!

    Potion of Suffocation? What is it? and what does it do?!:

    Potions of suffocation and the opposite of water breathing potions. They cause the player to slowly suffocate on land, and will speed up their suffocation while in water.

    And what's that useful for..?

    Everything! From PvE to PvP! How does it work? Easy, after 10 seconds, the affected mob or player starts "drowning" inland. It is dealt 2 hearts of damage per second. This will be the "put and forget" potion. Basically this puts pressure on the player and insures them high damage after 10 seconds. Balancing it out, high damage but it takes a long time to start the effect, leaving the player with enough time to escape from combat, eat food to regenerate or just drink a milk bucket to cure the effect.

    How to make it?

    There are two types of suffocation potions.

    Normal type ( 13 seconds ), obtained by using a fermented spider eye with a normal water breathing potion.

    Extended type ( 16 seconds ), obtained by either using a fermented spider eye with an extended water breathing potion or adding redstone to a normal potion of suffocation.

    Why implement that?

    Firstly, because variety is good. Especially since the PvP in Minecraft is very lacking.

    Secondly, because it makes timing a lot more important in combat. It adds that feeling of danger where you might die at any second because of this debuff.

    Thirdly, it's high damage is balanced by it's long duration.

    And fourthly, because there are very few negative effect potions. Fermented spider eyes lack good uses as the only negative potion that can be used in combat is the harming potion, and that doesn't work on undead mobs.

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    posted a message on ALL 1.9 Snapshots are Unplayable

    Mojang is very lazy! I demand fully working feature and lag-less optimized gameplay in experimental open-beta versions!

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    posted a message on Please read THIS before making a suggestion.

    What joke thread maker stops when you tell him to? Trying to make him feel wrong or guilty is impossible and you are only wasting your time.

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    posted a message on Brick Walls!

    I love the suggestion, but I hate the way you try to send the message to us. I'm not sure what bricks you are trying to suggest, stone bricks or normal bricks.. or both? Also, the font color light gray with a white background, yeah.. annoying. And then you ask us to "take it easy on you" because you're 11 years old. Yeah, saw that suggestion in my signature? I'm 13 now, and that was made 2 years ago.

    Your age doesn't matter, this idea is far oversuggested and should be in the small suggestions thread.

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    posted a message on Please read THIS before making a suggestion.
    Quote from leonelmegaman»

    Better ignore them that talking to them dont even rage about it thats what they want and when they see you raging or writing a critic for them they just laugh because you are easy to manipulate.

    Just ignore them also is pretty clear that people know how to detect joke threads but they want to make the poster to reeason about its idea, which on most joke threads is imposible and worthless to try.

    That's exactly what I meant, those 3 people that actually know it's a joke thread are just feeding the troll more and more. Your raging makes him continue posting these ideas.

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    posted a message on Please read THIS before making a suggestion.
    Quote from Theriasis»

    There might be 3 people on this forum that are downright excellent at spotting joke threads (that includes me). Everyone else just seems to feed the OP more and more. There was even a guy that flat out went "let's add this overpowered thing, it'd be cool! skydoesminecraft is awesome he loves to dance! budder budder budder!!!!"

    Yeah, that's totally not a guy that learned what we hated and then used that in some dumb sockpuppet account. I'd love to add a section on how to spot a joke threader, but then they'd read that, use that info and would be even better at getting away with stupid threads.

    If people are taking someone like this seriously, people need to smarten up. Ugh.

    I hope you're not serious Theriasis, you're too smart to act like that.

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    posted a message on [Hmm ! Give us a use !]Give a use to other villager professions ! - Not the redundant villager builders suggestion !
    Quote from Epicositys»

    I think the iron blocks made by blacksmiths should drop something, and that the splash potions should heal you.

    I should be able to be a jerk to villagers if I want.

    Seems like only you wants this, this will allow for automation and making resources even more farmable. Yeah.. Sorry but I prefer to please 19 pages than you -_-

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