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    Quote from redstonevet90


    So, the world should just let Russia steamroll its weaker neighbours with impunity then? That gives China a good message. They, like Russia, also have a long history of invading their weaker neighbours. The same can be said for ISIS in the Middle East who wants to establish a Caliphate (Obama released their leader in years ago by the way).

    Obama's sanctions will do nothing. No country has passed any sanctions yet that had any teeth. The list of Russian plutocrats who's funds these countries have been "banning" is total hogwash. Each country so far has omitted the names that they are receiving funds from. For example, the Canadian government speaks out strongly against Russia, but omitted the names that fund projects in the Oil Sands. The British government omitted names that fund big parts of their financial sector. Germany just deported the USA's top official from their embassy because of excessive NSA spying. I highly doubt the Germans will be willing to do much with Obama, especially since they buy a ton of natural gas from Russia and are concerned about their economy and Germany is at the moment the de-facto leader of Europe that is trying to hold the EU together. Sanction won't help that and they hate Obama, so good luck with that. Putin is laughing in Obama's face because he knows he's a weak president who doesn't even have the respect of his allies.

    The US should definitely be involved, but sanctions will not solve anything (especially these ones). I agree with you there. The UN isn't an option either because Russia have a veto. When Russia moved into Crimea that's when Obama should have put NATO troops into Ukraine as a peacekeeping force with Ukraine's permission.

    The last time when military intervention was taken to stop a country from invading its weaker neighbors we had WWII so I doubt stationing NATO troops to Ukraine is a good idea.
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    Quote from Thescorpi0n

    Playing a cracked copy on a laptop is also asking for crashes. I think a lot of those crashes can also be blamed on that.

    This is exactly why I am asking people who has a legit copy of the game if it really is as buggy. How much influence can cracked software have on the stability of the product. I really want to buy this game, but not if it will crash every half an hour.
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    I have noticed that a lot of people on this board have extremely negative attitudes to the Call of Duty and even the Battlefield franchises, unrightfully so. Let me begin with a statement that I am not a Call of Duty fanboy and the last installment I have bought was Modern Warfare 3. Furthermore, I enjoy other games as well, including WRPGs, Sandbox builders, and racing games.

    I'll have to admit that some of the negative attitude is somewhat justified, but most of it isn't even the franchise's fault. It is Activision that determines how often a new game is expected to come out, as well as the prices. The franchise itself is not responsible for Activision's foul business practices. Speaking of which, do you really think only Activision is the only publisher responsible for said practices. Do you hear people complaining how every FIFA game is the same?

    This brings us to the popularity of the franchise. People have always loved to bash what is popular. Before Call of Duty it was Halo, and before it it was Counter Strike etc. Also the fanbase is not the game's fault, it is just another side effect of the game's popularity. Again, before the ten year olds moved to Call of Duty, they were playing Halo and Counter Strike before it. The same goes for the amount of hacking.

    People always complain about the games being the same. Whilst there is some truth in it, people fail to acknowledge that every game comes with a new storyline and a couple of additions in the multiplayer. Yes the singleplayer is rather short but there are singleplayer exclusive games with comparable length that receive critical acclaim. For example Tomb Raider clocks at about 7 hours if you rush through the story(I bet nobody cares about the collectibles anyway). Even Skyrim's main quest is comparable if you really rush it.

    My main point is that if people enjoy these ames let them do so in peace. If you think they are wasting money then it is their problem.
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    A pretty pathetic console really, It has nothing on the Xbox One and the PS4 other than its hilariously overrated exclusives.
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    Quote from MartyLoup

    No, but there's still a vast amount of PS3 games that you can enjoy on your Playstation console, like these:

    ...like Uncharted, Littlebigplanet, God of War, Infamous. Meanwhile the 360 has Halo, Minecraft, and.. um.. Gears of War.
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    Ok lets see the two biggest difference between creative and survival. One, you have to work for your materials. Two, you have to survive te creatures of the night. This would be only a problem until you built your house, or is it?

    I have just started playing minecraft after a while, but I noticed one thing. You can very easily survive the first night by punching one log and beating up three sheep, and throw the bed in the middle of nowhere at sunset and sleep. You don't even need a house, as long as there is no monsters nearby, you can easily skip the challenging part.
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    Good, one less 12 year old kid to ruin peoples time trying to play CoD.
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