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    posted a message on Looking for People to join me on my survival minecraft server (nintendo switch)

    Hey everyone, my name's Jameson. I'm looking for some cool and mature minecraft players who want to join my survival server. My goal for this server is to build towns/villages, create a shopping and transportation system, as well as implement many other creative ideas. I just started this server recently however I am full speed on building. If you want to help me, I would greatly appreciate it, however you must be really good at building. If you dont want to help me build, you dont have to either, as you can always just play on the server. At a certain point in contruction of the server I will put this server on Realms, as I want many players on it. Again, this server is pure legitimate survival, so achievements are on. If youre interested, feel free to add me on switch.

    Nintendo Switch Friend Code: SW-1866-0436-4987

    Microsoft Account Username: ultralord33

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