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    posted a message on [Free][1.14+] VerumHD - Photorealistic Ray Tracing [2048x] [WIP]
    This resource pack requires Optifine and works best with shaders!

    Minecraft With Ray Tracing Has Never Looked Better

    Verum brings you the forefront of sensory adventure – a photorealistic experience like no other.Placing AAA Gaming Standards in Your HandsThe beauty and intricacy of every single block is a rendition of artistic perfection, turning any build project into an authentic masterpiece.

    The Perfect Marriage Between Photorealism And Minecraft

    Verum works with the magic of Ray-Tracing to bring you whatever Minecraft world you desire – no matter what it may be, you’ll always be thrilled to delve into your next Minecraft adventure.

    Quality at no cost

    We believe that everyone should be able to experience true AAA quality. That is why all of our projects will always be available at no cost! Jump into your next Minecraft adventure with Verum.

    Check us out at our website to download and join our discord server for updates. Let us know what you think below!

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