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    Let's start compiling a list of tips that sound believable at first
    glance to new players, but could produce undesirable effects!

    I'll go first:

    With your fists, you can't accomplish anything but punching down tall-grass and creatures. You need wood as they are the building blocks to your survival. Luring bizarre creatures such as the Creeper and standing next to a tree with it will be the only way you can gather the wood! They are normally found as green creatures inside dark areas. Don't be fooled by this abomination; they only want to help!

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    Good question!

    In order to get into building, I mainly just read books in my spare time to think of certain scenes that I could possibly imagine that's possible in Minecraft, whether it'd be Orwell's - 1984 dystopian world or Colling's peaceful farm from Watership Down.

    Now, I have high-school. Before I even get started, I finish all my assignments and projects that are due ahead of times so I don't feel rushed but rather calm. This is very important in staying focused. After that, I'd reward myself before starting my own personal project by taking a nice, relaxing bath or shower.

    To stay inspired, I usually try to avoid eating messy snacks like Doritos or heavier snacks like a Sandwich. I usually go for snacks like Yogurts because they're mainly healthier, faster and more delicious in my opinion! Sometimes when I'm almost nearing to what I feel is a complete build, I'll spoil myself to a glass of chocolate milk!

    Before I go ahead and build, I usually write everything I want to start building, be it on Notepad.exe or an actual notebook.

    • What do I want to build?
    • Where should I build it?
    • What will be in it?
    • Why?

    I'll nitpick little things as such. I'll get only slightly upset if I feel it's too bland. I'll bug myself with questions like, 'This corner feels a little bit too empty', or 'This spot is too small' and when I listen to them, it gets the nagging feelings away. If I was going to criticize this, what would be the worst thing that stands out?

    I find that using mapping rules of other video games such as Doom to create more original levels, say an ancient temple complete with unique layouts. If you don't have a clue of what the general mapping rules for Doom is, I'll blandly explain it:

    • Create interesting architecture for rooms using interesting, but not complex shapes such as trapezoids, triangles and squares!

    • If you want to change a texture of the floor, then use height variations!

    • If there is a monster that can drop usable items, make sure the items it drops are later obtainable in some way. Is there a stairway, door passageway the player can take? [We're talking about Minecraft here, but interesting rule nonetheless!]

    • Add secrets! Sure, they may throw you off your original goal, so do this only when the map is finished! This promotes a good habit of player exploration, and gives your map more depth! Got that area you're not supposed to access? Why not make it an actual secret?

    • Keep it non-linear. It will bore the player and the mapper.

    And here, a VERY interesting rule from Valve while they were working on Left 4 Dead:

    • "From watching many playtests, we found players instinctively moved towards well-lit areas. Simplifying the lighting helped the gameplay (the player is drawn to the warm glow down the street, and not distracted by unnecessary light sources); the fiction (this entire city block's been abandoned—something's not right here); and the aesthetics (by simplifying the visual information, we've given a focal point for the eye to follow)."

    Applying these rules in a Sandbox world can certainly create interesting results; but I'm not really sure- I'm mainly a Doom mapper, not a Minecraft mapper, but I follow those rules to create unique, interesting maps in general!

    Lastly, staying motivated. We've all been there. It just seems like a good idea, but then it just goes out like a pirate getting blackout drunk during an English Honors class. There are definitely ways to stay motivated! If you catch yourself really getting into it, why not text your friends about it? Hell, even show them and your family a glimpse of what you're working on. Posting a status update on your social media can also work! And even, why not invite your friends over for a LAN game or port-forward to assemble a team for your world!

    If an idea you had is too big, and you've already started, then don't just quit! Just do a general layout of every single room start to finish, and I mean just doing walls that are just one-block high. This is also helpful when starting, too!

    Another useful tip is to NOT multitask. This has been proven to tire you out and lower motivation over time as a whole. Just focus on that one single room, and that's it. Don't think 'did I put that right kind of plant in the flowerpot in this other room?', going back and forth will not only slowly drain you, but will get you stressed out. Make whatever you're doing only in that room look good. Once you're satisfied, then move on!

    And--- don't think that taking a break means it's gone forever. Keep track of what's unfinished or bugging you. Even writing 'something about that shelf bugs me' as vague as that will most likely get you to immediately check what you're referring too. Provoking curiosity is 'cheating motivation' is what I would consider in human psychology.

    Even listening to music can be a big help. Going for a specific mood? Spotify or Google Music has some Mood-oriented music albums you can select from!

    That is all I have to offer, good luck in the future!

    And sorry if parts of this don't make sense, I'm very tired and going to sleep later.





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    Fantastic work! I noticed that the arm seems to be glitched when you move the camera. It shouldn't really bother anyone. I tried out editing the char.png by just doing the old way (lazy MS Paint editing) and I got some... Let's just say bizarre areas that I didn't know how to get rid of. This made it alot easier to edit!

    I hope it will support mobs and blocks like you said in the future versions! The mobs seems to be the hardest to skin because without any guides helping the community. The blocks seems to be the easiest to skin for me but I'm fine with it being included.

    Thanks to you, there will be more successful skinners out there and possibly give you credit and more people will give you double thumbs up! Hopefully for you, more and more will give you credit and it will be the most popular skin (and block) editing program here in Minecraft Forums!

    Oh and congrats on getting the front page. You deserved to be there! 5/5 :Diamond:
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    Quote from michael527

    How do you know if you have a small machine?

    Check your remaining space. (RAM)
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