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    Vectron, by chance could you look at the OP for Anvilmapper, this tool was a handy tool to make a Google Map version of what mapwritter made. Thanks in advance!

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    Voxelmap is not stopping, here is another post by him...

    span>Clarification time. Both of those sentences are true, but they are not related like their proximity might suggest. I had taken the mod down before ever seeing this thread because I won't be on PMC anymore. I just haven't yet bothered figuring out where I'll host it in the future. The pique in the first sentence was real though, so I wasn't particularly bothered that my phrasing might lead people to think that 1 led directly to 2. It didn't though, and VoxelMap isn't going anywhere, and if I ever tire of it completely someone else will step in (hopefully someone who can tell what the heck the code does. It's inscrutable in parts I'm afraid)

    Sorry to worry anyone, that wasn't super nice of me.

    *edit* that link Mumfrey mentioned is here:http://www.mediafire.com/download/hbakk9iuuf7t0h5/mod_voxelMap_1.2.2_for_1.7.10.litemodI wouldn't bookmark it; it will change as the version number advances, but pending some more permanent solution it will work for now
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