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    posted a message on Minecraft is the Loneliest Game

    Yeah, I agree. With one slight difference: the Best "lonely" Game; ever.

    Because it's so open-ended - open-End'ed - there's really nothing to restrict the imagination, from even imagining itself. Out of existence.

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    posted a message on Minecraft 1.9 Endermen Farm - Broken Mechanics?
    Quote from Fluffie243»

    NBH - You could do that in the end to avoid spawning other mobs. Also, you can use vines to create a fall height standard so you can stack the layers to the roof for higher spawn rates. It's an old strategy

    DuhDerp - Any situation where you actually have to fight to kill you are not farming. Farming does not require combat.

    Also, piston crushing does not result in exp due to lack of physical contact from the player.


    Mods can close this thread now. I figured out what the problem was. The server I play in has a plugin that was interfering with the regular operations of ender pearls so we dealt with it and now the farm works. However, I did notice that the mob 'bumping' that was included in 1.9 has caused the rate of mob drops to reduce since a limited number can reach the whole to fall at a time.

    Modded Server (has [a] Mod[s], Mod[erators] /Admin's., or not). With Plug-Ins, 'nuff said. New v. (1.9), new issue(s).

    "My server allows the stacking of regularly unstackable items so I
    thought it strange when I stacked a minecart on a minecart and couldn't.
    Interestingly, there is a new name for minecarts that does not match
    the previous. So minecarts I have stored still have the 1.8 name and all
    recently used minecarts have the new 1.9 name, thus they cannot stack."
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    posted a message on Named mobs go passive instead of despawn in peaceful mode
    Quote from Nonjo2»


    You just use a name tag on a creeper and it becomes passive.

    I think the whole point here is that By The Time You HAVE A Name Tag (Written), you've "dealt with" probably at least a dozen (more likely 100's, if from Chest, Loot) Creepers. "Brainwashing" Hostile Mobs - turning them into "Zoo creatures" - is sort of like the Killer Bunny Rabbit.

    Extremely rarely found /done (in Vanilla, un-Mod'd'ed, Game Mechanics), except when it is, it's Really Funny (and /or scary). It's just a choice, of how-differently, one wants to Play the Game, something MC excels in, being a pseudo-"God," Sandbox -style(s) Game.

    Quote from Notunknown»

    You misunderstand: If the difficulty is changed to peaceful the creeper becomes passive, instead of just despawning.

    And yeah, this specific Original Post(er) is about the Game Difficulty being set to "Peaceful," only, and some would argue it's more-unfair /hostile (to the Hostiles) to have them Despawn-on -contact (easy ex.: Elder Guardians; which-then don't Respawn). Wolves to Players in regular non-Peaceful is one thing, but Name Tags are actual valuable /valued Loot (or at least I know I never Trade with Villagers, for them, preferring the challenge, and rarely-naming stuff, mainly Horse-types).
    Quote from layman9»

    This would be incredibly easy to do, just delete the entire mob AI.


    And I know, this all sounds so-much like "Brainwashing." Heh, but if it's possible, it might be worth exploring.
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    posted a message on 1.9 Performance. Better or worse?

    I'll quote BWADENCUslightly fromfirst reply, above "---no chunks rendered." I was Already getting Crashes, increasingly so I suspect this has more to do with how my C. is (not well) running, already, but as for the Chunk Loading, yeah, that's been a - new - issue.

    One specific Bug (among several, which're new), I've gotten, possibly related to either my C. performance, and /or the 1.9 Combat Update, is very-obvious, when Caving. There'll be a "line," of Total darkness, going-across, a completely-linear, portion, of the Cave, which Torches /Jack o' Lanterns aren't illuminating (haven't checked Fire, but I think it can also probably happen with Lava, naturally-occurring).

    Which wouldn't be as-major of an issue as it only happens every 5 min's. or so (as opposed to constantly, though sometimes I think it's done that), but Pausing for roughly 10 sec's. doesn't-always "fix" it. I have to resort to the old standby of Re-Loading /Re-Logging.

    All that said, it's not a dramatic, just significant performance decrease. It seems a pretty darned great - and even stable - Update, well-worth an (additional) Year, in -the-making, so "Thanks," to all at Mojang :D

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    posted a message on Different ways to play Survival

    I go for what looks real. How I Build is probably more important in terms of difference in my playstyle.

    So, two easy examples: would it look real to have perfectly-clean surfaces next to dirt /grass? nope; that gets Cobble, Mossy Cobble, and lately also-Craftable Mossy Stone Brick (for Water contact, if in addition), and don't even stack it (Cracked Stone Brick for partial contact), more than 1 deep, with height limits 5-6 for Stone, 10-11 for Wood). To me, Wood decays - as do many other related materials, so again, it Needs a Foundation, even if only a single Block of Cobble - but again, I'm basically saying that my other Placed, Blocks would, too.

    I use Torches as labels /Markers (especially specific with Jack o' Lanterns, which point to Spawn /the closest most-main Base /the surface, as well as to smaller fortlets, I call them, heh), so after a couple years ago taking to "labeling" Ore deposits (which I already Mined-around, all but Coal deposits, in case of a diagonal-generation, per a Wiki tip), making it easier to then-already be putting a Torch there - in certain patterns - to be able to tell, which it was, a relatively-linear Coal vs. other deposits, usually smaller too. I can always tell basically exactly what I - alone - as opposed to Endermen, too, did to the landscape, Marking Creeper holes, even filling in the edges partially (mostly using Wood Logs in a pinch) to make Jumping-out easier in a hurry.

    Now, as to how realistic it actually looks to have Torches marking every Drop (and /or Lava - and from 3 Blocks away, as an extra line, near the edge of an especially dangerous area - of the foregoing), well, To Be Honest, if dark /at night, I wouldn't be able to See any of this, anyway. I also think my "Always switch R.-and -L., side of the Cave wall /AbMS Tunnel," patterning makes it impossible to miss any - dark - details, including letting Hostile Mobs, Spawn behind me /creep up, on me (or at least 90º is safe).

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    posted a message on cool things you can do with elytra

    I tried it. Nothing special there. Honestly, I am not even mad about it anymore. If you like the wings, great. Good for you. But I do not and I will not. It is a stupid, overrated concept of the fantasy world (and in media in general).

    Changes I'd make:

    Wings get destroyed in combat if equipped

    Wings take heavy fire damage, but do not get destroyed

    Wings can use gravity like a glider/bird (I admit, that would be really cool to see in Minecraft)

    If hit in mid air, you're flight will be disrupted (like a bird being shot with a bow)

    Yeah, not sure if any of these are realistic elements of Physics in R L. However, "This is MC!"
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    posted a message on cool things you can do with elytra

    Ditto. But rather than just "bump" the rebuttal, here's mine: within 5 sec's. of using Elytra (on a Snapshot, went into Creative to obtain them, 'nuff said); it was well, I'll try not to get too texplicit, in what if felt like.

    Definitely gliding, as all'd said before. I found myself even wondering about what a "top-10" (mis-?)uses of Elytra would be, but knowing - this was after they'd fixed the Bug involving infinite flight range (they'd've "decayed" anyway, necessitating landing to repair howsoever, in any case) - I might never make it to /see, such a list.

    Thanks for civilizing this that much more for us, Original Poster (OP)! No, Elytra are not "OverPowered" (OP That way), in fact they Do merit much (over-?)appreciation as the next-best thing after Horse type travel (you'll still find you prefer Horse types for over-land travel, Boats for "by seas," but this is the "'light 3 lights' if by air," final option [no, it's not a spaceship, though this reminds me I just started [re-?]watching the old, original Star Trek, right before finding this).

    Honestly, the only "downside" to them - she was fishing being anti-Jeb_ (heh, Jeb's great, like they all've been) - is, well, I guess there's probably no warning, before, in the Final stages of a given set's use, it well - precipitates - its own downfall (heh, weather Puns come naturally when raining intensely outside). Drop! from the sky, splat! on the ground (or safely into Water, splash!), and now suddenly you're only cool if you land-ed - safely, in such Water - basically, planning ahead of time (as any sane Player, would), on "retiring" /howsoever putting aside for repair (yes, sky-"garages"), or perhaps just taking a flaming Drop thru the Nether.

    Pride goeth before the fall. Hubris.. Nemisis.

    Fanciful flights of fancy to all.

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    posted a message on If minecraft mobs were in real life, which would be most dangerous?
    Quote from Raffilcagon»

    I think zombies would have the capability of doing tons of destruction.

    Face it, if zombies infected people, if we learn ANYTHING from zombies in media, would cause the Apocalypse.

    Although, I think the Wither would be the most dangerous in general. A single missile wouldn't kill it in one hit (assuming the anti-ranged shields would protect against them), and, I'm no military expert, but I don't think there's much in the line of Powerful Melee Military weapons. Plus, with its lust for killing the living, it's possible that not only would humanity be in danger, but the entire world. And the Wither affect might come into play, depending on how long it'd last in our world.

    Destruction, Zombie Apocalypse, Infecting people, check.

    Don't forget that other Fictional, Zombies might be "Immortal," run as Fast Zombies, carry a Disease that could Infect and /or kill other life, be capable of partial (i.e., no Brain) (re?) Animation, and /or otherwise Consume endlessly (while over "Populating"), until and /or even past their own guts a'splode. Back to MC..

    They Spawn other Z's. next to them - wear Armor and use weapons (though not Bows and probably not even Skeletons using the fancy Arrows, up coming in 1.9's Combat Update as of yet, unless they could pick them up perhaps) as mentioned elsewhere - while being able to take out entire Villages (again, 1.9's Update should fix that ancient Bug where they Kill /Infect NPC Villagers, through Doors). Meanwhile, especially multiple - Z Babies /Children being practically unstoppable as well as almost the hardest Hostile Mob to hit and thereby kill - sizes of Z's. make them the most mixed, of any Mobs short of the somewhat similar Zombie Pigmen (which even Spawn in Lit, areas).

    The only reason I didn't mark Z Pigs was they weren't on the list. But I suspect these Undead types of Mobs are one of the things people think about when they vote Chickens (LOL) because all but the Skeletons (which Jockey, the bigger Spiders), Wither Skeletons (which can from Spider, Spawn Eggs), and Wither do in fact Jockey, Chickens (which barely makes them any taller and perhaps easier to hit, but I can swear it's harder to, perhaps because I'm laughing inside, but also maybe the Chickens make them move, Faster than Fast).

    I don't know if the Z's. still Hit harder /move faster when lower on "health." I liked that feature (though if they Healed like Horse types, that'd be.. yech, quite Difficult).

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    posted a message on Minecraft and its relation to real life.
    Yeah, I agree, if your unstated "conclusion" is that it at least represents R L, well enough. Because to me, it does - other than the SSP - and I'm obviously not talking about Creative, or people Spawning in nor out, lol (though occasionally I'll pretend to myself that a Bed represents.. something else, and that it's not exactly "you," Respawning, each time - as in, sure it Could be you, but "you're" ultimately really pissed off, typically, you died, and thus it's a "different" you).

    Because in R L, we don't just come into a world with no one else around, and fully capable to do (obviously superhuman, another point) feats with full Memory of what we're doing. There's also erosion, as due to weather, flooding, rivers are on a slope And have Flow.. etc.

    Of course MC makes more sense than the average even building game, because it tries to integrate not just All stages of that (again, no decay: I simulate this, though, as well as better engineering, by not building anything that wouldn't last, in R L), but has its own Structures already Generated, as examples, of how to deal with such Game Mechanics. Meanwhile, all its Fantasy elements - Hostile Mobs, Neutral ones for that matter - random Loot in Chests (including the even presence, of Dungeons, Spawners too), and NPCs which still can't quite handle "keep away from the Zombie" (let alone fantastical robotic Iron Golems which can't handle the average Zombie Siege), other Dimensions and further impossible Mobs, well, they're pretty obviously, that - my biggest problem with it is its selective Gravity, heh - but that just allows for different Physics self created in each world.
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    posted a message on Zombies spawning aboveground in well-lit village areas-- has lighting been tweaked?
    Quote from TheWesson»

    Yes, zombie sieges had two bugs -
    One bug prevented them from actually ever happening (since 1.4.7)
    The other bug made them appear anywhere in the village not just on the periphery.
    Both bugs have been fixed in 1.8.

    Siege zombies are special. Spawning rules for siege zombies are much looser (any non-opaque non-liquid block above a solid top surface) so they can appear in a well lit or even half-slabbed village. So your siege zombies are not a bug.

    IMHO zombie sieges are a "bright idea" which should not have seen the light of day. They subtract from the game rather than adding to it.

    Hmm, well I just Plan as if there will be nonstop Zombie Sieges.. I keep the Sound on, look around regularly, occasionally go on random strolls (or design everything to encourage moving around a lot), am always ready to kill Zombies (or have them wander /chase at random or otherwise have more than just 2 Villagers), with Iron Golems and Dogs also everywhere in large numbers, too. Lots of extra Torches and other Light sources allow for fighting and not needing to replace them every single time they're broken, but I prefer to have the Sunlight shine through the Glass "roofs" and Burn them All :steve_sneaky:
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    posted a message on What's the stupidest way you have lost a Hardcore world?
    Quote from pookie600»
    I was running and I jumped into a ravine. . . xD

    <_< been there, done that, got the (Stone) shirt. Also all the above except OP.

    Set Afire by a Zombie some morning, died before I could remember to go into the NPC Village, Crops' water trenches (it was the Desert, so I wasn't really thinking in terms of using Water for much, I guess) >.<
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    posted a message on Hotbar Setup When Spelunking
    Quote from Jaksta23»
    I do pretty much all the same as OP, but the ore indicator is a new one. I've gotta try that sometime :biggrin.gif:

    :SSWORD: :SPA: :SS: :|): :cobblestone: :obsidian: :Bacon: (Clock) :--+:

    Note the space left clear when Obsidian mining, since I can't See &lt;_&lt; the stuff, when Mining in a Cave against a black Obsidian background, and can't tell - it takes awhile to Mine it! - if I'm accomplishing anything, or about to get through the next one into :Lava: Lava!!
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    posted a message on What is your favourite biome?
    Yeah, I get far more Emeralds from NPCs - so I favor Plains (I can Farm everything there) over Desert, and prefer its color and Rain, to the also dry Savanna - rather than Extreme Hills types. As for making a Village - Wow! big project, yeah :D

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    posted a message on found an O M with Ocean's Ravine, AbMS attached in this Seed:
    Seed: 7987463556506063888

    (with 2014's 1.8 Bountiful Update -Vanilla = no Mods].)

    just offshore from the Cold Taiga at these XYZ co ordinates: 19712 63 4701

    so to see that, I enter: /tp (your name is optional if SP) 19712 63 4701

    and face South.

    Other points of interest, are NPC Villagers not far from Spawn to the S. (Desert), E. (the Plains, 1000 200, with its own AbMS underneath), and W. (more Desert, Savanna nearby). A large 20K X 30K Ocean, to the further East, Swamps to the Far N. and FAR S. /SE, Jungle at -7178 -15806, and Mega Taiga at 20K S.

    I give simple title so just called the world: "Plains inside Desert with Forest" to myself; enjoy the landscapes :)
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    posted a message on How Long /Circumference around any Forested Biome /Tree'd area, tales please?!?
    What is the longest distance you've traveled through a Forested (any kind with Trees: sure, I'll take anything that's not Ocean, Plains, Desert Biomes, or a River) Biome in MC. Counted in 10 min. (1 daytime in MC) intervals (or 20 min's. for the full day cycle, including night).

    Another option than linear distance is Circumference: how long did you spend (all this is with Walking being the assumed speed, BTW; it's kinda hard to Sprint, much, if you're constantly bumping into /alongside Trees) traveling, if that. Yeah, I know you who went all the way around (especially in Large Biomes >.> ) are more fans of Trees than average - I am too! - share your getting Lost in the woods, or whatever other tales, too heh.

    Pics of Trees or the Forests didn't happen! j /k

    (For comparison, it takes me about a week in R L to go around the inside of any Ocean /series of Ocean, Biomes, which're up to about 10,000 - 15,000 Blocks from Spawn, according to co ordinates - call that, I dunno - 48 hours?? I make lots of pit stops for Beds, Looting etc.)
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