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    posted a message on [Bedrock] Active Realm with active members and a close knit community seeking new members! (Hermitcraft Inspired!)

    [Bedrock Edition]


    We’re currently looking for new members for our realm Nomadcraft. We have been active for a month and plan to continue on far into the future.

    We are a very close knit community and very trust worthy of one another. Due to this we welcome new members with open arms, but our selection process is more rigorous to maintain security and trust between members.

    We are not an anarchy sever, we take a ton of inspiration from YouTube series such as Hermitcraft and Mindcrack (Hermitcraft especially). Therefore we are 100% survival but we have player ran shops and in the future we will introduce player ran minigames within the realm. We will continue adding more and more as time progresses.

    We have a few rules we hope members who are successful in joining can obey.

    - No griefing or raiding (stealing others items)
    - No dupilication glitches or exploits of any kind
    - If anyone labels a sign as private, no entry or not public use/property, obey the sign.
    - Trespassing after being warned 2 or more times allows the players who base you have trespassed on to kill you.


    Xbox Gamertag:
    Discord User (we have a discord group which we use to communicate, so having this is a bonus):
    Why would you like to join?:
    Have you ever watched any of the series we take inspiration from?:
    Age (Not necessary, but providing this is a huge bonus):

    Youcan either submit your application on here, to my discord or my Xbox GT.

    Xbox GT - unlivedosprey15
    Discord - Drew#7585

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    posted a message on Remember MindCrack/Hermitcraft? This is it! Brand new realm! New community seeking players.

    [bedrock edition]


    ive recently just opened a realms server (no name decided as of yet) just to make a small smp realm for people that enjoy vanilla minecraft survival, but also like playing with others.

    my hopes for the realm are that the players will create a close knit community where they will assist each other and possibly the introduction of a little economy developing (such as a shopping district) (akin to what’s in hermitcraft season 6)

    now, obviously to develop a small close knit community it takes more than just letting anyone join, hence the few application questions I’m going to ask.

    username (minecraft):

    do you have discord? If so, what is your user?:

    whyd you like to join? (no massive explanation needed):

    in order for me to invite you to the realm, please provide your discord in the application or message me other ways of contacting you.

    thank you.

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