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    posted a message on Stress Test! Rewards!
    Still wondering when the server will be back up. Would be nice. And yes, the dedicated server upgrade would be appreciated.
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    posted a message on Possibly new material to make swords?
    To be honest, the fire/water/air swords sounds kinda of stupid.
    How exactly can you have more than one type of fire/water/air swords? Is there different ranking for fire? Is there a way to even craft water? And please tell me, how exactly is there a way to be able to make air a solid to make swords out of? And once again, is there different rankings of air? Earth has different ranks. Wood, Iron, Gold, and Diamond.

    :|: Omfg! I captured Air! Wait, how exactly did i do this?
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    posted a message on Notch: I play Minecraft. I don't play video games.
    I would say that Notch will do the right thing for us. I would say keep all the game types. I think that adventure mode should be called something different to be honest. It's not much of an adventure if all you do is wander around in a cave. Also, I do think that multiplayer "adventure" mode would be great. I can already imagine me and a few other people duking it out with some enemies in the dungeon, and having to see my partners dying one by one, and having all of us panic. :biggrin.gif: :Skeleton: :Spider: :Notch: :Notch: :Zombie: :Zombie:

    Anyway, Notch DID say he would have three modes, so I do trust him to satisfy all of our needs. I DO think however, minecraft should go WITHOUT a storyline. If there is a storyline, it's not minecraft anymore, it's one of those survival RPGs where all you start with it nothing. If people want that, then we should create our own goals and storyline. Some servers do that already, so leave it to them for those who want that kind of play mode.

    Minecraft should and will keep it's classic play-style and still have it's nice creative mode for those who feel like building a giant building without slaving over hours of finding materials. For those who feel like slaving over hours of finding materials, then peaceful mode should also be included.

    Point is, things should be left the way they are planned to be, except the storyline part, I dont like that.
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    posted a message on Hadowkai's Skin library
    Is it possible to get a Link skin from Legend of Zelda? I want to use that.
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    posted a message on Apples.
    However this may be a good idea, once somebody gets their hands on one apple, it will run wheat obsolete.
    Wheat only has one use: to be made into bread.
    Also, it takes time to grow one wheat, and takes 3 wheat to make one bread.
    Aaaaand apples can be turned into golden apples too.
    Unless the apple growth is relatively slow, 1-2 trees can run a hard-working farm out of business.

    With apples healing 2 hearts and easy to grow, and doesn't require 3 of the item, its obvious what type of food you are gonna grow.

    Why are pork and wheat both in the game?
    Wheat: moderate-slow growth, requires 3 to make bread, and heals 2.5 hearts. viable source of healing, and doesn't require fuel
    Pork: Comes in groups via pigs every morning. Requires fuel to cook and be effective. Uncooked heals 1.5 hearts and cooked heals 4 hearts. Pork doesn't stack, so you must be at the furnace at all times.

    Both pork and wheat has it's pros and cons. Pork needs cooking time, needs fuel to make effectively, and doesn't stack. Wheat can be stacked into 64's and along with a workbench, can be make easily on the go.

    Apples becoming stackable and easy to grow, will definitely be chosen over wheat and maybe even pork.
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    posted a message on money server no whitelist jsut need help
    The ip is not working
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    posted a message on BmthRP - Safe - Economy - Trade Center - 100% Public
    I want to play!

    user: verynoname
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    posted a message on Survival and Thrive - Solidarity
    I want to join! My minecraft user is verynoname
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    posted a message on Survive & Thrive
    I want to join too!
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