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    posted a message on How nether portal horses =

    (This might be increasingly-useful through 1.16's planned Nether Update)

    So you’ve spawned in the nether through the portal and want to ride back home before your variety of horse gets lost. Or you’re trying to repeatedly get the not-quite pet back safely-enough that you might not need a diamond pick(axe), every time.

    Since the player and other mobs tend to seem to spawn in the middle - and the more range, the more middle away-from portal edges there is, potentially - of the nether portal when-portaling. This might help.

    I find that the minimum 3-high by 2-wide internal portal frame (5-high by 4-wide external - total - obsidian range) is too narrow for safe-enough mob-movement, through it, especially when they’re bigger! So varieties of horses - which are all at-least 1.5 blocks wide both-ways, 2 I think in one - I’ve even had apparently-die then despawn, in holding areas of anything-less than 4X4 internal block(s’ ) spaces.

    Which’s made me build 4X4 (so they can be ridden - dismounted of course to portal - and the player then portals separately, too) - no head-hitting! (one less threat in the nether, “a gimmee”) - rooms sideways, portals vertically, and so always these flanking the nether portals. Empty space for more natural and original portaling-in, movement.

    A further use of the extra room is player movement - including to push-around mobs, especially again types of horse-like things - the smaller they are, the more of them can get stuck inside, and the less individual mobs can be able to have as much surface to push, as many of them out. Otherwise, be ready always in any case possibly with a diamond pick with high efficiency (so iv /v best), to take at least 2 blocks out, which generally can be done once getting visibility by leaving the portal distortion.

    There’s also an issue where the portal itself blocks the interacting with things further than it, so sideways-breaking blocks is an issue even when standing in the portal frame (and distortion of vision), when attempting to break obsidian say past additional sideways portal part. Again, the empty space implies sideways movement is clear, so another point is to keep it all - on the same - level and this can allow for best movement /pushing of mobs (and all of this least effort to break 2-4 blocks before the mob suffocates in the obsidian).

    I used to lose about 1 /4 of my especially-horse variety mobs, going-through the nether, because of almost always - attempted - portal(l)ing. Ever since, it’s less than 1 /16, mainly due to other stuff (fire from the 4 sources, and drops of course always hurt more unpredictably).

    This can also be done by riding mobs wholly-within the nether, though boats on (the non-melting) ice (so not regular, but packed or blue) are faster in the longer-term (the more “expensive,” the faster), which I could call tobogganing. Another tip of course on the nether side is to pre-vent the ghasts’ explosions from ever reaching the nether portal /storage chests /desired mobs including-player, there.

    So wrapping-sections around (giving me 6X6 on the outside, with more height for where stair’ing is required, as I just build in the open areas, generally though of course anywhere’s fine and the more behind blocks one is, then hostile mobs won’t - heh - fire) to keep from a line-of-sight, to hostile mobs, accomplishes this. One wrap for each desired - separate - protected area, with the roof ladder too in a safe place regarding protection, while building with non-(in)flammable material is also pretty much a must.

    If nothing else, like nether fortresses, it’s good to have available-supplies (flint-and steel) for re-lighting the nether portal - or expanding via lighting another, elsewhere - handy, and while flint-and steel is very useful. It’s anyone’s decision as to whether to use an ender chest slot for such storage.

    Another possibility is leads. They may lead your horses out, but may not (just like - attempting - pushing through blocks-remaining).

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    posted a message on How to stop being scared in doing survival/hardcore?

    Great advice. And I didn't even know anything before Playing (I barely figured out how to Break - some, but not Wood - Blocks).

    So I just Tunneled (in Normal Mode, originally), and built little walls (finding out what worked). 2 was more than 1, and that worked.

    So have as much fun as you want! Fun!!

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    posted a message on Loch Ness Monster Boss

    was there another alternative to "Mob B" /the Phantom of the 1.13 Aquatic Update Aquatic (the Phantom of the Aquatic), that would drag Players down, into Water? Other than the "Blaze Boss," I mean, and there was a 4th too even voted-upon then.

    All I know's the latest pseudo-headline is "the 'Real Life' 'one'"( ..? question mark as in, "was it /were they Ever, 'real' ?!?" A. : quite-possibly not) "could be a 'giant eel'." Before that the same sources had multiples "'claiming' 'plesiosaurs'" (extinct since Dinosaurs-too).

    Anyway, I think this Water one I'm remembering also was said to have a longer part and /or shoot something (like Octopods) into the Water (like the-New, Ink-reaction, Squirted), to obscure it (from being counter-attacked? or just to hide it??). I really like your: "like 'underwater Elytra'," idea, though; Phantoms already look like "manta rays" of course, including down-there.

    If there were a less-deadly (and let's face it: Phantoms are Difficult-enough to counter-attack that they're more-dangerous than the Player, on average; we have to use luck to damage them, but they basically almost-always hit /bite us) "gliding" / "swooping" UnderWater Mob - which could include the Player, the Player's considered a (unique, but still) Mob (see: Animal; in Reality, too [regarding humans, and no, I don't mean sometime "Humans," in-Game]) - it'd be the next-thing to a Dolphin, et. al. (since no "sharks," or-whatever). I dunno, some kind of "(water) jet propulsion," and /or "slippery-slidy scaly" thing (hagfish and /or lampreys use "super-lube," for everything), you're talking about.

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    posted a message on Beehive honey level bug?

    This might help, I don't know. I'd had Campfires at two of the same height, with a 1-(Air )Block gap under each of them.

    I was having a lot of Bees disappear. So I Blocked-in the former (hoping they wouldn't get caught popping-out above the Campfire).

    And as for the latter, I raised the height to just-under the Bee nest, of the Campfire. In the former case, the Bees-remained, and pop-out every time I Harvest the Honey (to get more? bus-y!).

    But in the latter, it seems that at least once I'd seen a Bee (uncertain size: the small ones look big to me, too; they also move too fast for me to check their other features, so far) turning red and disappearing (possibly a "poof," but those're sometimes hard to see), so possibly-dying. From contact from the Campfire.

    In the Blocked-in former case, I still have around-(the "standard" so-far )3 Bees in it, and I'm hoping this means they would pop-out sideways or from the front (possible since I see them each time I get Honey, come out), instead of underneath where the Campfire might get them before they go-in again. I've Bred and had a Lot of Bees (dozens?) from each, but while the former'd mostly "Migrated" away, there are No Bees left in the latter Nest (with other Nests not having as much Campfire exposure /any having no problems).

    For me the only problem is no Bees, no (new) Honey ("level[s]"). And just waiting for Bee hives to work, too.

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    posted a message on Nest Assignment For Bees
    Quote from Remove_Tuba»

    How does a player assign bees to a given nest or hive? I can't figure out how to "tell" bees to use a hive, whether I spawn the bees in or if I found them naturally.

    So as a Snapshot, it's Not a Full v. of the Game. And I don't recall this yet being ref'd. in the notes here or on the Wiki.

    Do you have a clipboard out? Are you ready to put the workers to it??

    Sometimes we just gotta wait. Not be so Bee(-)s( ' )y.

    For my part, I can't even get them to remain in the few Bee nests they use (most I've Bred have left, but since they have nowhere-else really within any realistic range to go.. they're of course... probably just Out there at the Loaded Chunks, Edge somewhere [if even still there at-all]), as those numbers are limited. Even the "3"-ideally seem to be dying (if none-around) due to Campfires (which possibly need to be Blocked-off, certain sides - between them and the Bee nests - and I can't yet figure out if a 1-Block gap or not between [linearly], is preferable and /or workable).

    As for Bee hives, mine can't use them, yet. So I'm glad that in the first Snapshot, I'd Loaded more Chunks that'd have-more, of them, and Grown some (Oak, Dark Oak didn't work but hadn't tried others, yet) Trees from Saplings, to get some more (was same 1:10 'ish ratio, already Saplings-Planted are-not to have them, too; only the initially Generated Trees: in World Generation).

    These Snapshots. Are the Bee's nests.

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    posted a message on Bee jockey

    I actually find that it's a perspective (as in visual perspective) thing. So when a (Baby-basically, smaller.. do they have "sizes between" ...? I can't tell) Bee is not a(n Adult) bigger Bee, it Still looks big (as opposed to bug) to me!

    In fact, it multiplies its cuteness, a fair bit. And really, I can't tell the difference until I have two (at least one smaller) Bees next to each other.

    Which really makes me appreciate seeing the detail on the bigger (Adult) Bees more, slightly better (because I can see it, because it's bigger). These bugs rarely stop moving (except by the - possibly small only, I think - Flowers, where they circle-around, a bit; when one's holding it: you can even see their legs, then!), and so if they weren't as-big, they'd probably seem trickier to even spot and /or even creepy-crawly.

    Of course I read and /or heard here /YouTube that it's to keep the Hitboxes (which are even Larger - unusually, apparently for MC - than they are!) large-enough to counter-attack them. If they try to attack (to give the Player - other Mobs even..? - a [better] chance to hit them).

    I just like that these bigger bugs (which are a-bit different from Silverfish that the Bane of Arthropods, Enchantment, works-against) aren't afraid to just be big and slow. Sleeping on it, I realized they were probably a bit more like bumblebees (which might have most with genders capable of reproduction as individuals unlike eusocial Animals [such as naked mole rats]).

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    posted a message on My Villager Breeder doesn´t work

    Yeah.. dunno if it would work with 1.5-high putting them directly-atop Wall /Fence (of that technical-height), Blocks... which'd still possibly be-read as the 0.5 high Bed atop the when-Placed directly atop-it, 1-high so 1.5 high overall barrier, to most Mobs (other than Spiders, depending), coming in. It's kind of why I have to adopt a "1-thick, No Matter WHAT," Strategy - that is, specifically, Including corners (which Zombies can hit /Infect through, and I can't remember off the top of my head what other /all other - Hostile - Mobs) - for Everything I Build, in Survival Mode.

    Also, sorry can't recall - but Walls - I know Fences can be vertically stacked, and there's no gap. Pretty sure there's no vertical gap for Walls, either (though this may vary for Arrows being shot-out, too).

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    posted a message on Phantom Revamp— a change necessary for Survival Minecraft

    So I've seen good ideas, bad ideas, and weird ideas above. I.e. , the best to just not-have to refer-specifically to each (Multi- Quoting /Replying).

    Because I mostly like Phantoms (a.k.a. occasionally "Mob B," from a given Minecon Convention's ref'ing. ), I don't have much to say about - Changing them - either way. But, that said, I agree, they haven't really been Changed since first introduction.

    I find myself when Exploring /Traveling in uncertain-areas (which since I do this is a lot, is mostly-everywhere), unwilling to just / "just" use my Bed (it doesn't feel like an "ab-use," since after all Phantoms on Hard Mode are extremely Dangerous, and I've gotten flak from - and still do - use Leather Armor, more-and-more, actually [just Built an Iron Farm in Creative Mode, but mostly just for Decoration /Iron Golems' re-making, and yeah, I Could've Nether-routed them directly, but meh, that'd be if I used Nether overall more than "tp 'ing" to Travel the greatest distances; Villagers are now re-Farm-able: too!] as I Always have extra Leather). I'll often risk (a) Creeper(s) killing me, from a 3-deep "hidey-hole" or otherwise go to a high-point to Fight-off whatever can still get to me (but most often just being in a large-enough body of Water, as it Slows-them all incredibly since several years ago, Water).

    But then of-course the Phantoms Require me to use a Bed, so a Bed's Not "ab-use," since Phantoms have been introduced. About half of those times, just-described above (formerly, I'd practically-never even [ab- ..?]use one! "Camping" was not a thing for me, then-again, I didn't Cap'e. "Night," which is quite obviously a Real-thing, now, not-just when "Some" - but now All [Hostile] Mobs, Spawn!! i.e. "night of the Living Dead" doesn't have the same ring).

    The Spawn-point thing is the - potential - issue. It's easy to resolve, one-way - Lost And Lose your stuff? - kill one's Avatar (like in Water, Suffocation with Sand /Gravel otherwise, or wait 'til Night.. ).

    The Other way? Finding one's last-position and - And - Lost, stuff??

    Well, sometimes - still - this's why one doesn't-Want to Load those Chunks, 'Til basically doing it Creatively (or using Spectator Mode, the newer alternative). But this is Mostly a question - then - of Respawn, Mechanics, Never about Phantoms, Really, is what's being questioned.

    You'd think that being - by default, only - "anti-Bed" (perhaps, though I always look-forward to the more-Base'd ones I Do use [Much-more]), I'd be "pro-" or "anti-" , Camping(-Only) Beds (they'd have some own-internal Limitation, to avoid them being - I dunno - re-usable more than a few times..? they'd work Once Or Twice, again vs. Phantoms, but then "Degrade"...?? I dunno; some new, relatively-rare Resource, likely: would be required to "Limit" their [ab]use, perhaps). But I've only ever been anti- having to use a Bed, Frequently (so every 4th Night or so from practically-never, is no real difference for me).

    so bottom line:

    As is, I Sleep every 2 Nights or-so, this avoids Phantoms (mostly). When Exploring /Traveling, and not-wanting to worry about them (which means I still get plenty of - other - [Hostile] Mob interaction, and generally make it to /found some new, Base, By every 4th Night, or-so [and honestly, after more than an Hour of GamePlay, I'm about-ready to do something more-restful, every so often, anyway]).

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    posted a message on Potentially for Hunting (with Dogs /Golem[s]), Turtle Master Pot'n.

    This idea post-Wiki is: I happened to realize that of course (Hostile) Mobs, Surround oneself when you stay still. However, even being still, one can be pseudo-defended, by certain Pets and /or Golems (which can also be put on Leads, keeping them closer).

    But it may be a cheaper (uses a little Iron to obtain, via Shears for Sea Grass, Turtle Breeding, Crafting a Turtle Shell, finally Potion-Brewing) way than Gold (or the fully 8 Blocks of Gold) Apples /Carrot -based other-Ingots' alternative. Already the Turtle Shell, Helmet type doubles Underwater, Breathing time While being as-functional as a (more-Iron using) Iron Helmet; so perhaps these can all be regarded as a: "Slow-but steady, wins the Survival," functional objects.

    Afterthought: still; mind the Creepers! "SsSss-ss.."

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    posted a message on Chest vs Barrels

    Can't beat the cheapness of a Chest (8 Wood[en] Planks) ! Except the Barrel, is 6 + 2 Slabs (essentially 1 1 /2 Planks via conversion) !!

    I love the way Barrels Place, for Decoration. But also, are so accessible I often have to double-check I'm not burying them completely!

    Meanwhile, however, I can do the "reach-around (barely, Sometimes, at least Occasionally)," of even an Ender Chest (which is far-more useful, overall), to Get, to a Barrel ([mostly-]"behind it), even when the space's - yes, incredibly - tight (and limited, and not-far, enough). So, if I was more-inspired, I'd be Obsidian Mining more than what's-necessary, difficulty (of the boringness, of the Mining it [Time]) be damned.

    *Works hard (up)on inspiration. Be inspired! *

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    posted a message on 1.15 Update... Major Theme Update?!





    Java Edition


    1.14.4 is an upcoming minor update with no set release date, which will fix more issues in the 1.14.x releases.[1]


    1.15 is an upcoming major update with no set release date.[2] The theme for this update is currently unknown and will be announced at MINECON Live 2019. It will not focus on caves.[3] This update will also add functionality to smithing tables and fletching tables, though the exact usage of these blocks has not been announced.[4]


    It's a bit more readable.

    I'm not quite sure what your point is: decorated tools /weapons /whatever?

    Anyway, for anyone who believes / "believes" Mojang is "making it 'Harder' for people to Play." Just pay att'n. (and how you're not "'spending' 'more "money"'").

    (Edited for Formatting issues from the C /P. Don't you love your C P?)

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    posted a message on I Can't Commit To A Minecraft Survival World

    Alright, I've written to a few of these threads - pretty recently, even. I didn't Delete most of my old Worlds, though (not counting World Generation, Test ones maybe but even then.. )!

    Definitely try SMP vis-a-vis SSP, as suggested above too. Sometimes the key isn't how you do - or don't - approach something, it's who you do it with ( /without).

    I played a few "themed" (like wrote in Book-and-Quills) things, but they didn't happen to last. Did MultiPlayer both with friends and strangers.

    One of the things that helped me stick with a single World, was - finding my favorite parameters for - different ones. Again, I went through about 50, with significant effort in each (I've probably looked at like 500'ish'ish).

    Also, if you enjoy other games, go for it. /Them, realizing sometimes you're inspired - more - by things Almost the same as something, before returning-back to it (possibly for the closest compare /furthest contrast) ; this goes for other activities, too: you never know what you don't know, but sometimes you can accept it better.

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    posted a message on Concrete stairs and slabs

    Plus, we can make.. "concrete changes." Maybe with the Stonecutter?

    More surfaces of more Blocks with more color, than-ever before. Color me supportive (even if just a shade of brown).

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    posted a message on Aggressive Zombie-Pigmen jumping from Cliffs like Lemmings

    Undead have been "paratrooping (but 'without a parachute' )" - dropping-down to their probably instant total- deaths / "deaths" - since some Update like half-a-dozen ago (at least 3 Years). The (Game) Mechanic got Changed a bit (maybe so they didn't kill / "kill" themselves so instantly - also Creepers for-example can "drop-down and lose at least of their health," so it may not be just Undead - but I don't know [didn't really re-check it, just wanted to see how it'd work, in-Game]), which basically meant that Undead were all-but "Trying to die / 'die'," is what I'd assumed ("didn't value their lives / 'lives' / 'unaliveness'es'" - but As Much - they weren't actually "trying to die / 'die'").

    It makes them - all such dropping, Mobs - more of a Threat, especially stuff like Creepers, which only have the "sand disturbed" noise that's-quiet and otherwise still "hit" - Explode - just as "hard," much. So the(ir [average..?] Max. ) height of-dropping could probably be looked-up (or is that.. "dropped-down"...? heh).

    As for groups of Mobs, I know that Zombies (perhaps other than Z Pigs..?) all Call to one-another (not to mention Summon - Spawn-in new ones / "reinforcements" - often right-next to them and /or the Player, where they previously-Weren't), since again (before) about 6 Updates /3 Years ago, "Aggro'ing" one-another especially when the Player hits any of them. This would help.. "'unit' cohesion," i.e. a group of Zombies-specifically... Z Pigs'd already Aggro'ed one-another, before this given (set of?) Update(s), Longer-ago, though, it just hadn't and still probably doesn't carry for as far (a distance).

    Now Z Pigs (as of a more-recent than 3+ Years ago, Update) don't Aggro. I think for as-long, unless (perhaps) being "re-Aggro'ed," by additional Player attacks on nearby Z Pig(s), perhaps not-even as-far a distance (since the Zombie difference was-increased, even..? would it have been-Changed the-opposite...??). It's about a min. , and then it's over (I always have to end-up Building a little bit to Block them from getting-in to me, while I also-usually Heal), comma sometimes.

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    posted a message on Question about pets teleporting

    So I can confirm that I have to walk-backwards, especially around any Hills /elevation-changes, to make sure the Mob being towed by the Lead has time to walk-up, and /or drop-down, the Blocks (they Still quite often have to Break the Lead, so one tip is to carry-multiples, and watch the numerical indicator in the HotBar Slot like a hawk, not-just the Mob[s and of-course after about 2-3 Mobs, they Bump each-other enough that they tend to de-Lead - Break the Lead - faster]). Now, with other than Horse-types (Biggest thing we can attach a Lead to..?), we can If it's over-Water use a Boat, to Transport One at a time (which since it saves Food is a bonus, anyway, but they're technically-faster than Riding, Horse-types I think).

    Later this Mechanic can be exploited again with at least one Mob by Lead'ing a Mule-or-Donkey, making a "flotilla" of "ship(s)" with extra items (since Slots, of Inv'y.-type shorter-term Storage). But they couldn't-Fit at all in a Boat (however, possibly because it's Water, they Tend to Not Break the Lead[s], so it's enough for me to look-behind as written here every 30 sec's. or so).

    There may be a little-"Bug" of late (1.14.2, am currently Playing on) in which Dogs for-example "can't Teleport," like practically at all, and can't get-out of Water onto-Ice (often Drowning-underneath, though this might be the Puppies, somewhat-more [which used to Drown-Always in Water due to Hitboxes, before-1.14]). I end up having to go-back and walk them uber-slowly as they refuse to keep up with me (could just be Lag, on my end, too), and even then they seem to "stall out," so they've apparently become temporarily-unusable.

    I'd had to Build 4-wide X 4 high (for Dismounting-and-Mounting without hitting my head, both-ways) Nether-side Nether Bases' interiors, to facilitate Nether Portaling of Horse-types. I don't recommend doing-this until those Portals have been Tested first and-guessed pretty carefully about safety on both ends (the time-consuming part is always Navigating them through the Nether, but that goes straight to Nether Navigation, generally, pretty quickly, and I use Markers of artificiality to distinguish from the natural Nether), As-for (not just a) Horse-type.

    For whatever reason, I've had Horse-types Despawn, as of a few Updates ago, in any area smaller than about 4 X 4 (or about 3.33 Blocks, wasn't sure if the Fence Gates'd applied) both-directions sideways (they themselves are essentially 2 X 2 so this isn't very surprising to me). And /or they're Suffocating-dying (again, haven't tested lately due to previous losses being convincing-enough).

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