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    Flower, just gotta say - I just constructed my first compass in perhaps a year of near-daily MC play, after being killed by Hardcore Endermen in a location unknown due to Hardcore F3.

    I flipping love this mod.
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    Getting Started in MediateCraft. (New Version)

    The beginning

    In the beginning, you can no longer punch wood! You have to make a hatchet, from 1 stick and three *, where * is flint, balsa wood, pebbles, or (later) planks. Get balsa wood from destroying the small trees in most biomes. Get sticks from two sapling ontop of each other, or from dead bushes in desert.

    Below trees is roots. It gives dirt and roots. Replace the dirt, replace the tree. (HINT: shears)

    You can next make a trowel (like a shovel). Recipe is one stick above one *, where * is flint, balsa or plank. Like a shovel, but gives cotton, flint, or pebbles often!

    You can make a chisel. Chisels will have various purposes much later in the mod, but the important ones now are wood chisel (2 sticks), which gives cactus sticks, and diamond chisel (stick below diamond), which crafts diamond into cut diamond, needed for recipes like the BTW Lens. Other chisels are stone and plastic. To use a chisel, put it in crafting inventory with cactus or diamond.

    You can make the basic tools out of cactus in the 2x2 grid! Experiment.

    You can make a dagger with stick diagonal to *. * = steel, throwable. *= iron, silver = regular. Dagger + fermented spider eye -&--#62; poisonous.

    Other vanilla changes: door, iron door, trapdoor recipe requires 2 glass panes. Added dirt mound (door without window) to compensate.
    Break glass to drop glass shards.
    Lapis ore -&--#62; lazurite; lazurite -&--#62; blue dye.
    3 wheat + water -&--#62; 2 dough -&--#62; bread
    button + stick + string + gear -&--#62; fishing rod
    minecart recip w/ 2 rubber wheels -&--#62; minecart
    Bow drill to create fire.

    Ore rarity and location guide:

    In general, follow these rules.

    If it's a gem, it spawns from level 15-40, 6-7 groups per chunk of 2-3 ores.
    If it's a mineral, it spawns from level 35-70, 10-12 grousp per chunk of 4-6 ores.
    If it's silver, bauxite (aluminum) or galena (lead), it spawns above level 35, 15 groups per chunk of 5 ores.
    If it's platinum or Onyx it spawns from level 0-25 very rarely.

    Certain ores only spawn in desert: Gypsum, Nitratite, Cerargyrite (looks like cactus)
    Certain ores only spawn in frozen biomes: Antarcticite
    Certain ores only spawn in salt: Sylvite, Natron
    Certain ores only spawn on beaches: Heavy Mineral Sands Ore Deposite
    Certain ores only spawn in volcanics: Portlandite, Cinnabar, and Fluorite underground; Black sand, fumarole, ash aboveground.

    Kaolinite clay only spawn in Jungle or rainforest

    Getting started in the tech tree:

    Ingots available include silver, platinum, titanium (smelt rutile), lead (smelt galena or a chunk), and aluminum (smelt bauxite).

    To really begin you need to get to the point of having a crucible in BTW. You can then

    Odds and ends:

    *Kspar, Anorthite, and Albite can be combined into Serpentine or smelted into bricks.
    *Kaolin can be eaten or smelted into bricks
    *pyrite can replace flint in flint and steel
    *cactus sticks can make torches or ladders
    *sulfur chunks can replace coal in any torch recipe
    *aluminum can make shears
    *silver can make a needle for later recipes
    *lead can make rails at easier cost
    *glass shards become silicon

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    posted a message on [1.7.3] MediateCraft V1.9.7 - Proper files all uploaded! Running fine on new jars.
    MediateCraft: Chemistry, ores, unique realistic items, weapons, mechanics!

    LAST UPDATE: March 19th
    WAITING ON: Not really anything, but BTB updating would be nice. So would 4096 block IDs in vanilla.

    The previous frontpage is included in the 2nd spoiler; however, bear in mind much of that information is outdated or inaccurate. The biggest change to note is I am sticking strong to my original BTW commitment. That means no forge. Doesn't mean no compatibility.

    Coding journal:

    January 1st - Divided all chemistry-ing into 6 essential machines: The Pyrolysis Lab, Electrolysis Setup, Hydrolysis Filter, Gas Processor, Air Station, and finally the automated Chemical Indexer.
    January 2nd - Coding officially restarts
    January 3rd - Reduced final block ID usage count to 34, for over 200 blocks. (OUTDATED as of Anvil)
    January 4th - Good coding work done on first 16 (so, 1ID) readded blocks. Trying to do a certain thing without changing the block class or using anyone else's block class, but I might end up using BtB's.
    January - Most of the gem ores readded completely.
    January - MASSIVE amounts of pseudocode written about my proposed water and solubility system.
    February - Massive amounts of pseudocode written about system for handling chemicals - results in all items being temporarily removed from mod. Ores temporarily drop themselves.
    February - New core systems and recipes build around BTW. Support with other non-forge mods will be maintained. (Example - the pyrolysis gui requires a crucible in the recipe.)
    February - Experimental salt flat biome work; failed and removed.
    February - Massive amounts of pseudocode written about gas system.
    March - Chemical code successfully implemented!
    March - 4 trees added. Basic non-chemical items and weapons being added. Brine Well being readded as was. Quartz temporarily removed. Sandy and salty ores temporarily removed to become gravity-sensitive.
    March 6th - Pyrolysis gui redesigned to reflect massive changes in recipes system. Will take work to readd; might not be in first release. Approaching first release (not dependent on BTW).
    March 7th - Trying to create a structure to generate as "salt flats biome" without creating an actual biome. Going...decently.
    March 18th - closer and closer, adding more old things in with new twangs. Salt experiments failed.
    March 19th - Three new biomes successfully added. More generation (clays, etc.) Some starting optns.

    Thanks to Scokeev9, I use no itemSprites or terrain sprites!
    BlockID usage will fall to under twenty once I get Forge compatibility.

    Continued public releases! Read on for features.
    In coming releases:
    the Lead Bucket, fillable with vaious liquids!
    Acid placeable from bucket
    Litmus paper, tells what acid is what!
    minecraft forge compatability
    Two new biomes
    less blockID usage!
    weapons, armor, always more recipes.

    Changelist from 1.8.3 to 1.9.7:
    Added around ten new items - mostly chemicals
    Added in around 30 recipes, including all of the first 17 reactions in the Chemistry Lab!
    Added functional block, Brine Well! Read "Getting Started" post for details
    Jade now generates in "lakes", not as an ore
    Black Sand, Fumarole, and Aluminum blocks are gravity-sensitive
    Added first Silver Edition, to Peaceful pack.
    Gas wells are no longer a pure black block. Barely.
    Landfills, a fuel and chemical source, can temporarily be crafted from 9 dirt.
    Bug Fixes and miscellany:
    Chemistry Lab uses correct front texture
    Chemistry Lab will not dissapear on reloading
    Silver, Quartz, Bauxite generation lowered
    Galena (lead) generation increased
    Many bugfixes to the Brine well that you all don't need to hear!

    Known Issues: Almost none!

    *Chemistry Lab is see through from top-down.
    *Too few recipes.
    *Too many block ID's

    Welcome onboard to co-modder BrickedKeyboard! He will be helping initially with Forge compatibility and Multiplayer support. Now where's my itemspriter???


    Underground Quartz generation

    Chemistry Lab by workbench

    Chemistry gui - landfill used as fuel

    Brine well doing its...one job. Nicely.

    Mission Statements:
    This mod evolved from a simple mod to add functional silver items through many months of listening and planning. The most revolutionary part of my idea is that I plan to have MANY sub-mods that require you to already have both mediate and something else.

    The purpose in Mediate-Craft is to bridge the tech gaps between the big tech mods BuildCraft, PlasticCraft, IndustrialCraft, and Better than Wolves. (I want nothing to do with PlasmaCraft or EngieCraft, and of course no ideas are taken from either of those.) The main download will not require these mods, but the full extent of play will, and we will handle any compatibility issues. This is mediate not only in that it bridges that gap, but also in that it takes a medium amount of time to get to its tech level - certainly longer than vanilla minecraft, as makes sense, but less than the massive stockpiles of resources required for IndustrialCraft/BuildCraft, as also makes sense. If vanilla is Tech Level 0, BTW is TL 1, Plastic is TL 2, and IC/BC is TL 3, then Mediate-craft is TL 1.5 and 2.5.

    Why you should download now:The main reason to download now is to get a feel for the mod. I eventually plan to be a working name right alongside each of the tech mods, and by downloading now you can get more used to the systems in game.

    What is in the mod now:All ores that are not biome-specific - that's over twenty; two new machines, fully functional; over 40 new items - gems, chemical, etc; 17 chemical reactions;

    What I NEED: Itemspriters - I am currently using a few sprites from CosmicSpore's former CosmicCraft mod, because for a long while I thought I'd be updating that mod. I would like a new template for Gem Storage blocks, and a single new template for gems, which is unique to mediate craft.
    I also challenge people to make a cooler zinc block using nearly the same color scheme, but that's probably never going to happen. Warning:

    If CosmicCraft updates before I get a new template for Gems and gemblocks, I probably have to stop using those - that means a little recoding and a lot of itemspriting delay, so no mediatecraft updates!....just get me the new templates...
    MODDERS: I really, really could use a program that turns source files into class files (not the other way around, necessarily.)

    My dream mod: separates water into five types: saltwater, impure seawater, freshwater, impure freshwater, mud. Moving on..

    Copyright notice:
    This mod (plugin, a patch to Minecraft source, henceforth "Mod" or "The Mod"), by the terms of http://www.minecraft.net/copyright.jsp is sole property of the Mod author (, henceforth "Owner" or "The Owner"). By default it may only be distributed on minecraftforums.net, mcmodcenter.net. It may only be mirrored or reposted with advance written permission of the Owner. Electronic Mail is fine if you wait for a response. URL shorteners or other attempts to make money off The Owner's Mod are strictly forbidden without advance written permission.
    Post Script A: A couple sprites in this mod, which will be an ever-dwindling percent, will be derived from the former CosmicCraft mod owned by CosmicSpore. CosmicSpore retains the right to reclaim these on any notice. I plan to phase these out soon enough. No code has been taken from CosmicCraft or any other mod besides ItemSpriteApi. Credit for Spriters: Alblaka (tin can became base for aluminum can), Namro (feldspar, soap bar), Xie (Salt)
    Post Script B: Certain ideas in this mod - I think immediately of the trash can and sulfur - are reminiscent of ideas in other mods. Not only are they my own ideas and my own code, but many were in conception since early April 2011, before any mod I've been challenged with so far. Also, real world items are bound to be added by multiple people. However, the similarity between my Gadget item and the Amp mod has been dealt with independently.
    Post Script C: I've followed both BTW and IC since the beginning - the semi-lame, REAL beginnings -so don't talk to me about misunderstanding their purpose or anything else like that.

    Planned feature breakdown:
    Multiple new "ores":
    Gems, Volcanic rock types, salt ores, metals

    Multiple new functional metals:
    Silver weapons, Platinum weapons and armor (stronger than diamond), Toxic weapons poison, softmetal weapons dissolve in water, electrum weapons...call down lighning, zinc weapons look beastly

    New liquids:
    Acids, Mercury, others

    11+ Unique weapons:
    'Knuckles,' stake, tuning fork/gadget, multiple new explosives, chemical gun, cremation jar

    5 environment updates:
    Acid rain, landfills, Fog machine, volcanoe biome, salt flat biome,

    8+ Helpful mechanics:
    pneumatics, rain gutter, fire alarm, turboexpander, billets, trash cans, mirrors, magnets (in conception), etc

    5+ potential new mobs:
    Gassed soldier, Unit 731, Nurse, Doctor, oyster

    30+ Achievements and New sounds(completely unimplemented...)

    The chemical index system:
    My mod has a lot of chemistry hidden in the crafting recipes, and early on I recognized the need for a simple system.
    If you take a look at the Item.png file, I will walk you through how I have chemicals organized.

    Salts of a chemical use a specific image with a dash of color
    Arsenic salts - pink
    silver salts - silver sheen
    sulfur salts - dark green
    copper salts - orange
    iron salts - rust
    lead salts - dark grey
    zinc salts - dark blue
    aluminum salts - light grey
    calcium salts - light blue
    uranium salts - bright green
    ammonia salts - light purple
    organic/carbon salts - black
    silicon salts - tan
    antimony salts - dark purple
    tin salts - medium grey
    sodium salts - light green
    potassium salts - yellow
    radical salts - white
    phosphorus salts - red

    Chunks - some elements use a coal-like sprite
    Waste - seas blue
    calcium - light blue
    arsenic, lead, antimony - grey
    sodium - light green
    potassium - yellow
    amber - orange/brown
    phosphorus - white

    Liquids - liquids are organized using a similar color system
    clear/white - acids
    fire colored - molten liquids (oil of amber, lead)
    black - organic liquids
    blue - brine, other
    sparkling blue - chemical bomb (acts like a grenade)
    camo green - waste liquid
    grey - mercury compounds

    Gasses - gasses are organized using a similar color system
    Black - organic gasses
    green - sulfur gasses
    pink - chlorine or fluorine gasses
    yellow - carbon monoxide or carbon dioxide
    grey - particulate gasses (solids in fine mist)
    orange - mustard gas
    red - phosphorus gasses
    blue - steam, hydrogen, oxygen, helium
    purple - nitrogen gasses

    Warning: The mod below looks very jumbled, I understand. However, I HAVE physically drawn out the tech tree and made sure it all works neatly. I plan to upload that file at some point, soon. :opblock:

    Installation instructions: I will assume you already know how to install mods. I take no responsibility for broken saves.

    Minecraft Terror Test: use this file to start up minecraft and generate an error report. I did not write it. MTT
    If the author tracks me down, I will readily change the link to his page.
    *The same case applies for the PReader file below. Something's up with the Preader that you download from the official page now.

    Order of mods that works for me: Last updated August 20th.
    Modloader (here)
    AudioMod (here)
    GuiApi (here)
    ScotTools non-forge version: (here)
    Optional: Recipe Book: (here
    Optional: Crafting Book (useful to you)(here
    Preader: get here
    ItemSprite API: here
    Mediate 1.9.7download FIXED here
    Optional: Peaceful Pack (HogOfWar)Peaceful Pack
    Optional: PP Silver Edition! By UtakataJ6here
    Optional: Makeshift Tools (IronWaffle) download here
    Optional: MT SE! By UtakataJ6 - pick up acids! Unfinished.
    ID Resolver (use the basic download)
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    Why the FRICK did they add the 4096 support without implementing it???

    Might I suggest a mod? something where you put in a save file, select certain block IDs, and have all instances of that become a new block ID. For instance, I am using BTW on MC 1.1, and when I update to Anvil in 1.3 (not a typo) I'm going to want to keep my creations, you know? Figure others would have a use for this.
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    Going off rumors from all areas of minecraft news, I would guess that the next few updates are centered on Volcano biome, the ocean, and the nether, in who-knows-what order. Flying biomes don't seem to be much on the itinerary.

    *back to thinkin about abstract uses for buddy blocks*
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    posted a message on [1.2.3] Legacy Better Then BuildCraft Thread (defunct)
    Oh, and anther point. The ability to store cement in tanks as a liquid and move it places would be pretty interesting as well - same reasons as your current redstone-stops-cement business.

    ...*grumbling about a destroyed project setup* and the ability to recollect cement before it spreads past one block would be oh so nice too...

    Those haunted souls torment me with shrieks as they spread their filth across the site
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    posted a message on [1.7.3] MediateCraft V1.9.7 - Proper files all uploaded! Running fine on new jars.
    It is a long wait.

    I came back to the modding scene at the onset of my Christmas Break ready to tear into things, and what do I see? BTW quit Forge.

    What the hell?

    There's been a lot that's gone through my head, but these are my current plans.
    *Mediate will continue.
    *Consider there to be an indefinite amount of time before I re-release the mod.
    *I will no longer being handling technology bridges, just chemistry-based things at first.

    *I will be programming the mod from the ground up. That means I'll completely start over.
    *The biggest change is that I'm going to have to seriously mess with some things, so I'll need to really learn how to use MCForge. There will be no further releases that don't work with the forge.
    *I am going to redo water itself - there will be multiple types of water - pure water (drinkable), impure water (acts as a storage chest for dissolved chemicals), salt water (only stores literal Table salt), and foul water (saturated with bad things, no longer a storage chest) - these will be changeable based on what's in the water, but of course it'll take the player work to access the inventory of the water. It's not literally a chest, after all.
    *Also, there will be extensive changes to the items of the mod. By which I mean the chemical, because the weapons and such will be on hold for quite a while. Each chemical will have properties - food value, corrosive, acid/base, soluble, etc etc etc.
    *Finally, the recipes themselves will become more of reactions; this will take a LOT of completely custom code. I want each recipe, besides components, to be stated as 1. Exothermic, Very Exothermic, Endothermic, or Slightly Endothermic (this allows a chemical energy system for future use with Tech Mods); 2. Light releasing or not; 3. Sound-making or not; 4. damaging to the machine or not; 5. Direction - is it pyrolysis, electrolysis, or neither (this allows working with automated chemistry processes, a la buildcraft's methods of churning out, say, minecarts from iron ore)

    Is this going to be work? Yes. Is the mod going to be more quality for it? Yes. Will you have to wait? Probably quite a long time.

    EDIT: A couple more notices.
    1. I plan to include at least some things using the brewing stand...just not sure what yet, since I quite like my current layout of machines.
    2. After a brief reminder that he knows what-the-hell he's doing, I'm back with Flowerchild and BTW. That means no forge. Yes, I said that.
    3. I figured out how to do biomes! Finally! So this time the salt flats and volcanoes should actually appear!
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    For 1.9 pre-5+

    First of all, don't post a single comment until you read the next paragraph.

    You've all heard of Skyblock. I love skyblock. Loved.
    Not all of you have heard of the Nuzlocke challenge. The nuzlocke challenge is, quite simply, a way of playing singleplayer, storymode Pokemon (normally ridiculously easy) that makes the games very, very fun and hard.
    Likewise, when I first say Skyblock, I thought of Nuzlocke. And after completing skyblock, I felt it could use some improvements. Skyblock successfully made minecraft tougher, but I didn't think the game was as fun in the long-term as regular minecraft.

    Well, now I present to you Skylocke - the most fun you can have without mods in a premade map. Yes, I took the original Skyblock 2.1 into MCEdit and messed around for a few hours (now quite many hours indeed). Much credit to
    [url="http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/600254-surv-skyblock/"]Skyblock original[/url]

    (Thanks Wileynator!)







    Embed Removed Standing on what was the original Skyblock island, you see three more islands fairly close by.
    Embed Removed The chest inventory - also includes a button.

    SKYLOCKE v2 .7zip
    Skylocke v2 .zip
    It's a map like any other. Unzip and put the folder in SAVES
    If you can't unzip, and you're on a windows computer, search the internet for the 7zip program. It's free, simple, and everyone should have it.

    NOTE: The primary fun and difficulty of this map comes from the challenges! And then from it's longterm playability.

    Rules: No mods unless they're listed in exceptions! Otherwise, no hacks, cheating, flying, etc;
    No building bridges, stairs, or elevators out of dirt.
    After the first bridge, no 1-wide cobble bridges.

    Exceptions, once these mods are released for 1.9: Anything by Kodaichi, Buildcraft, Better than wolves, more creatures, scaffolding.

    Challenges: (have fun...hehehehe) - the challenges are hints for what to do as well, and mostly sequential

    0. Rate +1!
    1. Build a crafting chest
    2. Build a cobble generator
    28. Build a redstone clock to power a cobble generator.
    3. Build a furnace
    4. Collect three types of saplings
    5. Collect hedges to make a hedge maze
    6. Build a watchtower on the first island
    7. Expand the island
    8. Build a 4-wide bridge between each of the four small islands
    9. Use a water elevator to collect ALL 27 sand on the second (sand) island
    10. Make the sand island look like a normal, disk-shaped floating island (dirt in chest)
    11. Build a glass hut on the sand island for shelter (min 18 glass; if you use more, you hurt your cactus farm's size)
    12. Farm melons, pumpkins, reed, wheat, and cactus
    14. Cook 10 fish
    15. Collect 13 Ender pearls
    16. Craft orange wool
    17. Collect 64 arrows
    18. Build the flag of the country you conquer under, in wool.
    19. Build a bed.
    20. Reach the clay island
    21. Naturalize the clay island (see #10) WITHOUT COLLECTING ALL THE CLAY!
    22. Build a small cave in the clay island
    23. Kill a creeper with a snowball
    24. Mine some redstone on island 4
    26. Build a "mine entrance" on island 4
    13. Reach the sandstone island.
    43. Build a pyramid-shell of sandstone on that island, with cool secret rooms.
    27. Reach Castle-in-the-Sky.
    40. Conquer Castle-in-the-Sky with light.
    29. Reach animal paradise primarily using ladders.
    30. Create an infinite water spring, such that squid can generate on Animal Paradise, without destroying the wolf spawner
    31. Remove the spawners but allow all animal types (ie, there must be two of each for breeding. You may expand animal paradise horizontally.)
    32. Build a mansion or castle with the sponge layer as the roof.
    33. Build an elevator or staircase from the mansion's inside up to animal paradise. Obviously you may remove a few sponge for this.
    34. Build a pool in the mansion.
    35. Guard your mansion with 10 snow golems.
    36. Build a nether portal and enter the nether
    37. Tame a wolf in the nether.
    38. Use Silk Touch to collect 1 of each type of spawner on the map.
    39. Light up the boss room!
    41. Remove all but 1 set of silverfish blocks in the nether.
    42. Build an automated minecart system between the mansion and one (of the four) bridge section.
    44. Build a portal to the end and activite it!
    45. Find the signs in the nether that tell the village's location.
    46. Build walkways between the upper levels of the village's houses. (And call it Coruscant.)
    47. Free the endenmen trapped in the furnace room (Hopefully during the day.)
    48. Burn down the forest near the village with flint and steel. (Until the forest exists, let this achievement be "steal the village's iron stash!"
    49. Build a jail in the village.
    50. Build a redstone game somewhere on the map.

    Optional: Using primarily gravel, turn the castle in the sky into a canal-style mob farm
    Optional: Hide a crude symbol (like a swastika, or the words COD) somewhere on the map in wool!
    Optional: Unify all 4 islands and animal paradise/mansion into one impressive castle!
    Optional: Build that castle's outer walls primarily out of smoothstone and glass/panes!
    That makes 50 points to earn, plus 4 superstar achievements. Have fun - post screens and scores!
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    Quote from Protorae

    Picturess! :iapprove:

    As soon as someone tells me why I can't upload them, theyll be direct links. Now, two of them are indirect links.
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    posted a message on SKYLOCKE V2
    I'll reupload in rar...just a sec

    EDIT: reuploaded as .zip
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