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    This is my second map! its not complete though... BUT! i have 5 zones already done! I will let you play the 5 i have so far. The zones completely done are 1- Lime Field Zone 2- Turquoise Ocean Zone 3- Desert Hill Zone 4- Jurassic Jungle Zone 5- Winter Woods Zone 6- Swamp hill Zone
    The zones not done but are planned are, 7- Lava Lands Zone (The Nether Zone) 8- and final: The End Zone (can only be accessed when collected all 7 chaos emeralds)

    Thank KeKoSlayer29 for telling me how to add pictures
    Download Link: http://adf.ly/FBwPC

    This update is to add the MAJOR things i forgot to add to winter woods zone like lever chest, bed, and making the fences higher. P.S if your wondering why the last link was mediafire and not adfly, its because adfly was not working right at the time but it works now! P.S.S next update will add swamp hill zone and MAYBE, lava lands zone P.S.S.S sorry about the update where i had you in creative mode and in a totally different place... but its better now!

    VERY IMPORTANT UPDATE:Because of a computer fix, i have lost all progress that i have made to lava lands zone, along with the ending i was working on. The only way to continue is to download the version i have on here, and start again. sorry guys but it will be a little while longer before the next update.

    Lime Field Zone

    Turquoise Ocean Zone

    Desert Hill Zone

    Jurassic Jungle Zone

    Winter Woods Zone
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