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    And we're back on the Minecraft Forums. Get 50% off for life ($10 per GB) on your next Minecraft server by using MCF2013MC on checkout!


    Volt Host is arguably one of the leading providers in game, web and dedicated hosting services today in the UK and US. Since 2009, we've provided both rock solid fast hosting on a beautiful custom control panel platform which can do just about anything for you.

    Minecraft servers come with the following notable base features:

    - Unlimited FTP
    - Unlimited MySQL
    - Bukkit and Vanilla are supported via the control panel updater automatically!
    - All other modifications are allowed, simply upload the .jar
    - Server Console Page (input & output)
    - Free web hosting, 10GB disk and 50GB transfer to all game server customers
    - Payments via mobile (OneBip), PayPal (Credit, Debit, Bank) or Western Union
    - Donation pages for all users to allow for player donations via OneBip and PayPal
    - 100% payout referral system
    - Locations in Phoenix, AZ, Ashburn, VA and Manchester, UK.
    - Beautiful custom control panel
    - Progressive, superhero support
    - Intel Xeon and Dell ONLY Hardware.
    - Free 7 day trails on all of our services
    - Automated daily log rotation (activated from control panel)

    Click here to order now

    We host over 5,000 active players daily on our network, with an average support ticket response time which varies from 50 minutes to 2.5 hours depending on departments.


    Are you DDoS protected?
    Our network in Arizona is DDoS protected. In VA and UK, we have mitigation techniques against servers which are attacked to prevent spillage affecting other customers.

    What is the server setup time?
    Instant after payment, up to 5 minutes at the most.

    What kind of hardware/network do you run?
    Typical hardware consists of two Intel Xeon 6-core processors (12+ cores total) or better, at least 64GB RAM, SSD drives and at least 1Gbit of network. Our UK servers are connected to an ultra-fast 10gbit port.

    What are your supported payment methods?
    OneBip (text message mobile payments), PayPal (credit card, debit card, PayPal balance, bank account) and Western Union.

    How long have you been in operation?
    Game hosting services since 2009, and since 2010 off our custom panel @ volt-host.com. Our company has been operational and active in the technology industry since October 2004. We have hosted over 9,000 game servers and manage over 1,000 active clients every month.

    What kind of support can I expect?
    Our ethic is simple - post solutions, not excuses. This carries over into all of our support departments. Enter in, superhero support. Our average response times vary from 1 - 2 hours, usually.

    What's the details on your free trials?
    We give you a no obligation free 7 day trial of our services. If you like it - renew it, if you don't, just walk away - no questions asked (although we do love feedback of any type).

    What kind of disk drives do you guys use? Will my world lag?
    All of our servers run on high performance SSD disk arrays to ensure optimal performance for our customers.

    How much disk space am I allowed to use?
    As much as you need for your game server, within reason (use common sense). Just make sure that you're not uploading files that aren't relevant to your game server, such as video files, backups of your computer hard drive, etc - as this is not allowed (as per our terms of service).

    Am I allowed to store backups on my server?
    Yes! We have backup features in our control panel and encourage you to use backup plugins! We allocate lots of disk space to ensure that you can do this with ease. We're also working on offsite backups free for all of our users =)

    Which operating systems do you run on your servers?
    We run CentOS 6 on all of our servers.

    What is the uptime like on your servers?
    Both of our datacenters do provide us with a 100% uptime SLA guarantee. Right now our running average for uptime on Pingdom is around 99.99%.

    Free web hosting
    You can setup the free web hosting via the game server control panel. This is the same service and quality web hosting that we offer on paid shared accounts.

    I have more questions, what do I do?
    Ask away here or open a support ticket with us!
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    posted a message on VOLT | $10.00US / GB (50%-OFF LIFETIME) sale! | Free Web | UK / US | Custom panel | Free trials | 9000+ hosted
    Quote from KurdLegend

    hey guys, im thinking of using this host seeing as i get mysql and a website to start on, just one question, im already with another host, is there an easy and fast way to transfer ALL the files without any problems ? if so then once my salary comes in ima give y'all a try :smile.gif:

    We can do a managed file transfer for you, just contact our support team and we'll see what kind of a transfer will best suit your current hosting plan :-)
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