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    posted a message on Intrepid Faction Wars -- Come Check Us Out!
    Hey guys!

    A friend and I just started up a new faction server with a limited set of useful plugins. We aim to maintain vanilla gameplay while building a cohesive community.

    We are running Factions, Economy, Essentials, HeadHunter, and a custom-coded plugin called Bounty which lets you place bounties on other players!

    Connect at: mc.intrepidfactionwars.com:25565

    Find our live map and forums at: intrepidfactionwars.com

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    posted a message on MCSMP Offering Plugin [Bukkit]
    MCSMP Offering Plugin [Bukkit]

    This multiplayer mod allows players on a server to build "sacrificial altars" which they can offer items to in exchange for a reward. This reward can be anything, such as a gifted item, a lightning strike or teleport, or even a heal. Server admins can customize rewards, altar types, and other things.

    For more information, check out the mod on BukkitDev:
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    posted a message on MCSMP Offering Plugin [Bukkit]
    Offering is a Bukkit plugin for MCSMP which allows players to give items to "altars" to get rewards. It was pretty popular "back in the day" of Beta, but since then we've stopped updating it so it wasn't up to date with Bukkit... until now! Below is a Youtube video for our plugin:

    If this plugin sounds interesting, check out the main thread on the Bukkit forums here:
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    posted a message on Mod Started in 1.0.0.. help with reobfuscation
    Hey guys, so I started making this Star Wars/ Lord of the Rings mod (w/o ModLoader) during 1.0.0, and now that I am done, I cannot add the reobfuscated class files to minecraft.jar. I understand that this does not work because the files which I changed were also changed by Mojang in the recent update. However, when I add the reobfuscated class files to a 1.0.0 minecraft.jar and then try starting Minecraft with that, nothing works besides the images and textures that were added. I would really appreciate any advise that anyone has, as this mod was supposed to be a birthday present for someone whose birthday was yesterday.

    EDIT: Oddly, some of the new features do seem to work (for instance some of the blocks), but the GUI buttons that I added to the Main and Options menu in addition to all the crafting recipes, items, and world generation classes are broken.
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    posted a message on Age of Civilization - Minecraft (AoC - M)
    Quote from Rantz

    In game name: Rantz
    How long you have been playing: 1 year 2 months - it should be udner my mc forum name ^ ^
    What makes you want to join the server: Sounds cool, there isnt actually many servers like it.
    Amount/severity of previous bans:Ill be honest. 1 or 2. It was only for retarded reasons that werent in the rules section or getting banned for killing a owners brother etc.

    Edit: It always seems like people who's forum accounts are 7months old always say they have been playing for 2 years.Or is that just me...

    haha quite true.

    Chrisg2003bt and Rantz have been added.
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    posted a message on Age of Civilization - Minecraft (AoC - M)
    Quote from Ellelia

    In Game name: Ellelia
    How long you have been playing: on and off for about 1,5 - 2 years(not sure really)
    What makes you want to join the server:I have only played singelplayer and creative multiplayer mode before so I want to explore more of the game and the multiplayer survival mode.
    Previous Bans: None

    My first language is not english, though I speak english fluently. So sometimes I might seem a bit slow, since I need to translate stuff.

    Ellelia you have been added! Hope you enjoy multiplayer!
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    posted a message on Age of Civilization - Minecraft (AoC - M)
    Quote from danny4rest

    In game name: danny4rest
    How long you have been playing: since beta 1.5
    What makes you want to join the server: im bored and want to find a great server that atleast trys to make towns and communitys
    Amount/severity of previous bans: once and that was cause i banned myself on accident when i was testing op commands

    danny4rest and Frazzguy you have been added!

    EDIT: sorry, one of the Admins just did a quick reboot so the server was down. It's back up now.
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    posted a message on Age of Civilization - Minecraft (AoC - M)
    Welcome to Age of Civilization – Minecraft (AoC – M)! We are a new server run by an experienced and friendly staff that aims to provide a positive Minecraft environment to any and all of its members. We classify the server’s genre as “survival nation-based PVP,” meaning that we encourage players to develop villages, cities, or other forms of mutual habitation while mobs and PVP are on and items are never given out for free. Although we try to maintain the feel of vanilla Minecraft PVP on our server, we also believe that Bukkit plugins can add a lot to the game. For this reason, we run a good amount of mods but try hard to make sure that none of them ruin the classic Minecraft experience. Before applying for our whitelist, please glance at the information about our server below.

    How to Register:
    Complete the whitelist application below. Once you are approved, the IP address is
    In game name:
    How long you have been playing:
    What makes you want to join the server:
    Amount/severity of previous bans:

    Getting Started:
    When you first come to our server, you will find yourself at spawn. Spawn on AoC – M is in its own world, and no matter how far you walk in this world you will not find a place to build. Therefore, you must go to one of the two portals located at the immediate center of spawn. Both of these will take you to hubs in the main world. Both hubs are small build-protected base-camps from which you can set out and begin to build and collect resources.

    Cities and Bandits:
    We as the Admins encourage you to build together with a group of a few other players to create a village or town. By recruiting new members on the server to your town, it will eventually grow into a larger town or even city. However, you are totally allowed to just “go solo” as a loner if you wish. Almost any type of player can find something to do on our server: either found a city, join one that is already flourishing, or survive on his or her own.

    Kingdoms and Empires:
    Powerful cities that have accumulated 5,000 in-game coins and have at least 5 members with Trusted or Donator rank may buy the title of Magna Urbs. Aside from giving the residents of the city prestige on the server, the city will receive benefits, official recognition, and an embassy in spawn.

    Events, the Market, and More:
    In order to make the experience on AoC – M more enjoyable, we aim to create a friendly community where interaction is frequent. We believe that one way to do this is by encouraging the development of nations, but we think that there are other ways as well. Many players might enjoy the events which we will host in the spawn world, where many PVP and sports arenas can be found. In addition, the spawn world boasts a museum about the server and a market where players can buy items using with in-game money. Eventually we hope to also have a plaza in the spawn world where different cities can create booths and embassies.

    PVP Policy:
    Except for in spawn and the hubs, PVP is allowed anywhere on the server. PVP is defined by us as any player vs. player combat, even if it is a form of combat where one player turns on a supposed alley. Note that greifing is not allowed (with a few exceptions) even though PVP is. Do not ask the Admins to prevent someone from killing you: it is part of the game.
    In addition to basic weapons (swords, bows, potions, and TNT), our server also has some additional weapons with the help of plugins. A plugin called AutoCraft allows you to create both domestic and siege vehicles though they are very expensive.

    • Greifing, which is defined as breaking or placing blocks in territory that is not yours, is never allowed except for placing ladders, burning wood, breaking glass, and launching TNT from a cannon.
    • Hacked clients which give you an unfair advantage in multiplayer are not allowed.
    • Racism and all other forms of discrimination and cyber-bullying are not allowed.
    • Do not ask to be or impersonate an Admin or Mod.

    • AutoCraft (awesome PVP vehicles)
    • Colors (use colors in chat)
    • Essentials (basic commands)
    • EssentialsProtect (anti-greif)
    • EssentialsSpawn (so you can spawn)
    • FalsebookBlock (cool gates and stuff)
    • FalseBookCart (cool minecart stuff)
    • FalseBookCore (cool gates and stuff)
    • FalseBookExtra (extra cool gates and stuff)
    • FalseBookIC (redstone integrated circuits)
    • iConomy (in game money)
    • MinecraftViewer (check out the map online!)
    • Multiverse-Core (for multiple worlds)
    • Multiverse-Portals (portals between worlds)
    • Offering (written by the admin lambdaviking, adds cool altars and rewards to the game)
    • PermissionsEx (permissions)
    • WorldEdit (building tool for Admins)
    • WorldGuard (anti-greif)
    • ChatManager (chat plugin)
    • Permissions (permissions)
    • NarrowtuxLib (plugin used by other plugins)
    • NoLagg (decreases lag)
    • Showcase (for displaying items)

    Thanks for reading, and hope you like the server!
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    posted a message on Civilization Server - Public, Nations, Historical Identities, PVP, Legit
    Format for Trusted applications:

    Time spent on server:
    Patron civilization:

    Note for new players: you do NOT need to apply. You only need to apply to become Trusted after playing on the server for 2 weeks.
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    posted a message on Civilization Server - Public, Nations, Historical Identities, PVP, Legit
    The city of Berlin has been constructed! A second city is being constructed by a different group of people, and probably many other houses and structures are being built as well. Get ready for some awesome PVP skirmishes!
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    posted a message on Why Minecraft.net is down
    thanks for the info, and well said about "chilling out" :biggrin.gif:
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    posted a message on the Civilization Server is now open to the Public!
    Earlier this week, I announced that I would be opening the Civilization Server. Well, now it's open. We don't have many members yet since we are just starting out, but we hope to get a bunch. Our server is about having a good time, playing legit, building a nation or city, and a little bit of historical RPG. We have lots of cool Bukkit plugins like CraftBook (gates and bridges), MoveCraft (working vehicles), and HeroicDeath (lets everyone know how you die).


    Server Thread:

    Happy mining :biggrin.gif:!
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    posted a message on Civilization Server - Public, Nations, Historical Identities, PVP, Legit
    server is now live! come join and help us make it awesome! IP:
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