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    Hey everyone, ugcmerc here

    My friends and I - A FUSION of friends, spanning almost 10-years - have decided to finally launch our server to the public. We've got egotistical, phsychotic, and even pretty people! Thats right, we have a female!

    All joking aside, we've got a very rebust server,a massive map, Towny/factions/MCMMO/Lottery & ChestShop, always open to more suggestions on mods! Come join us now and see why we're so excited!
    IP: play.fusioncraft.us

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    bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbump for one amazing server +1
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    Im gonna make this short and sweet. Epochcraft is a relatively new server (up since july) with active staff and a fairly active playerbase. Just some of the many plugins are Towny, Mcmmo, Mob Arena, Iconomy, Essentials, Chestshop and many more.

    Various mob arenas built by both players and admins to test your skills in battle.

    A whole global shop area inside of spawn to buy and sell your treasures or buy more dirt, because we all need more dirt.

    Feel free to fisit the site here: http://epochcraft.enjin.com/

    Ip is here: epochcraft.gameserv.co:26093

    Hope to see you soon :)
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