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    I was thinking the bridge wasn't really in the theme of the server, and it wasn't that good.

    I'll come back to you with that. I don't have any pictures at the moment, because I don't really take pictures of things much, but bear with me; I'll make something on singleplayer that I hope you'll like.
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    posted a message on YouTube RPG Server is looking for expert builders! Get noticed!

    How long have you been playing Minecraft?

    Answer: I have been playing Minecraft for around a year. Couldn't really give an exact time. I've been playing a lot longer than I had an account on the forums (Finding servers on youtube.)

    Pictures, or videos of one of your builds (Mandatory)?

    PM me if you would like the link for larger versions of these pictures.

    It's basically a simple bridge I made on a multi-player server. Tell me if this doesn't please you, and I'll search my hard drive for more screeny.

    I could also give you the Ip of the server which this is on, if you'd like to examine the details you can't see in the pictures.

    Here's another build I did on that same server. I made this to get accepted as a member. I'm glad I was able to find this again, also.

    This image is bottom, looking up at the ceiling.

    These two images are from the ceiling, looking down.

    Are you good with either Redstone, Interior, or Exterior design?

    Answer: I am fairly good with Redstone. I wish I could say I'm an expert, but I'm not. I can do redstone, but I'm sure there are better people, and I likely won't be accepted for any skill in redstone I have. As for exterior and interior design of buildings, I am decent at both. I could absolutely do well with both, as I fuss over details of things often.

    Do you have a skype(Mandatory)?

    Answer: I do. It's unknown5676. The name sort of get's annoying after a while, but it was back when I didn't care about the name I had.

    Do you know how to use WorldEdit a bit? And are you willing to place all you blocks by hand?

    Answer: I usually don't use WorldEdit, but I know how to use it. Most of the time, my builds (even the big ones) are done by hand.

    You know how to use VoxelSniper?

    Answer: No idea. Never used it before. If I had to, I could learn how. I'm not much of a Terra-former, even without VoxelSniper.

    What is the theme on this server?

    Answer: A fantasy themed server, last time I checked. Unless you hid some important detail I missed in the first post, with the tiny font.

    Write a brief bio about yourself ( 8 Sentences MINIMUM )

    8 sentence minimum bio? Okay, here goes...

    I'm generally a nice person, and easy to get along with. I'm multi-talented, and by that, I mean I have little passion. I don't exceed in a single area, but I have knowledge in multiple categories. First of all, I'm decent at Minecraft, and am also experienced in other games. I have done several timelapses on Minecraft before, which are on youtube, as well (Although, the people making the buildings in the timelapses don't get as much credit :tongue.gif:). I also have experience in scripting. I know basic (simple) programming for JavaScript, C++, Flash ActionScript 3.0, and HTML, and am currently learning other scripting languages also (The kind some MMO's use, and even Video games). I also play an instrument; the piano. I even have a keyboard sitting next to my bed. I've even learned how to play some songs, including Coldplay, Mindthings (He composed "Life's Things" which was used in SirCrest's Minecraft Interstate video), some music from C418 (The minecraft music), and other composers I am also a fan of. I am also a fan of Techo/Rock music, and I am especially a fan of both Matt Ragan and Romolo di Prisco. I've used programs before to even compose my music, and, though I am usually a pessimist, I feel I am fairly good at it.
    Some other non-important details you probably don't need to know. I exercise [fairly] often, and I rarely ever eat fast food (After reading Fast Food Nation, it just disgusts me). I've played many different sports before for local teams whilst in Elementary and Junior High School, but I didn't exactly "stay" with any of them. I.e. Baseball, then Football, then Rugby, then Basketball, then Soccer, and then Lacrosse, and then playing hockey with my friends... Wasn't the best at all of them, either.. I was also a part of the Debate Team in Senior High school... I am also experienced in the theme of the server. I have played both Runescape and World of Warcraft, and have a good idea on what the kind of fantasy them you have in mind. I've also built medieval style builds, and some out of complete fantasy. I'm mainly good with neo-gothic designs, and maybe a hint of tudor.

    And..... I think I just told ya all my hobbies and things I like to do. I hope that's acceptable for a bio; I really couldn't think of anything else to type, to be honest.

    And, er..... :iapprove:

    So I hope you liked this application. Please, message me if anything was wrong with it. I would very much enjoy to be a part of your server. I'll find more screen shots to put while I wait.

    I found one I thought I'd post anyway. It won't help me get accepted, but, hey, why not? It's a picture of me screwing around with an Ender-Crystal and a bunch of Ender Dragons.

    :DORE: <-- There's your diamond... Now where's my iron pickaxe?
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    posted a message on Im Making A Adventure Map And I Need Help
    IGN: unknown5676

    Age: 17

    Past Experience (Pictures Help Increases Your Chance): Been playing since around summer of 2010, but never got really involved in multiple servers until maybe new year of 2011.

    How Long Will Put To This Project: However long it may take.

    What Do You Want To Do: Help with whatever you need help with. I've had experience in website designing before, but I certainly know for a fact there are better people for the job. I'm skilled in redstone. There's almost nothing I couldn't do. I can't do the 'advanced' advanced stuff, such as things like redstone computers and whatnot. I've been part of timelapses before, and am a generally experienced builder.

    Your Best Builds: I've built an adventurer map before, and I'm actually working on a "horror" based map. My other one didn't get as popular, because I didn't post it onto the forums; only a video on youtube.

    Sorry for no pictures. I when I find the IP to the server I paly on (because I switched computers) I'll be sure to upload a picture of it to you when I can get to it.
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    posted a message on Gamed9x Building [1.1] [Super-Flat] [No Whitelist] [Nice Admins] [Build on join!]
    This server... was just terrible.

    The owner seemed to have little to any idea how to even 'own' a server.

    Griefers were destroying the server (which had nothing on it. They were literally just spawning mobs and mass-destroying the ground) and to cope with the problem, instead of banning them himself, he op's one of the griefers who actually 'stopped' griefing.

    This was ridiculous. I would certainly not recommend to play on this server. You should go find another one, as people are griefing it as you read this.
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    posted a message on Gamed9x Building [1.1] [Super-Flat] [No Whitelist] [Nice Admins] [Build on join!]

    Is the owner new on the forums? Not at all
    Is the post written in good grammar? Seems fine
    Is the thread well written? Well written.
    Does the owner seem experienced? Absolutely
    Following posts describing the server? Bad.

    I think I'll give it a try, but I'm somewhat suspicious. Though, people have been known to use hacks, grief, and crap, then when banned from the server, say on the forums that it's a terrible server.

    Which is why I'm still going to choose to play it. :iapprove:
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    posted a message on Builders needed (creative server)
    1. IGN: unknown5676

    2. Age: 17

    3. Gender: Male (I wonder if that is 'absolutely' necessary)

    4. Timezone/location: U.S. Eastern Time

    5. How long have you had a minecraft account: I've had a minecraft account around the summer of 2010, and joined the forums in January, 2011.

    6. Best build (pics will increase your chances): I don't take pictures of things I build. I can't really recall the things I've built. I've helped with towns, I've done timelapses on servers before... I've built towns and stuff...

    I like it when people test me on servers, instead of me describing what I build. I've never had anything declined from a server build test. So if you let me do the test, I'll try not to displease you.

    7. Description of yourself: (Again, absolutely necessary?) Well... I'm 17... I play minecraft... I like techno/rock/some forms of what you guys would call 'pop'. I am a big fan of Romolo di Prisco (although I don't expect any of you to know who he even is)...
    I play the piano... In Elementary School, I did a comedy act in a talent show...

    Is this absolutely necessary?

    8. Why you want to be on our builder team?: I'm bored, and I'm a good builder. :iapprove:
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    posted a message on Need Creative Builders From USA Eastern! HUGE City!
    Aw, I have to give you screenshots of things I build? I'm not really doing builds at the moment. I'm working on a horror based adventure map.

    Let me check my screenshot thingy really quick. I'll upload a picture if I find one.

    And about Dokucraft. It's a difficult texture pack to install (for me, at least). My minecraft never works when I would try to install and patch it.

    I, for one, don't even know where to find the light version of it anymore. It would help if you give a link.

    I think you should have creativity with your build server, instead of basically copying what Fyre UK uses in their builds. I'd guarantee you, not all the members of that server use the texture pack. It's only really used to make the builds looks nicer.

    Anyway I can get around that? Or do I have to go through all the trouble to join the server.
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    posted a message on need help for new city 3 builders needed
    I don't have skype on this computer. I'd have to download it really quick, if you want.

    It might be difficult for me to always be able to talk to you on the server with skype. I might not be reliable if you plan on always having us talk on skype when we're on the server.

    I'll download it now.
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    posted a message on need help for new city 3 builders needed
    Couldn't anyone join now, because you gave the IP away?

    Internet explorer sucks.
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    posted a message on need help for new city 3 builders needed
    IGN: unknown5676
    (MUST HAVE) Skype name: unknown5676

    Why you think your eligible: I am a good builder...

    What you are good at: Anything but pixel art

    Pics from past builds: Can you want for me to find some pictures? I don't just take screenshots of everything I build (and if I have any, they certaily won' be onthis computer)

    The forums lag for me on this computer. It's new, and yet, there's so much stuff on it, it just Hogs the cpu..

    I've found one picture of a house I made for admins on a server where I had to build something nice to get accepted into their world. It took around 15 minutes, so it certainly isn't very good. I'll upload it to this post in a minute.
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    posted a message on Anyone want to help me?

    i ish only elevun and a haf butt im matur and i can spel gud. ad me two yer servr pleus.

    Congratulations. You made me laugh. :smile.gif:
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    posted a message on Anyone want to help me?
    Hello, I'm interested in your server! :iapprove:


    - am older than 12 years old.
    - am a skilled builder.
    - am experienced in redstone wiring (but I am not an expert).
    - am currently working on a project of my own. An horror based adventure map.
    - can spell perfectly fine unless there comes a word I've never heard of.
    - may not be able to devote a lot of time to minecraft or the server (I'm busy a lot, and I could only join in my spare time, if you could understand.)
    - am a big fan of Romolo di Prisco.

    I hope that sums the lot up. I am looking forward to being invited.

    My IGN name is unknown5676... Yes, I use that name a lot.
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    posted a message on ░▒▓ Minecraft Underground ▓▒░ Survival, Towns, Friendly, No Lag!, 24/7, 99.9% Uptime, Griefer-Free
    I just tried to join the server like 10 times even though you didn't get a chance to whitelist me yet. And I don't know why.

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    posted a message on ░▒▓ Minecraft Underground ▓▒░ Survival, Towns, Friendly, No Lag!, 24/7, 99.9% Uptime, Griefer-Free
    I understand the instructions stated above and I will be on my best behavior on this server.

    My IGN is: unknown5676

    Let me know if you get the reference of my avatar image :rolleyes:
    I did not make it, also! :iapprove:

    If we fail the building test, are we booted from the server for good? Or do we have another chance...

    Regarding the kit thing. Is there a certain style of blocks we get to build with or something? Like a theme?
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