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    That would be galaxycraft. Huge 100 slot server.
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    So Im on my server when a guy named fastface23 comes on the server. At first he seemed nice. He asked
    "Want me to post a server review on Planet Minecraft?" I said sure. 5 minutes later he says "Im done." I look at his blog and I rank him up to Member. Then it starts. He begins to rage. "WHY AM I JUST MEMBER? I JUST SPENT AN HOUR (Really 5 minutes) MAKING A BLOG! I WANT OP." Then I just ignored him. He was so annoying. I know every server staff hates this. Finally he says, "Im gonna make a blog to say how bad this server is." (The Server has 56 Diamonds) He left the game, and I found his blog http://www.planetmin...ot-as-expected/. His original blog, the server review states the rules. He broke all of them. 1. No hacking. I have proof he did: 2. Respect Staff: He obviously disrespected staff. He griefed like 4 blocks of spawn that was unprotected (FAIL)

    1. There is absolutely no hacking, in any case. (There is no reason to, just please play fair.)
    2. Respect the staff, they are the staff that make sure your having a good time, please don't do the opposite to them.
    3. Remember, there is griefing, but there is no griefing at spawn. (No exceptions.)
    See this,
    Scratch that, GalazyCraft turned out to be not as expected.

    He expects to become op. How stupid.

    If you agree that these kind of people are super annoying then like
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