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    posted a message on Mini-Game Builds - Looking For an Experienced Builder(s)!
    IGN - unknown5676

    Age - 17 years old.

    Skype? - Yes.

    Building Score - Detailed Mansions (I've never considered anything higher than individual builds)

    Redstone Score - Logic Gates

    Server - None

    Other Info - Uh... I can make music... (Mixing, editing, composing, etc.)

    So no need to fear those damned copyrights!

    Pictures/Proof -

    Images (in order of age)



    Helical Tower

    Nether Spire


    (I honestly don't know what this was)

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    posted a message on ADV Map (OPEN FOR HIRE)
    My skype is 'unknown5676'

    Don't judge the name, please... It's so embarrassing.

    I can do noteblock music in game. The only problem is that there's a certain limit of layers minecraft can run before it starts to lag out (I don't know if this is different for more powerful computers).

    I can also make music into a MIDI file, which I would then have to figure out how to export it as a compatible file for minecraft. It depends on what you have planned for your map.

    The good thing about uploading music that's on a file is that a lot more layers can be added, and you can differentiate the instruments and sounds you hear, while also removing the octave limit.
    The bad thing is getting the file to be compatible with minecraft. It also may be difficult for people to replace the minecraft music with the actual music you're playing (Unless of course, you don't want to have the music played in the game).

    Well, add me on skype. I'm having troubles with my mic, so I wouldn't be able to directly talk with you, but I'm trying to resolve it as fast as I can.

    I'll show you some out of game music I can do. It really depends on what you're looking for.
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    posted a message on Building Mega City
    Well, you can add me on Skype whenever you need to, and I'll add you when I get on.
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    posted a message on Building Mega City

    Are you waiting to get enough people, or...

    I'm just a bit confused on what's going to happen.
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    posted a message on Builders needed (creative server)
    I've decided to post some of the screen shots I have, because I wanted to get you to reconsider me in case I didn't get accepted.

    I hope you like them. Please give me feed back, that kind of stuff REALLY helps.

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    posted a message on Building Mega City
    IGN: unknown5676 (Don't judge the name, please... I can't stress that enough...)

    Skype Name: unknown5676

    Age: 17

    Timezone: U.S. Eastern.

    Experience: I'd like to post some of the things I have made, but there's so many pictures I have. And they're all big. But I've been playing for a long time. I've done time lapses before, but I want to become more involved with the Minecraft community, and get more noticed. I've been doing projects on servers and I am currently working on an Adventure map of my own.

    Redstone Lvl 1-10: 4 (I could probably be able to wire something, but nothing fancy.

    Building Lvl 1-10: 6

    Alright, I'm going to honest. On a scale of one to ten, 1 being the picture on the left, and 10 being a picture on the right (FyreUK), I can guarantee I'm a solid 6. I'd like to say I'm higher, but you have to look at the best before you look at yourself. I couldn't say I'm something any higher than an 8 without considering what something at a level of '10' would look like.

    When Started Minecraft: About over a year ago.

    Dedication: I can probably join once a day at the most, but I won't guarantee anything other than I'll try to get on as much as I can.
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    posted a message on YouTube RPG Server is looking for expert builders! Get noticed!
    Before you decide what you're going to do with me, here's some more pictures. Make sure you click each picture for the best detail. I'm unsure if some of them get cut off or not...

    This is something else I did, somewhat in a short time period (forgive me if it's sloppy.)

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    posted a message on ADV Map (OPEN FOR HIRE)
    Hey, this seems interesting.

    Besides the fact that I wanted to see what my forums picture would look like in the new website look, I'd also like to apply to get to be a part of this.

    I can show some of my pictures, if you need builders. I see myself as a sufficient and decent builder.

    Also, what kind of music are you looking for exactly? In game music actually in minecraft (like redstone and noteblocks), or a music file.

    I don't exactly have the best software to produce high quality music, but I am learning about producing and developing music, and I might be able to tackle both.

    Here are some of my pictures, just in case you're interested in seeing them. I know it's a lot, but... well I felt like posting all of them that I have on this PC. All except for the Nether Spire are done in a multi-player server.

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    posted a message on i need three pepole to help me build a map for a server
    I would help, but seeing that you just made your account yesterday, I don't think it would be the best idea.
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    posted a message on Looking for a Skyblock partner

    A lot of people want to get accepted for this.

    Eum. Well my ingame name is unknown5676 (I hope that isn't too much of a stupid name)

    And... my skype is also unknown5676.

    Yeah... I know...
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    posted a message on YouTube RPG Server is looking for expert builders! Get noticed!
    Oh... I should have read what you said, because I went and build two things entirely different.

    If you'd like, you can see some pictures of what I made (One of them using both 64x Texture packs and a 32x Texture packs, which are Ornate and Doku. They add a very nice touch to it).

    I don't want to give you anything you aren't looking for, but I'm really proud of myself with the things I have made.

    I'll make a tudor 16th century style house for ya. I just really don't want to blow it by giving you things you aren't looking for. Being on a kind of server like that would be a great experience.

    I'll get some pictures up right now, but I'm thinking they're not the best theme for ya.

    I built a triple helical tower (all by hand) and another mostly netherrack tower, with an endercrystal perched at the top.

    So, here they are... The sky scraper was really just an experiment in a creative server, and I thought that it was decent enough to use. The other I was trying to go for a dark and gloomy fantasy theme.

    And this is my tower. It doesn't go well with your theme, but I'm proud of how it turned out. There was this guy on the server who kept telling me it was horrible, and even bribed an admin to remove it, but in the end, they pretty much all loved the design of it, as you don't normally see towers looking like this in minecraft.

    Note: It was built ALL by hand. It also used a plugin called "Lampstone". At night, the glass on top of the tower turns to glowstone, if you're confused on why the following picture might differ from the rest.
    Building this was a pain-in-the-ass, also.

    But before you decide you hate these pictures, just give me some time to start another project. I'll try a 16th century building, and see if you like it. I probably could have done these faster, but I do everything by hand, most of the time.

    To be honest, I don't think I'm going to be able to read your reply; the suspense would literally kill me. :iapprove:
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    posted a message on Adventure Map - Ideas and Suggestions
    Read the post; thoroughly.
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    posted a message on Too many people viewing the maps section so...
    A bit off topic, eh?
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    posted a message on Adventure Map - Ideas and Suggestions
    Hey, everyone.

    As the title of this post implies, I am creating an Adventure Map on Minecraft, and I need help from all you guys to create ideas.

    Before everyone starts handing out some stray ideas, I'll give you all an idea of what kind of map it's going to be.

    The adventure map is going to:

    1. have a horror-based atmosphere, and will be dark and gloomy
    2. have a relatively short/medium completion time
    3. take place around the 18th century
    4. not include any NPC's
    5. have rain and thunder true at all times
    6. have a deep and involved story line (undeveloped so far)
    7. need no Texture packs what-so-ever

    This adventure map will also have a mod used, which is not necessary, but will be strongly recommended and will add to the effect.

    If Wurstkniftes' Book mod is cleaned up and less buggy, that is the only mod that will be used. A mod which implements books into the game would be a great addition to the story and atmosphere.
    Another similar mod may be used, but it is uncertain at the time, as this mod is my favorite out of all.

    Wurstkniftes' mod can be found here

    So, I need some ideas for the plot of the adventure map, and the story, as well. Please be creative, I don't need anyone taking ideas from other things (like Amnesia, for example).

    Please note, I do NOT need builders or redstone engineers at the time, so please don't apply yourself for it. This is strictly an idea topic only.

    If anyone has an idea on the map, feel free to volunteer; I will not consider any of your ideas to be bad or stupid as long as you read the post thoroughly and carefully. If you hand me an idea that is completely off-topic and incoherent to the theme of the Adventure map, I will completely ignore it.

    If I decide to use any of your ideas, I will message you and, with your permission, I will include you in a list of credits for the ending.

    That is all; I hope you liked the change in size and font. Now, post away. :iapprove:
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    posted a message on Rate the above forum member's avatar!

    Eh, I'm not feeling it...
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