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    Hiya, Thank you for redirecting me to the correct forum thread :)

    Nian Zhu

    So been playing around a bit more with the Nian Zhus' and I got some more suggestions if that's alright, for the first part yeah they're a bit too useful and some kind of cost seems like the better way to go, I do like the idea of having them equipable and maybe enchantable, for use with mending maybe?

    Cost of durability per mob killed, can be repaired with their item for a 5%-10% durability regain or losing out on exp through the use of a mending enchant, might be a nice option, or maybe upgrade them with a midas stone for a New item that has the glowstone consumption for keeping it's durability up?

    One thing though having them all of the Nian Zhus' in the inventory isn't much of a trade-off because of all the mods out there with bag/backpack options more of a annoyance, and feels more of a clutter than "sacrifice".

    Hero's Medallion

    Love everything about this item!

    A few things though that I thought up that might be a nice improvement, (some backstory: I'm playing around with the unstable pack right now and one thing I run into is the lack of using all the fun new enchants and options with enchanting, cause of the max enchant cap of an anvil so..)

    Here's my idea, give Hero's Medallion an option to change an anvil using the pedestal or maybe new recipe; Anvil + Hero's Medallion = Hero's Anvil? , that allows you to enchant/repair using a Hero's Medallion from your inventory or a Hero's Medallion placed on a pedestal near it; without the max cap.


    Random thoughts, one thing I was running into sometimes, was rarely getting that last piece of mob drop from a bat or maybe a slime pearl, even with a looting lvl 3 on my sword, so I was thinking maybe tie in a greater benefit with looting enchant when it's on items/weapons from reliquary to further push the lucrative options of using reliquary's arsenal of other mods.

    Have not gotten into the potions part of the mod yet, but they look really interesting, just gotta say I'm one of those "numbers guy" so I'd really love it if there's some more in-depth info on how it all breaks down, I'd love to just theorycraft myself the best potions, and then kick my friend's ass with my fist cause I just made the "Going to War" potion of Doom, (Needs to be name-able with a nametag, and maybe an option to shortcut to recreating that potion if it's named? ;) )

    Anyways sorry for the long read of randomness, and keep up the good work!

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    Hiya, sorry if this isn't the place to post this. (A direction to where I should post it would be nice)

    Just an idea I had about potentially where you could take the Nian zhu items:

    1. An option for making a bead necklace(/belt?, or why not both?) version for use with the baubles mod.

    2. A way to put the different Nian Zhu items into one item/necklace together. (Mainly looking at an end-game QoL upgrade, maybe combine one with a nether star turns it to a item/necklace that when shift-right clicked opens a GUI that has enough slots for all the different Nian Zhus)

    Thank you for providing the outstanding mod, and all the great work you put into it!

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