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    Survival Realm 1.16.4
    Elysium is looking for members to join our ever-growing community! We are vanilla survival-based, and have a high encouragement on player creations! Some things we have to offer:

    Nations - We have a very fleshed out nation system, where you can join or create one, and build it up! You can participate in politics, alliances, have governments, and economies!

    Guilds - Guilds are groups in Elysium that function similarly to nations, but take a much more minor step. These guilds can be anything from religions, to bounty hunting organizations!

    War and Assassinations - With nations, naturally, comes conflict. Within Elysium, war is certainly a possibility, whether you want to use it for negotiations, to defend, or if you are looking to take the entire server over!

    We hope you are interested!

    Click this to join our discord and get started.

    When you join, please submit an application and leave your in-game name so you can play.

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    Join a nation or start your own, same for guilds and cults! Raid dungeons with epic loot made by staff team, declare war against another nation or make peace and allies, get the top of the leaderboard, start your own shop at the shopping district, and so much more!

    We hope to see you soon :)))

    ↓ Join our discord if you're interested to join! ↓


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    Hi ash :))))))

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