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    I think I know your issue here. Commands are not always loaded into the game. They only load in if a player is near them.

    However, there is a way around this. You will need to set a ticking area at the command block.

    A ticking area basically sets a group of chunks to always be loaded even if nobody is around.

    Use the command /tickingarea

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    posted a message on testfor item on the ground

    I'm not sure what version of Minecraft you're using, but since your in the standard Minecraft forum im going to go ahead and assume that its bedrock edition. If you are playing on xbox, ps4, windows 10, or pocket edition, this will most likely work for you.

    Heres the command you are looking for: /testfor @e[type=item]

    If you only want to test for certain items you can do /testfor @e[type=item,name="cobblestone"]

    -Replace the word cobblestone with the name of the item you want to test for.

    You can even be more specific and add co-ordinates into the selector.

    For example, /testfor @e[type=item,name="cobblestone",x=0,y=0,z=0,r=5]

    This command will test for cobblestone within a radius of 5 at coordinates [0,0,0]

    Perhaps you may even want the item to trigger a command itself. This can get a little complicated here. It involves using an execute command.

    For example: /execute @e[type=item,name="cobblestone"] ~ ~ ~ tell @p "The flag has been dropped."

    What this command is doing is telling the closest player to the cobblestone that the flag has been dropped. You can replace the tell command with whatever command you want and it will execute on behalf of the entity selected (which in this case is cobblestone)

    Hopefully this helped, if you have any questions feel free to ask. If you want me to join your world to help then feel free to add me. Gamertag: Silentism

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    posted a message on Spectator Mode Command Block Creation Help!

    In a way, you can kind of create your own ranks by using tags or scoreboards. Then have other commands that select players with those tags.

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    posted a message on Spectator Mode Command Block Creation Help!

    I'm not sure how experienced you are with commands, but if you need me to join your world to help you develop a spectator mode I will. My gamertag is: @Silentism. For now I will give you a brief explanation of how I would go about creating it.

    Spectator mode is possible in bedrock edition. Its a little tricky since commands can't change permissions. I have never created a spectator mode myself, but off the top of my head heres how it would be executed.

    1)Create a tag:

    Utilize the /tag command. So that when tagged with "spectator" the spectating commands will come into play.

    2)Anti-pvp effects:

    Use /effect commands to give the spectator certain effects so that he/she can't deal damage to other players.

    3)Boost defences:

    I'd assume you would want the spectator to be invincible so that they are not able to get killed. So you should use /effect commands and boost there defenses and health attributes.


    Unless you want other players to see spectators then you should put an invisibility effect on the spectator. The particles around the spectator will still be visible. However, you can hide the particles by using an invisible-particle texture pack. There is one available free to download at mcpedl.com.

    5)Remove ability to build/mine

    To make it so the spectator can not build/mine you will need to use a /gamemode command to set them in adventure mode.


    If you want to allow your spectator to fly then you will need to enable Minecrafts: "experimental mode". Doing this will allow you to access the /mayfly command which can then be used on your spectator.


    To help polish things up, you should add an action bar title using a /title command that reminds the player he/she is in spectator mode.


    If you only want your spectator to be able to access certain areas then you can set a ring using radius and radius minimum selectors. Then use a /teleport command to teleport all players with the "spectator" tag back inside the ring.

    9)Stop spectating

    You should give the spectators an item called "stop spectating". When thrown, it should clear their effects and return them back to wherever you want them so they can continue playing as a normal player. There is quite a bit of commands that goes into making items like this. However, its mainly done by using a /execute command.

    10)Ticking area

    Command blocks only load in when a player is near them. So you will need to set a /tickingarea wherever you put all these commands. That way, when a player goes far away from the command blocks they will still be loaded.

    Result: Now you have an invisible player that can't receive damage, can't deal damage, can't build/mine, and can fly around and spectate. The biggest flaw is that they will still be able to access chests and use buttons/levers. When the player leaves "spectator mode" you will need more commands to clear their effects and change there gamemode and /mayfly settings back to normal.

    I hoped this helped. Creating something like this is very time consuming and uses a long list of commands. This could be considered a very complex and high-end creation. The key is to keep your commands neat and organized so they can easily be adjusted when necessary. If I join your world and do it for you, i'd ask that you credit me along with my realm code in return.

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    posted a message on Redstone design request help. (Xbox One S)

    Survival mode:

    A basic design would be to use pistons that go up to the surface and go down under the water when struck with redstone. To make them retract in a specific order or timely fashion you would need to utilize Redstone repeaters.

    Creative mode:

    In creative mode, you can utilize the /setblock command.

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    posted a message on Bedrock edition needs more commands for creators!

    Drhubs makes a good point. You have to be innovative with the commands you are given. I am able to create effective systems on my own now days, but when I was first starting out, the youtuber @dakonblackrose helped me drastically. Most his videos are tutorials for server related, bedrock edition commands. Watching his videos just kind of opened my mind to the possibilities of what commands are capable of. I recommend checking out his channel. I feel as though it may help.

    Don't forget to utilize behavior packs and texture packs.

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    I am surprised more people are not talking about this issue. You are correct, a "/clear @a piston" command used to work in the past. However, after the recent update it is most certainly broken. We cant really just make the command work. We will have to wait for Mojang to release another patch. However, we can utilize other commands to complete the same objective. So with that being said, if your intentions are to ban pistons from a world then I have a solution for you.


    These two commands work together to ban pistons from a realm so that when a player tries to place one, it gets turned into air. They need to be put into repeat, unconditional, always active command blocks. A flaw, is that people will still be able to have pistons in there inventory.

    1) execute @a ~ ~ ~ fill ~6 ~-3 ~-6 ~-6 ~6 ~6 air 0 replace piston -1
    2) execute @a ~ ~ ~ fill ~6 ~-3 ~-6 ~-6 ~6 ~6 air 0 replace sticky_piston -1
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    posted a message on Minecraft Faction Realm/Server (JOIN NOW)

    I must say, your command block videos have helped me so much in the development of my worlds. So thank you for that! I'd be interested in joining your world.

    I tend to play during odd hours, so you don't have to worry about me clogging the realm player cap during prime times.

    Gamertag: Silentism

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    posted a message on Looking for builders? I CAN HELP

    I messaged you on xbox. Feel free to invite me whenever. Is this creative or survival mode?

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    posted a message on Looking for builders? I CAN HELP

    Even though this is an old thread I am still willing to help. I've been very active on Minecraft lately. Don't hesitate to ask me for help.

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    posted a message on Superflat/Creative mode update

    Thank you for bringing this up. As a map maker, customizing flatland was so useful!

    Without customizing it, slime will spawn everywhere.

    I hope they bring it back.

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    posted a message on The Return of Noobcrafter

    What a brilliant idea for a channel. Everybody likes noobs! C:

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    posted a message on Looking for builders? I CAN HELP

    When posting your discord or gamer tag, please specify which one it is. I currently prefer gamer tags over discord names.

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    posted a message on Command Block: Do not Place or Destroy Block Radius

    Good point! Perhaps you could pair some type of /clear or /kill command with the cloned area so that blocks don't drop resources. Maybe even a /gamerule command in a certain radius could do the trick.

    The area that's doing the cloning could be protected with bedrock.

    I might actually give this method a try. Thanks!

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    posted a message on New idea for an update

    I like the concept of being able to sleep without it setting the spawn.

    However, I don't think they would need to make a whole new item for it.

    They could make the bed have two options.

    1)Set spawn


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