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    The Full Guard, Cutlass, and village workshop were removed during a large rewrite of Tinker's Construct. However, I'm currently working on an addon to reimplement them and other removed items (as well implement entirely new items).

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    Quote from delvr»

    I'll consider replacing the existing-world prohibition with a warning. Now I'm talking about surface streams here. Underground rivers are planned, in two stages: first tunnels above sea level, then rivers below sea level that empty in underground lakes or lava pools. All of this, as well as a basic API for custom worlds, will be part of an upcoming river generation rewrite. It will take some time, but keep the suggestions coming and I'll integrate as many as feasible.

    If you really want to make if foolproof, a config option to disable the prohibition would also be good. Also, everything you just said about subterranean rivers is the sexiest thing I've ever heard.
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    If I could have your modlist and the versions of those mods I could help more. I would recommend making sure your mods are up to date.
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    jesus I put in that small update edit and the whole post's formatting is broken? damn it looked so nice

      Hello, Minecrafters!My name is UncagedBlue. I am here to present you with a WIP mod which I and a few others have been working on for a while now. It is called ComplexCraft. The goal of ComplexCraft is greatly expand and enhance Minecraft. The idea was first created when I realized that there was no way to create a unique item, such a sword. You just had to find two diamonds and you had the best sword in the game. My friend and I quickly came up with the idea of completely overhauling the way stuff was done. To mine, you would be able to use a pick to mine the block, or a chisel to right click and mine pixels individually to get the ore with no stone pieces attached for maximum purity, as well as random variables generated with the ore. You would smelt it with high or low quality furnaces and then customization options like handles and grips and embedding gems and complicated enchantment processes. I soon realized this would be almost impossible to do, and unnecesary, and thus was born ComplexCraft Ultra-Light, a boiled down version of the first.Eventually I realized that Ultra-Light didn't quite capture what it would eventually be, as it only changed the way things were made and gathered. Eventually this topic was made, and then the true creation of ComplexCraft begun.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Another reason for ComplexCraft's creation was the death of Minecraft in many people's eyes. It was originally a creative game with survival aspects. Around November 2010, people started flooding in, the flow never stopping, not even as I type this sentence. I joined Minecraft November 25th, 2010, the day of thanksgiving. I joined a few servers before I found the server where I would settle for several months. I joined in awe of the beutifal landscape around me and the seaside town I had spawned in. One player, barquaboy, led me to a spot for my house, where I constructed my humble house. This world was filled with wonders as it was an old one, and there were many sights to behold. The great city of adminia, the great tree of Krush Bay, and across the bridge another town, and follow the VIA ESPERACHIUS and find the small hamlet which I can't remember the name of, owned by TheAngle and AnotherAngle. It was amazing, everything filled with meaning and worth.Then came Beta. The world was lost in the update due to the inept server owner. Another admin was the only one who held the server together. I began to know everything about Minecraft, and discovered INVEDIT and became a moderator. Most things lost meaning, and diamonds were petty paperweights. Everything lost it's mystery, mystique, and amazingness. Things I once thought were great were no longer.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~My point with that is that ComplexCraft aims to return this sense that there is so much, and just enhances the game so it is a world that can shine in the eyes of those who have realized Minecraft's faults.On that rather solemn note, how would you like to actually see ComplexCraft?~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~We want to keep the vanilla feeling as much as possible by following Notch's art style, and making everything feel natural like it should be in the game. We also want to enhance SMP not only with the gameplay changes and additions, but with things that will greatly increase SMPs fun (and singleplayer as well!). Paintings will no longer be things that just place one of 10 or whatever paintings, they will be canvases you place on a wall and paint on. You take the painting down, name it, and you can place it an art show on a server (more on that later (the server, I mean. Not art shows.) or sell it or keep it. That painting is the only one. It is unique. You made it. See what I mean? To make yourself a great weapon for yourself, you do not use magical crafting tables to shove a diamond in a stick and two diamonds together and get a sharp blade, you go out and find the best ore you can, ranging from iron to brightsteel. You smelt it in a furnace, take the hot metal and forge it into a blade and handle. Attach a leather grip to the handle, embed a gem for beauty or for the magical properties. THAT is how to make yourself a blade. Don't worry, you can repair the blade, you won't just lose it forever eventually.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~In the way of combat, the game has been very changed. I originally had a designs of different styles of play, but what it comes down to is that you are going to switch to your sword to fight things that are attacking you. So instead, the other combat styles will be usable alongside swords, and of course as just itself if in fact you don't want a sword. The combat now consists of swords, sheilds, spears, javelins, maces, the bow & arrow, a wide variety of magic, runes, and mounted weapons of defense.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Of course, this is not simply a mod to enhance combat. You can live in a city or a plethora of other things, such as become a politician or general or anything anybody could be if Magnam Maximus Metam Auri is accomplished. Either way, you can become a artist painting paintings like I talked about earlier, or a musician playing a flute or other intrument, playing on the streets for money (it sounds slummy but it's not), or playing music at events. Write great epics in books, and sell copys at your bookstore or wherever you want. Become a scholar of Mystlore, weaving powerful spells and documenting them in the Great Academys and Colleges. Study alchemy as an alchemist, creating powerful brews and concoctions, documenting the complicated processes involved, or keeping it to your self and selling these coveted potions. Be the best blacksmith in town, forging unique and powerful swords and tools. A runesmith, documenting runes and experimenting with them. Even a worker, mining or hunting or farming for pay. All done by the interactions between players, not NPCs or Quests. Impressed yet?~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~The best part is that this will all be a challenge, each of these talents requiring work and study and each with hundreds of discoverys waiting to happen, all shaking the world of the CC community, and everything you know. The world is a mystery to solve.Welcome, my friends, to ComplexCraft.Posted Image NOTICE: Most of this stuff is temporary and a whole new section here is incoming, along with formatting. Posted Image
    A brand-new magic system involving runes (detailed elsewhere), scrolls, staffs, lenses,and of course spells cast from your hand all based on "Myst", the magic power inComplexCraft. To get the ability to cast spells, you must first meditate on the workings of the world. To do so, sit down somewhere comfortable (on wool or something) in sunlight, then press the meditate key. A series of mini-games will begin, and upon completion you will be able to see you myst level and use it. You will also recieve a "Light" spell, allowing you to conjure a floating light. More meditation can get you more spells and Myst, but will get harder and harder. There are 4 types of combat spells. Fire. Energy. Ice. Air. There are many types of combat spells using each of these. Stream. Bolt. Ball. AOE. The damage these do are increased, and one type is not better than another. The choice is tactical. These lead up to the final spells: Hellstorm Shockstorm Chilldown Tornado These are the last tier spells. Each has incredible effects, and casting will drain your Myst limit. As in, normal Myst will recharge, but this drains the amount you can have. Meditation will get it back. These effect a huge area and are ridiculously devastating. Combining these is possible, but hard to achieve. Combining all will utterly destroy the landscape and create a Myst singularity, leaving long-term residual effects similar to a modern-day nuclear bomb, but not "bad" effects per se. Living in these areas is still not recommended... Magic is not only for combat. There are numerous other ways to utilize Myst, more peaceful things like growing plants, telekenesis, healing, flying, water walking, water breathing, fire resistance... [Not Finished.]
    Posted Image
    Runes are made on the ground, using arcane chisels and activated with a spell.Can include detection runes, attack runes, and other uses.Take a while to make, and are best for long term use, or traps.
    Posted Image
    Brewed in cauldrons, potions are made with varying ingredients, mostly powders and plants.Can be distilled, brewed for a long time, and very complex to make, in such a waythat potion recipies can be bought from experienced potioncraftsmen.
    Posted Image
    An improved weather system, featuring intelligent clouds, varying light and fog levels,rain intensity, seasons, snow levels and more.
    Posted Image
    An improved nature system, featuring dozens of real (and not Posted Image) trees and realistic largebiomes, as well as a raised hight limit allowing for realistic mountains. Plantswill grow and die and spread in the wild, including trees and forests. Naturalforest fires in the summer in appropriate biomes. Hundreds of new plants, flowers,herbs...
    Posted Image
    Nearly a hundred new mobs, not including variations. Real mobs and changes to current ones,with realistic hunting, and harvesting and such. Also realistic damage.A realistic taming system. New mobs include mundane mobs, like deer and bunnies, and themagical, like the snow cat and mysthound.
    Posted Image
    Melee weapons include swords, maces, warhammers, waraxes, battleaxes, longswords, daggers.Also a new melee combat system including realistic damage, blocking, slow swinging...Ranged weapons include bows, crossbows...
    Posted Image
    This is the tools section, where we list the various tools in ComplexCraft
    Posted Image / Posted Image
    Here is where we list the armor types and other garments from normal shirts to mage robes to capes to bandoliers to necklaces and rings.
    Posted Image
    Current ores:CoalIronGoldCobaltEbonyBrightsteel
    Posted Image
    DiamondEmeraldSapphireRubyAmethystQuartzVarious AgateJasperJadeTurqoiseHematitePyriteTourmalineMalachiteTopazGarnetAquamarine
    Here we list all the various materials such as.. um... things.
    A incredible new smithing system, involving skill to create the best weapons. Stokeyour fires and hammer your ingots in the new gui to create things. Customize byimbedding with gems, or custom hilts...
    Here are machines like furnaces, smelters, forges, windmills, watermills,wheat mill grinder things...
    Machines of War
    Here are things like trebuchets, catapults, battering rams, siege towers, andmounted large crossbows...
    Naval Machines
    Boats will now be construction in a frame thing and then float around and sail and rowand stuff...
    Arcane Contraptions
    Things like arcane furnaces, enchantrix tables, myst pylons, harmonizers, willbe described.
    A new farming system involving irrigation, crops, biomes, seasons, and harvestingwill be described here.
    A new cooking system including involved cooking/heating, complex stews, seasonings andsteak, baking, brewing beer, wine and rum will be described here.
    Block Changes
    Changes to the current blocks. Not sure if this section will be used.
    Item Changes
    Changes to the current items. Not sure if this section will be used.
    Game Changes
    Game Changes.
    Misc Changes
    Misc changes such as the possible flowing rivers and the transparent items that should be transparent, like some gems.
    Books can now be written in, copied, edited and read. Also scrolls, notice papers on walls,maps, and notes are described here.
    The music playing system, allowing players to play audible music on instruments like the flute using different keys.
    Instead of paintings, you create canvases, which can be painted on, for decorationor selling.
    SurvivalThings like wounds, crippled limbs, arrows stuck in you, temperature, infection,dampness, thirst and hunger now affect you.EnchantrixA enchanting system using myst and magic powders and gemstones to enhance things withmagical powers.Ultimate GoalThis is the ultimate goal, which is to create a incredibly large (at least like 100 players) RP server using CC. Posted ImageThe Team:Master of the Universe:       UncagedBlueIdea Refiners:       UncagedBlueBrainstormers:       UncagedBlue, AllegraCubedPixel Artists:       UncagedBlueCoders:       DrepicPosted ImageContact us:PM me on the forums or post here, I usually check both.Posted Image Banners!
    Link RemovedPosted Image

    Posted Image

    FAQ:Look at me assuming anybody will say things here frequently. >.>
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    Do you think you can have some sort of ComputerCraft compatibility? Like storing pictures on floppys or something. CC has printers and stuff, and I don't know how hard it would be but it'd be cool. Also, I'm so happy you're updating this and alive.
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    Good server.
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    i Found out how to upload pictures


    No, you didn't.
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    Quote from Mitigereye

    this is one of those minecraft mods that is awesome but doesn't get as much attention as it should

    wait a sec, just an idea :(

    Yeah, but it still doesn't get enough attention as it should. People posting is what fuels me to post more, and the more people post and the more I write the better chance of this being made.
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    Quote from TheRealAD2011


    1. The entire point of Night is to make sure you are prepared for Minecraft, are you really that lazy, come on, you have 10 minutes irl

    The entire point of night is not to "make sure you are prepared for Minecraft", it is for realism/challenge/blah

    2. The entire point of Day is to get you ready for the mobs, if there is a lunar eclispe on the first day, espically on hardcore, your going to get ****ed on the first day

    So apparently to you the entire point of minecraft is to get ready in the day, and fight all night? Ok.

    3. This is overpowered, as this can completely change the game.

    Overpowered? I didn't realize that a day/night system that sometimes changed a bit is "overpowered."

    4. Are you so lazy that you want to be safe on hardcore, If you are really that lazy play on peaceful

    That has nothing to do with his suggestion.

    5. Darkness does not make mobs more aggersive, Spiders are netural when hit by sunlight, not normal light.

    True, but this doesn't relate to the suggestion at all.

    6. Plz dont say you want something because its pretty, because your just say that there should be rainbows and ore rings that do nothing because they are pretty

    ...I don't think minecraft is the game for you. Ore rings would do something, which is look pretty and add depth. So would rainbows.

    I completely agree with this idea me333!
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    I guess next time a meet a real person or have friends or something that don't play Minecraft but still play video games at all I would try.

    *creepy voice* I like your cooltext avatar */creepy voice*
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