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    posted a message on Named mobs go passive instead of despawn in peaceful mode
    Quote from Nonjo2»


    You just use a name tag on a creeper and it becomes passive.

    I think the whole point here is that By The Time You HAVE A Name Tag (Written), you've "dealt with" probably at least a dozen (more likely 100's, if from Chest, Loot) Creepers. "Brainwashing" Hostile Mobs - turning them into "Zoo creatures" - is sort of like the Killer Bunny Rabbit.

    Extremely rarely found /done (in Vanilla, un-Mod'd'ed, Game Mechanics), except when it is, it's Really Funny (and /or scary). It's just a choice, of how-differently, one wants to Play the Game, something MC excels in, being a pseudo-"God," Sandbox -style(s) Game.

    Quote from Notunknown»

    You misunderstand: If the difficulty is changed to peaceful the creeper becomes passive, instead of just despawning.

    And yeah, this specific Original Post(er) is about the Game Difficulty being set to "Peaceful," only, and some would argue it's more-unfair /hostile (to the Hostiles) to have them Despawn-on -contact (easy ex.: Elder Guardians; which-then don't Respawn). Wolves to Players in regular non-Peaceful is one thing, but Name Tags are actual valuable /valued Loot (or at least I know I never Trade with Villagers, for them, preferring the challenge, and rarely-naming stuff, mainly Horse-types).
    Quote from layman9»

    This would be incredibly easy to do, just delete the entire mob AI.


    And I know, this all sounds so-much like "Brainwashing." Heh, but if it's possible, it might be worth exploring.
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    posted a message on HUGE 1.8 Anvil find-Tools are Able to be Repaired WAY Less Than You Think!
    Quote from joonatan1998»
    I like not being able to repair enchanted items infinitely, I think the game was much more fun before anvills were added and you couldn't just always use protection 4 diamond armor/other super enchanted tools.

    Yeah, I gotta admit, having lost as many especially Tools as I have (since I can less often afford to craft weapons, earlier in Gameplay), I don't mind that they don't last forever. I'm Still trying to learn Anvil mechanics, though, just to see whether, to me, it feels like a Cheat, or not: since I don't use them other than with Enchanted Books, really yet; I have a stockpile s of used stuff which I probably won't fix, but I could, once I learn the Game Mechanics.

    And how those, change. However, I gotta say, I rarely get Level V (5) Enchantments, and hence I have no truly (practically) unique items (even the multiple really cool Enchantments, well, I'm starting to get repeats even of all higher Level, with 1 being Level IV [4], that're the same, as others, after going for more than a few months in the same world), and on the other hand, I have relatively few made of Diamond - that D. stuff would be handy to Repair, if only I had more spare D's. around, for such Repairs - which I don't, that's why I don't Repair, it (or risk using anything but mainly D Fortune Picks, too, which get me more D's.), too :lol:
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    posted a message on What is your ______ Experience in Minecraft!!!
    Quote from DerpBoy
    I think that a wolf would tell pretty interesting stories of adventures with his owner.

    Actually, you're right, I said Horse, but if I could Only tell my Wolves (that's the plural) - well, Dogs - apart (oh wait, I gotta still go get some, these Worlds! d'oh!!), like with the Collars of different Colors, then yeah, I'm sure a given Wolf - er, Dog - would be givin' great stories. That said, I was thinking with a(n also-)Tamed Horse, it could literally do a Mr. Ed, pully, er pull out a Johnny Cash song from the also-60's, and sing an: "I've been everywhere, man..;" version, because, well, the same Horse, not being as-cheap to Breed, really Might have seen-Everywhere (wonder if it gets an Achievement, too :huh: :blink: ?)!
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