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    posted a message on Small Survival realm.

    Bandit! Long time no see! Weird coincidence.
    First things first, you nerco-posted.
    Second of all, you were already banned from Harvingtion, you broke every rule we have, including the threatening people rule. I am sorry but you are better off playing an anarchy server.

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    posted a message on ★ ArkonCraft ★ - Minecraft Towny Survival Server 1.16 | MythicDrops | Jobs | Much More

    Pretty nice server, for a server released about 4 days ago it has really grown. There are some bugs definitely but I won't be surprised if they get fixed soon.
    I was only online for a few minutes and I noticed the current new community is chill, not sure what the future will bring to it but we can hope.

    From vip2kea

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    posted a message on The Land of Harvingtion! Minecraft survival realm with triggers.
    The land of Harvingtion

    What is it?
    The Land of Harvingtion or Harvingtion for short is a Minecraft survival realm.
    Well, not that simple… some players say we take the word teleportation to the next level, and I can sort of see why.
    What Harvingtion has to offer.
    Harvingtion has dozens of command blocks that allow for teleportation throughout the map and ranks with useful perks to go for.
    We have several teleport triggers that you can go to and teleports that require a certain rank. Like /trigger Spawn and /trigger DSpawn. Bonus points, I made all the teleportation triggers myself.
    We have ranks that give effects and other perks that make gameplay easier. Most players get the Miner rank which is easy to get. Me and JaggedKnight189 made all the ranks. The ranks can be bought with rare items and Harvingtion Coins or Harvingtion Bars, the official currency of the realm.
    And of course, we have everyone’s favorite Multiplayer Sleep and HomeSpawn datapacks on here!

    A small but stable player base
    We have a small but stable player base, the peak time is around 8 pm Eastern Daylight time, but players play throughout the day. It is summer in the northern hemisphere after all.

    These are the realm’s rules:
    Do not cuss in any way, except the voice channel General Cussing Allowed.
    Do not spam the chat or channels.
    Do not threaten other players anywhere, in any way.
    Do not grief or steal other player’s builds or stuff.
    Do not post any 18+ content in any way.
    Do not discrimination against other players, this includes racism and culture cancelation, anywhere, in any way
    When I mean any way, I mean in chat, in the channels, on signs, and in block writing.

    How to join
    We have 2 requirements.

    Have a Minecraft Java account. (Obviously)
    Have Discord and join our Discord server. Exceptions can be made if you have a sibling or someone related to you who is also on the realm and is on the Discord server.
    To join the realm, please post a reply below if your Minecraft IGN, your Discord username (Include the # and the numbers please), and what Timezone you are in (Or what time it is for you at the time of posting your reply).
    You should see a reply or realm invite within 12 hours, If not, DM me on Discord. vip2kea#9427

    Discord Server
    We have a Discord server for the realm, there we have information, a suggestions channel, a questions channel, and yes even a place to request other players to be invited. Anyone can join the Discord server, the rules still apply to the Discord server.
    Discord: https://discord.gg/vHxkfdB

    When you join
    When you join, you will automatically be given the Guest rank.
    You need to ask an Admin to promote you to New Member. If an Admin is not online, ask on our Discord server.
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    posted a message on 100% Survival | 1.16 | Fast-Invite | Active Community | Long-term | Vanilla | Hermitcraft-Like

    IGN: vip2kea

    Age: 15

    Timezone: Eastern Daylight Time / Eastern Stranded Time.
    Your plans on the server: Make an empire in the nether and make little redstone things like a chick farm maybe.

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    posted a message on ⭐Releasing today! | GlazeMC | MCMMO Survival | ⭐SEEKING ALL STAFF POSITIONS⭐ | Discord⭐

    I applied to become a Moderator.

    I used the google forum though, is that ok?

    Excited for the release! Not many new Minecraft servers open up these days.

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    posted a message on Small Survival realm.

    Hey i recently started a new realm called The land of Harvington!

    Harvington is a small community that is family-friendly.

    The rules are simple:

    Don't grief people, hack, swear, spam, advertise, bully. you know, rules like that.

    If you want to join then post down below your IGN, why you want to join, and what your good at in MC {Building, farming, etc}

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    posted a message on New Survival Realm


    I would like to join your realm!!!

    IGN: VIKea

    Age: 14

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    posted a message on >>> Survio PE <<< MAP 2!

    Sorry for the delay, invite sent!

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    posted a message on Community Survival Realm *CLOSED*

    IGN:: VIKea


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    posted a message on [Invites open] Starting a new fresh realm today (25.06.18) want to join? (java edition)


    I am VIKea and I would like to join your realm!

    I like to build stuff and sometimes do redstone {anything that involves building}

    I would like to join your realm!

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    posted a message on Creative Realm Minecraft

    If you are still inviting people then count me in!

    My IGN is VIkea


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    posted a message on >>> Survio PE <<< MAP 2!

    Hello! I am looking for players to join my MCPE realm!

    Keep this as family friendly as possible, can ONLY invite a few at a time!

    The rules are simple:

    Grief/steal = remove

    Heavy swear = remove {Light swearing is fine}

    Being racist or anything like that = remove

    Useing hacks = remove + Xbox ignore.

    Keep this as Family Friendly as possibal please, there are some young players who play here from what I know of.

    To join, please reply to this thread with the format here:

    Your Xbox live username/gamer-tag?

    Your Minecraft Java username? {This is optional, If you get removed from the realm you have to appeal on our Java server}

    Your age? {Or at least if your a kid, teen, or adult}

    What do you like to do in Minecraft?

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    posted a message on Wanted: friendly players 10+

    Hi! I would like an invite!

    IGN: VIKea

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    posted a message on New Realm Friendly Players needed

    1) IGN VIKea

    2) Age 14

    3) what you like most about Minecraft Thats a good question, I mostly like to build things.

    4) what are you the most skilled at in Minecraft for vanilla Minecraft, building.

    5) if possible a screenshot of one of your survival builds Sure, I will edit this post with some of the builds I have done before.

    Edit: Turns out I can't find any pic of any of my good builds.

    The 1st pic: here's one in a world i started a couple days ago, The build is still W.I.P {I just started it}

    The 2nd pic: This pic is blurry and the server i built this on reset but here is a pic of one of my fav builds i EVER done {I know, its blurry >.>}

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