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    I'm not sure how experienced you are with commands, but if you need me to join your world to help you develop a spectator mode I will. My gamertag is: @Silentism. For now I will give you a brief explanation of how I would go about creating it.

    Spectator mode is possible in bedrock edition. Its a little tricky since commands can't change permissions. I have never created a spectator mode myself, but off the top of my head heres how it would be executed.

    1)Create a tag:

    Utilize the /tag command. So that when tagged with "spectator" the spectating commands will come into play.

    2)Anti-pvp effects:

    Use /effect commands to give the spectator certain effects so that he/she can't deal damage to other players.

    3)Boost defences:

    I'd assume you would want the spectator to be invincible so that they are not able to get killed. So you should use /effect commands and boost there defenses and health attributes.


    Unless you want other players to see spectators then you should put an invisibility effect on the spectator. The particles around the spectator will still be visible. However, you can hide the particles by using an invisible-particle texture pack. There is one available free to download at mcpedl.com.

    5)Remove ability to build/mine

    To make it so the spectator can not build/mine you will need to use a /gamemode command to set them in adventure mode.


    If you want to allow your spectator to fly then you will need to enable Minecrafts: "experimental mode". Doing this will allow you to access the /mayfly command which can then be used on your spectator.


    To help polish things up, you should add an action bar title using a /title command that reminds the player he/she is in spectator mode.


    If you only want your spectator to be able to access certain areas then you can set a ring using radius and radius minimum selectors. Then use a /teleport command to teleport all players with the "spectator" tag back inside the ring.

    9)Stop spectating

    You should give the spectators an item called "stop spectating". When thrown, it should clear their effects and return them back to wherever you want them so they can continue playing as a normal player. There is quite a bit of commands that goes into making items like this. However, its mainly done by using a /execute command.

    10)Ticking area

    Command blocks only load in when a player is near them. So you will need to set a /tickingarea wherever you put all these commands. That way, when a player goes far away from the command blocks they will still be loaded.

    Result: Now you have an invisible player that can't receive damage, can't deal damage, can't build/mine, and can fly around and spectate. The biggest flaw is that they will still be able to access chests and use buttons/levers. When the player leaves "spectator mode" you will need more commands to clear their effects and change there gamemode and /mayfly settings back to normal.

    I hoped this helped. Creating something like this is very time consuming and uses a long list of commands. This could be considered a very complex and high-end creation. The key is to keep your commands neat and organized so they can easily be adjusted when necessary. If I join your world and do it for you, i'd ask that you credit me along with my realm code in return.

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    I am surprised more people are not talking about this issue. You are correct, a "/clear @a piston" command used to work in the past. However, after the recent update it is most certainly broken. We cant really just make the command work. We will have to wait for Mojang to release another patch. However, we can utilize other commands to complete the same objective. So with that being said, if your intentions are to ban pistons from a world then I have a solution for you.


    These two commands work together to ban pistons from a realm so that when a player tries to place one, it gets turned into air. They need to be put into repeat, unconditional, always active command blocks. A flaw, is that people will still be able to have pistons in there inventory.

    1) execute @a ~ ~ ~ fill ~6 ~-3 ~-6 ~-6 ~6 ~6 air 0 replace piston -1
    2) execute @a ~ ~ ~ fill ~6 ~-3 ~-6 ~-6 ~6 ~6 air 0 replace sticky_piston -1
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    I like the concept of being able to sleep without it setting the spawn.

    However, I don't think they would need to make a whole new item for it.

    They could make the bed have two options.

    1)Set spawn


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    Why should they support xbox 360? It doesn't have the hardware to support large updates. Worrying about the 360 would only hold Minecraft back.

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    The new saving update is probably one of the greatest things about the newer version of Minecraft...

    1) First of all, if you die.. then you die. That's the way it should be. You shouldn't just revert back to the last save because you messed up.

    2) Its useful when hosting public worlds/servers/realms because then the host doesn't have to worry about constantly saving it.

    If you really want the ability to revert back to the last save then you need to make a back up file for your worlds.

    That is why they gave us the "copy" world option.

    "Failure to back up files is considered a very poor business practice"

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