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    posted a message on Bigger Spiders Mod [Video]
    Here it is :D

    Comment and like the video if you enjoyed!

    I forgot to mention the mod makers for this, sorry.
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    posted a message on TRY FAIL RAGE QUIT! - REOPENING! (WIP)
    Hey There Everyone I Have Finished My Puzzle Map!

    NOTE : I will be making updates!

    Pictures :

    Every Checkpoint Has A Yellow Rug :D

    Downloads :


    Installation :

    Plug in your phone into the computer and navigate to this location to install the maps:

    sdcard --> games --> com.mojang --> minecraftworlds

    In iFile open the level's folder there should be three .dat files, if you hit the right facing triangle in the circle by their names, you will open the files properties! scroll about halfway down untill you see "Ownership" and change the settings of "owner" and "group" so that they say Mobile instead of root. do this for all three files and then youre good! thats how mine to work!

    Thanks For The Little Torturial I Got From The Pocket Edition Directory Of Maps

    1? :D
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    posted a message on BUGS IN MCPE 0.3.2
    Post whatever bugs you know that are not below, thank you.

    1. Dandelion Yellow is eggs.
    2. Coal is invisible until you mine it again.
    3. If you click an empty furnace it crashes.
    4. Diamond Blocks Costs 6 Diamonds, but it gives you 9 diamonds when you change the block to gem.
    5. Zombies have no fire animation when burning.
    6. Lava still burns almost everything.
    7. When smelting exit and flame particles all come at once.

    If you want a coverage of 0.3.2, video below :)

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    posted a message on [Surv] 4 Sphere Survival 1000+ DL's
    If You Liked The Map Please Leave A Comment To Keep It Up

    Hey Everyone I Made A Map!

    It's A Mixture of Planetoids And Skyblock!

    Screenshots :

    Videos :

    Other Videos

    I don't know how to fix it to become like an actual thumbnail of the video, with the new forums my videos disappeared. So if you know how to fix, please tell, Thanks.

    Downloads :

    Minecraft 1.1 http://www.mediafire...z0dqfg533idrxlz

    Minecraft 1.2.2 to 12w21b http://www.mediafire...uq47ks5mru5eqea

    Challenges :

    1. Make A Cobblestone Generator
    2. Make A Monster Spawner
    3. Make A Wheat Farm
    4. Make A Pumpkin Farm
    5. Make A Watermelon Farm
    6. Make A Sugarcane Farm
    7. Make An Infinite Water Source
    8. Make An Enchantment Table
    9. Make A 2 Story House
    10. Make A Working Mechanism
    11. Make 6 DIFFERENT Types Of Tools
    12. Make a Railway To All Spheres
    13. Enchant A Diamond Sword
    14. Make 2 Giant Mushrooms
    15. Make 14 Different Colour Dyes
    16. Eat Cake :3
    17. Find Diamond!
    18. Mine 20 Diamond!
    19. Make A Tree Farm
    20. Make A Enchantment Room

    Rules :

    1. Easy or Harder
    2. No Mods Hacks etc.
    3. Have Fun :3

    Downloads Goal :

    100 :Turquoise:
    500 :Turquoise:
    1000 :Turquoise:
    10,000 :Red:

    Hint : Mabye there is something inside the spheres :3



    Please Give Me Your Feedback! :)
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    posted a message on 0.2.1 Multiplayer Video!
    Here it is :)

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    posted a message on Fathful Pack 32x32 For Alpha 0.2.+

    Hey There!

    I just made a little texture pack based on the Faithful 32x32 Texture Pack by Vattic

    Screenshots :

    Videos :

    Installation :

    Step 1: Download iExplorer.
    Step 2: Plug your iPod/iPhone/iPad into your computer.
    Step 3: Download your favorite x16/x32/x64/x128 texture pack, and extract the terrain, gui, default_world, background,
    icons and particles
    Step 4: Open up iExplorer and go here:

    Step 5: Drag all the files you extracted into the iExplorer Window
    Step 6: PROFIT!

    Thanks to Defying for the amazing tutorial

    Download :

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    posted a message on Minecraft Pocket Edition - Next Update Expectations
    Here it is!

    Try it yourself
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    posted a message on How do I put a picture in my signature?
    Help? I wanna put this

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    posted a message on Ipod touch 2g
    Quote from xXiNightXx

    Dont think it would work as the 2g is very underpowered. It would lag like a boss.

    100% agree
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    posted a message on Oned! MC:Pocket Edition adventure map (v1.0 alpha)
    Quote from Croccy

    As far as i know sending worlds with ios is a pain in the ass.
    Anyone tried using MCedit?

    Even if you are in multiplayer and you leave and save the game only a few blocks get saved :\ They really need to fix their stuff up
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