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    I think that this is something really needed for vanilla servers and adventure maps: a command that teleports the player back to it's spawn point, like when the he dies... this would be very useful for some sort of a checkpoint mechanic on adventure maps, or teleporting the player to his home when he's lost on singleplayer or vanilla servers. And I think it wouldn't be something hard for the developers to do, since the spawn point is nothing but a coordinate, and the script already exists because thats what happens when your character dies!

    Sugested syntax: /tpspawnpoint <PLAYER>
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    Change Lighting Filter

    What's up guys? So, I just made a filter that gives you the ability to change the lighting of your world! You can choose any light level you want, and apply it to your box selection. This is a very useful tool... for example: You can make a region free from monster spawning (by setting the light level above 8), or you can simply make an artificial light region so that you don't need to put torches/glowstone all over your town or building... you can aswell activate your beacon in a cave, or make mushrooms grow in daylight without mycelium.

    Download: http://www.mediafire.com/?5cy9fum4nobwvcc
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