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    This is the code to enable model "modelname.json" (located in same folder as .properties file) if lapis has name "spell". In your model, you can change both size and texture to whatever you want. obviously, you can also change the name of it, i just wrote "modelname" as example.

    It is basically the same as changiong it's texture, but instead of specifying which texture to use, you specify which model to use. (as you were able to change it's texture, I hope you know where to put this code)

    Also, to understand what "./" means in there, it is only to specify where is the model located, as it is possible to make the path for that model from different folder.

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    posted a message on I need some help with armor layers

    It is sadly not possible to edit model or add another layer of player armor. It is possible to do it only on some items/blocks that can be on head like carved pumpkin, but not to whole armor or even helmet itself. That layer 1 and layer 2 is for minecraft to understand the difference between pants and chestplate/boots, as it is in the same spot otherwise. so layer 1 is for helmet, chestplate and boots, layer 2 is for pants.

    Optifine has nothing to modify armor, idk why, it would be used a lot I think, but it is just not possible.

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    posted a message on Texture change dependant on Y value in world?

    It is possible with optifine, in assets -> minecraft -> optifine -> mob->(and now copy folders from assets -> minecraft -> textures -> entity, so for example, for creeper, you need aditional folder "creeper", for phantom, put is straight to "mob" folder.) When you are in right folder, you can start putting textures there, with number starting 2 going up after that. (so like creeper2.png creeper3.png etc, based of how many variants you want) And lastly, put <mob>.properties file, so for example creeper.properties. Inside that .properties file, you need to specify some information. Guide on that is here. Here are some screenshots of examples. (I chosen imgur as I don't have to actually save that screenshot on my PC to post it.)

    That your request on Y value, there should be heights.<n>=<height ranges>, so for example "heights.1=0-60" instead of my "health.1=50-75%"

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    posted a message on Is there a way to make an infinite wall?

    Well, I remeber once with world edit plugin setting grass blocks in area about 10 000x20x10 000 blocks by mistake... And it crashed that server after like 5 minutes of world edit trying to place those blocks. Lucky me, after loading it again after crash, it was not there, so no backup needed :D

    So yeah, world edit.

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    posted a message on Instead of an error texture

    Hi, just today I was working on somethinr really similiar -> custom item models. First picture is what I have inside my cit folder. It includes one .properties file and one .json file for model. (I got 2 things there, you need just 1 of each) my .properties file is included in 2nd picture. I have it only if I have specific namer of that item, if you dont want it and you want to include your model to any name, just remove that last line. In that .json model file, you must specify, what texture you want, like how I have it in 3rd picture (I am using blockbench, great app for that.) That texture is located in assets -> minectaft -> textures -> item, as shown in last picture. (don't mind me having that "wooden_sword" texture almost blank, it is still in there) That should be all you need for everything working properly. I figured it out just today, so I am giving fresh info that I just learned :D

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    posted a message on Teleport using commandblock messed up.
    /execute in minecraft:the_nether run teleport @p[nbt={Dimension:"minecraft:overworld"},sort=nearest] ~ ~ ~

    <--- I just added another sorting to what player to choose (nearest from the place), as I can't try it by myself, can't confirm if it fixes it. (and put correct numbers back insteaed of ~)

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    posted a message on I need to punish an Xrayer.

    sometimes not banning is the best for players to stay on the server and also prevent them do something against rules. Even something like just speak to them can prevent it. Player will have opinion of "I want to help you, not to just do my own stuff" etc

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    posted a message on How do people enjoy 1.8 PvP?

    In almost every answer I saw defending just 1 style, I wanted to make for both... (1.9 is kinda hard to explain, even tho I kinda want to write more about it, idk how :D)

    people who hate 1.9 -> It's PvE update, it gets worse bcs its slow and made for mobs

    people who hate 1.8 -> It's just spam clicking.

    Defense for that: 1.9 -> Shield is great strategy opportunity to PvP, knowing when and how to attack.

    Defense for that: 1.8 -> It's not just spam clicking, it has strategy what to do to attack better, like... ↓ and there is only 2 hits per second maximum..

    1.8 strategy: fishing rod, blockhit, w-tap

    1.9 strategy: choie of weapon, right shield usage & defense agains shield.

    1.8 fights in my eyes:

    with my CPS around 7, seting double click on my mouse definetly helped me, but if you know hot to block/hit, w-tap, you still beat someone, who just click fast, even if your CPS is low. Problem I see here, CPS takes too big part of fights, even tho I had fight with someone with 20CPS (probably by software, anticheat was kicking him really often BCS of fast clicking), his aim was absolutly horrible. -> he never trained, just was clicking fast. I had hard fights with him even after a lot of training with my low CPS, but still won (I till was not able to use all tactics at its best). But someone, who was almost perfect with all blockhit, wtap or starting good combo with fishing rod etc. was able to beat him easily. So it is not everything, but for standart player who don't train PvP a lot is beaten easily by someone who just click fast.

    One interesting part are combos, starting with fishing rod. This is interesting and part I enjoyed to see, nice part of pvP I enjoyed. But again, it is not useful for normal player who don't spend lots of time with PvP.

    1.9 in my eyes:

    Too slow with high armor. I want more damage for swords... It is great if I fiight with given kit to use, if it has limited armor.Then, I absolutly love 1.9. Almost everything I do needs to be planned a bit, knowing what to do. But this can be also problem for new players, as I had players just spam clicking me doing almost no damage to me.c If kits are given, both players knows what to do, then it's just perfect to me and I love it.

    for minigames:

    For minigames with easy death (by void, etc) like skywars, bedwars and more, I want always 1.8 PvP bcs of speed of fights.

    For minigamnes without easy death (like UHC, survival games, kitpvp..) I like 1.9.


    1.8: for people without training spamclick is too hard to beat, even if other player is horrible otherwise.

    1.9: new players may not know what to even do (Thats why someone still hate 1.9 in my eyes - I mean that simple hate, not even wanting to hear any argument against it) and it's too slow with high armor - even having to bring another set of armor to end fight (if having full dia prot IV). I also hate that snowballs don't knockback players for trolling, snowballs fights and more.


    1.9 is way harder to use cheats with.

    Alternative strats

    1.9 then have alternative strats like crystals, I never played with it, so I can't write anything about it, or crossbows being able to fire instantly, That is something I love to do when I have more of them.

    1.8 idk about anything other than potions/gapples in both of those versions.

    Did I forgot something? If, then i'll edit it in.

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    posted a message on Minecraft server admin asked for remote access to machine
    Quote from Agtrigormortis»

    They do have a right to ban players if they think something dodgy is going on, though.

    But for bans to be fair proof is needed, unfortunately Minecraft is not one of those games that keeps a video log of gameplay from start to finish of each session or every time a world is logged into and out again, I wished it were because then things like cheating or griefing could be proven without a doubt, without a livestream or having to bother with third party capturing apps, but then keeping video logs would take up too much space if it were to be added, such a feature should be optional. I would like this to happen so server admins have better control over what is going on.

    Something like that would be amazing :D

    Im not anymore there on server, but I would still be happy to hear anything else to do instead of this :D

    Quote from DeadTOm76»

    Never let some dude on the internet remote into your PC. Being a Minecraft server admin does not somehow make them trustworthy.

    Find another server to play on.

    Also, if some dude on the internet remoted into my child's PC without parental consent, I would be calling the FBI.

    At least in my country there is legaly no problem with it - as long as I don't do something in there (like installing virus, stealing anything etc.)

    Also, I had some people saying it, then I just said "I totally understand, but saddly, there is no other way of proving it, so sorry for inconvience, you can wait for ban to expire or leave this server, have a nice day"

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    posted a message on Why is nothing spawning there?

    I wanted to have this as only spawning area for wither skeletons. Button placed all over the place. Now, nothing is spawning anywere. Even when I left and came back later, only 1 blaze spawned on that netherrack without wither roses...

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