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    I'm sure that I'm not the only one who thinks that the changes they made on adventure mode in the 1.4 update were unnecessary. It was a completelly secure mode where players could not break or place blocks, it was perfect for vanilla minecraft servers with buildings on the spawn or something like that, or even for some adventure maps that can now be griefed with the new mechanics. If they want to keep players on adventure mode able to break and place blocks with the right tool, that's ok... but it would be perfect for people like me (who has a vanilla server) that they make something like a /gamemode 3, a completelly locked gamemode just like adventure mode was in 1.3! Who supports that?
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    I think that this is something really needed for vanilla servers and adventure maps: a command that teleports the player back to it's spawn point, like when the he dies... this would be very useful for some sort of a checkpoint mechanic on adventure maps, or teleporting the player to his home when he's lost on singleplayer or vanilla servers. And I think it wouldn't be something hard for the developers to do, since the spawn point is nothing but a coordinate, and the script already exists because thats what happens when your character dies!

    Sugested syntax: /tpspawnpoint <PLAYER>
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    Change Lighting Filter

    What's up guys? So, I just made a filter that gives you the ability to change the lighting of your world! You can choose any light level you want, and apply it to your box selection. This is a very useful tool... for example: You can make a region free from monster spawning (by setting the light level above 8), or you can simply make an artificial light region so that you don't need to put torches/glowstone all over your town or building... you can aswell activate your beacon in a cave, or make mushrooms grow in daylight without mycelium.

    Download: http://www.mediafire.com/?5cy9fum4nobwvcc
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