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    This mod adds some new items, some new mobs, a new world, and a whole new way to play. this mod actively being worked on and nothing is final . give us your feedback

    This mod is not complete. We still have to add a lot of things. keep in touch on https://twitter.com/Bloodcraft5 for New Updates and our website at https://mwpbloodcraftmod.wixsite.com/bloodcraft

    ps: all pictures of the mod will be updated when it's out of beta to mutch texters are changing for us to take pictures. if we did we would have to make a different picture each update. right now we are focused on texters and new update ideas

    Biggest update yet

    0.7.0 update added

    +New Boss


    + 2 New Staffs

    +Changed Textures

    +BloodIgnither to recipe

    +Changed Mob Textures

    +2 New Achievement

    +Website to mod info

    +Boss UI


    +blood alter recipe


    +20 New recipes

    +Blood String

    +Blood Ore




    +Changed 3 Recipes

    + all Platinum tools


    -removed all Bookshelves

    -removed the hero

    Fixed a lot of bugs

    enjoy the update

    More items coming soon

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