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    It looks good. There are quite a few 3D packs already out there, but I have not seen plands done yet. I have only to say that you should add more pixels sticking out of the sides of the textures and not just flat sided cubic "walls". For example, make the potato stick out on the sides where it is coming out of the ground.

    By the way, what did you use to make these 3D textures?
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    IGN: dirtstump (will possibly change if they integrate name changing into minecraft)

    Age: 16

    Skype: (if you don't have an account don't worry you can still be accepted) I have one, but I prefer not to say over the forums, where all can see.

    Timezone or Country: CST the Unites States of America!

    Why do you want to join?: I have been looking for a good vanilla server for quite some time now, (6ish months) and have only found one other server, which closed down less than three weeks after I was accepted.

    Favourite block?: Out of all blocks: Block 36 Out of obtainable blocks: Hoppers

    YouTube channel (Optional) and will you record: (also Optional) Yes, It is under the name of Unctuously. I would definitely record. I have some YouTube minecraft video experience, but that was under another channel... and that channel is dead. But anyway, Yes, I would record, and hopefully with other people as well as myself.

    Will you be interested in the community activities?: Indubitably! I would love (that adjective is over used) to do community activities!

    Do you agree with our rules?: As long as the "No random killing" rule still allows for a death games of some sort, Yes, I do agree with your rules.

    Have you ever been banned on other servers? If so, what for? (Don't worry if you have, you can still get on the server) Thankfully, I have not. The only time I have even gotten close to being banned was playing with my friend on his server. We were just goofing off and he playfully threatened to ban me.

    Rank yourself out of 10 on the following:
    :cobblestone: Building /10 :cobblestone: Compared to Keralis or Bdubs as 10, 5/10
    :tnt: Redstone /10 :tnt: Compared to Etho or sethbling as 10, 7/10
    :DSWORD: PVP /10 :DSWORD: Sword PVP 6/10, Bow PVP 8.5/10, Average 7.25/10
    :DPA: Caving /10 :DPA: I usually branch mine, but with caving, 5/10
    :DHOE: Farming /10 :DHOE:If I can automate, 5/10
    :ph34r: Pranking /10 :ph34r: Umm... I have sadly never done it before, but judging myself based on real world experiences, (yes, I know, Minecraft isn't the real world) I think I would be a 8.333....325/10
    :Zombie: PVE /10 :Zombie: 9/10, I have rarely every died from mobs, It is usually something like walking off a cliff that kills me...
    Good luck :) 10/10 :)
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    ^Kab's Texture Pack Showcase^

    It all started back in 1.4.7… I had recently been trying out some texture packs, and decided to try my hand at texturing. From there sprang a smooth, bucket-fill texture pack. I lost interest for a few weeks, and then came back to the bucket-fill pack. I realized that it was terrible… After that, I tried making both a 64x and 128x pack. I never got past the first few textures with either pack.
    About two months later (after a bit of practice with Gimp), it happened, I had made a good texture! That phenomenal block was stone. From that point, I worked my way here.
    That is my story.


    (If there is not a download here, that means it didn't work right away. Will fix ASAP.
    Curse: 70's Picnic Mediafire (temporary): http://www.mediafire...39;s_Picnic.zip

    To donate, I am currently only accepting textures. You will be credited with the texture if I decide to add it to the pack.
    Textures wanted:
    Grass Top

    This texture pack is under the Gold TAU license:

    "Gold: A strict level of security. Having this on your pack indicates that your textures can only be used after written permission is obtained from the creator of the pack. It also indicates that adfly links on remixes are never acceptable, under any circumstances."


    PS. Helpful criticism is greatly appreciated.
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    Thought of the day:
    It's funny how texture packs with poorly laid out OPs get multiple comments within the first 20 or so views...
    Then packs that have decently laid out OPs (like this in my opinion) have 80 views with no comments.
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