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    posted a message on I have some suggestions!

    Before I start, I would just like to say that this doesn't exactly fit into the ''realms'' catagory, Well i see why it is but i think this would be more appropeite. {lol I punny, XD}

    OK, I have some!

    1. have scoreboard for Minecraft PE! We only have it on Java Minecraft >.> What if we could have scoreboards on other platforms!

    You know, Like /scoreboard teams and stuff like that, even the colors! {Yes, IK we have the color codes... but for MCPE servers and realms, they cant just connect without an xbox name, and you can't change the color of your xbox name}

    2. Able to pay for realms with stuff like ITunes, IK ITunes is mainly for moble devices but you can only pay for stuff in Minecraft so little ways, A more popular option like ITunes would help.

    3. Able to install Mods for Realms, I think we all can see alot of resons why this shoud be a thing, I do see only 1 or 2 flaws tho.

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    posted a message on Any MCA MC servers out there?

    I am very sorry if this is in the wrong fourm.


    I love the Minecraft Comes Alive Mod, I was wondering if there are any servers with that Mod out there?

    I look on the ''server'' page of this website but the only server i found with Minecraft Comes Alive on it was 1.7, and i can't connect to it.

    Please tell me below if there are any Minecraft Comes Alive servers out there, prafurably useing 1.8 to connect or 1.12 to connect.

    Thank you for reading.

    PS: Is there A way i can create my own server with Minecraft Comes Alive?

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