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    posted a message on easy guide to make custom minecraft panoramas for your resource pack (:

    Easy guide to make Minecraft background panoramas

    Made a few main menu backgrounds lately so I'm just making a pretty easy guide on how to get started and make your own

    Found a guide here on the forums but it was pretty old and I found some things didn't work, so I'm just making my own because why not ddd:

    I make these backgrounds in Java edition, I don't know how I'd make them in Bedrock without the F3 menu but panoramas you make will work in Bedrock just fine.

    Getting started

    It will be a lot easier to do this if you have commands! It's still possible if you don't, but it's quite annoying.

    Step 1 - Open Minecraft, navigate to a spot in your world you'd like to make your game background, and open the debug menu.

    Step 2 - Setting things up

    - Resize your window to be exactly square, like so. Dimensions don't have to match, obviously, as long as it's square
    - Set your FOV to 90.
    - Find your spot you want to use for the screenshots, and place barrier blocks where you want to stand and take them. Not required, but makes it a little easier.

    Step 3 - Taking the screenshots

    - Type these six commands, in order, and make sure to press F2 to take a screenshot after each command

    /tp @s ~ ~ ~ 45 0

    /tp @s ~ ~ ~ 135 0

    /tp @s ~ ~ ~ 225 0

    /tp @s ~ ~ ~ 315 0

    /tp @s ~ ~ ~ 45 -90

    /tp @s ~ ~ ~ 45 90

    Step 4 - Actually making them into a resource pack

    This part's pretty easy. I've made two template resource packs for Bedrock and Java

    Open your screenshots folder (`%appdata%\.minecraft\screenshots` is the Windows default and `~/Library/Application Support/Minecraft/Screenshots` is the macOS default) and sort it chronologically

    Extract your template resource pack to a folder (you may have to rename the bedrock one from .mcpack to .zip)

    Take the six screenshots you should have just taken and copy them to the template resource pack (/assets/minecraft/textures/gui/title/background for java, /textures/ui for bedrock)

    Make sure you're still sorted chronologically!

    The first screenshot will be called `panorama_0.png`, the second `panorama_1.png` and so on until you have all six named

    Now, go back to the root of the template resource pack and add all of the files and folders there into a ZIP. You can customize the pack.mcmeta/manifest.json if you want, but it isn't needed

    Bedrock users: rename your new resource pack from .zip to .mcpack and install it how you normally would on your platform

    Java users: drag your new ZIP file into your resource pack folder and enjoy!

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