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    posted a message on Journey to the Core Modpack

    Awesome pack! Truly great, thanks Darkosto for teh make! Me and 2 of my friends have been playing on it for a few days now, and we're even now thinking maybe of stepping it up and running a hardcore mode one with twitch.

    Don't listen to the others bout the difficulties or the balancing. We think its great! I don't think most people realize its supposed to be a little challenging. They can always go back to vanilla if they can't handle it, or build their own pack if all they are going to do is mope bout this one.

    anyways, enough about my rant.

    Was wondering if I'm missing something when I try to host the mod pack as a server. I am currently just running it through single player(opened to lan)

    with a port forward, cause the batch file it gives me right off the "bat" haha... doesn't seem to work. It just spues out something bout it being the wrong engine. so I've tried creating my own server launch .bat, and tried running it with the forge.jar, and still get the same problem.

    Its the server just as its downloaded from the AT launcher, so I'm not sure if something is missing or not.

    I did notice that the server properties file, and the EULA doc don't get created when I run the pack, so I tried even adding those and there was no difference.

    So I guess my question finally is, is there a way that either a file could be missing when the pack is downloaded from AT, or I'm missing an initial setup I have to do somewhere? or maybe that the start batch is just wrong, and I have to make a custom one, in which case, would you be able to maybe give me an example of a string to use in my batch file?

    I host multiple servers already with other packs, which makes me think its a problem with the pack only when trying to download it as a server.

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    posted a message on Punchcraft PvP server Hosted by Ybron. Come ghet sum!

    I tried it out, wonderful map!!!! love it!!!

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    posted a message on Join in Raw player vs player in this PvP map made and provided by Punchcraft.us. One of the USA's most popular PvP Servers!

    Hi! My names Ybron, and I've been hosting various Minecraft servers for about 3 years now.

    I decided for fun to host a map that is widely used and loved by thousands provided courtesy of Punchcraft.us

    There server is undoubtedly better in every way. But if you are looking for a smaller server not so packed join us today!

    Website soon to come, with options to engage in the forums for extra loot on the battle field!

    The server address is:

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    posted a message on Purevanilla.chickenkiller.com The most vanilla experience you could ever have!
    I've been on this server since April and I could not have believed it would tun into what it is today. I love the host, and the Admins,and the Community we have developed all this time!

    We even stay in touch on our Facebook page and post photos of our creations! I love these guys!

    Vanilla truly is the best experience!!
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    A server that has been up since April of 2014 but has had a small community so far.

    about 30 players have joined and left over the summer, and now getting into winter we are hoping to see more of you online!!!!

    we have a Facebook group page with 10 active members and looking to get a Vent or Mumble channel soon!!

    Click Here for our website!

    And our Server Address is: Purevanilla.chickenkiller.com
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    posted a message on PURE VANILLA! no mods, no whitelist, just join and check it out ;p

    We are a mod free, Whitelist free, Hack free, Mod free, PvP Free, Stealing Free, Free Free ;p

    Greifers are not allowed of course, and will be banned and server reverted to an earlier state for just areas greifed.

    24/7 Online time, we have about 10 regulars on the server now, about 1-4 online at all times. since this post.
    Server Located in Seattle Washinton USA.
    We are a Mature server, but all ages are allowed. but swearing is allowed in the chat, so you've been warned.
    But I wont allow people to Harass other players, so be respectful please.
    anything else you want to know can be found on our website, or asked on our forum attached to the website.

    Check us out now and join without having to apply or fill anything out.

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    posted a message on Pure Vanilla.. The way it's supposed to be :) 24/7 place to chill and make friends.

    Come check our website for all the details


    We are vanilla, survival, and just starting up. Very new server. started on 4/7/14 but only about 4 players online at the moment.

    We are a mature server. There is no age requirement, but just so you know most players are 18+ :D

    Also we are not white-listed and we are free to play, no application BS ;p
    just a fun chill place to hang out and have community

    There is no greifing, hacking,or stealing, violators will be

    banned without warnings.

    please rate us if you have time!!

    thanks for reading if you got this far..

    ok I'm done for reals now...


    jk again!
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    posted a message on Lookign for survival server
    Hey check out our server, you must apply to the forum to prove you aren't a greifer. but its free to play and so much to build and do.
    and its running at 8gb of deticated ram and no maximum of slots of players cause the server will not lag.
    check out :

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