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    posted a message on [1.17] Replace Blocks at Player

    Yeah I ended up using a different command anyway, and started using chain and repeating command blocks instead.

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    posted a message on [16w02a] Replace certain blocks around player

    Can someone update this for 1.17? I'm also unsure how to set up the command blocks correctly for this to constantly run as I move around :/

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    posted a message on [1.17] Replace Blocks at Player

    Hey Forum Dwellers,

    I'm trying to quickly replace blocks in a 10x10x10 area of the player constantly so I can freely fly/walk around and the blocks will be replaced.
    The command I was attempting to use (I suck at commands) was this:

    /execute at @p positioned ~ ~ ~ run fill ~-10 ~10 ~10 ~-10 ~-10 ~-10 minecraft:coarse_dirt replace #minecraft:grass_block

    I can't figure how to make the command constantly run while I walk around.

    Any ideas?

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    posted a message on Stopping Mobs from Burning in Daylight [1.13+]
    This command will prevent your nighttime mobs from burning in the harsh daylight (this example is Zombies, you can change the mob).

    The command is quite long, and I will explain each component below for those that are interested. I have created it below for you to freely copy it

    into your command block (set to Repeat and Always Active for best results):

    execute if entity @e[name="Zombie"] run replaceitem entity @e[name="Zombie"] armor.head stone_button{ArmorDropChances:[0.0f,0.0f,0.0f,0.0f]}

    Firstly, the "execute" command identifies whether there are Zombies currently spawned on the map. Mobs will only spawn within the proximity of

    the player, so as long as a palyer is near a possible spawn location, the command will work.

    If a zombie is located, the "run replaceitem" command gives all zombies a hat with "armor.head stone_button". This hat will protect them from the sunlight, and still allows them to be set on fire or burned in lava. So the player doesn't see mobs wearing helmets or blocks, I have replaced the hat

    with a stone button to make it look more natural (you can change this into any existing block/armor piece).

    Finally, I didn't want players to pick up stone buttons after killing the mob, as it is now droppable. I simply used the "ArmorDropChances" command

    to reduce the button's drop chance to 0% (sadly, this reduces the chance of mobs dropping any armor).

    I hope this helps you in creating your own custom maps or other commands!

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    posted a message on Visual Errors Screwing Up Worlds

    Alright, so there seems to be this visual error that makes my Minecraft look like i've cartridge-tilted my Nintendo 64 (see images below).

    Is there some sort of fix to this, like could it be a file error?

    Additionally, it only happens when I place/remove a block in certain areas, facing in certain directions (that may sound "vaguely specific").

    This is not Gamemode orientated, as it has occured in both Creative and Survival.

    I can resolve this issue by relaunching the game, but it's bound to reoccur.

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    posted a message on The Bad Omen

    Hey Hexalobular + Toadrunner,

    Thanks for the input, I left the game afked for a while and they've seemed to despawn (still have Bad Omen tho). I'll drink some milk when I get time to jump on again.

    Notes: the wiki states the following on the Bad Omen: "Bad Omen is a status effect that causes a raid to appear if a player is in a village."

    I thought that'd entail me having to actually live within the village limits to occur. :D

    Secondly I was mistaken, I read from a Reddit article on r/minecraft (https://www.reddit.com/r/Minecraft/comments/btmh1f/ominous_banner_effect/) where the responder states that:

    "The banner dropped as an item on the ground will attract illagers from a pre-existing patrol, who will try to pick it up and start carrying it. AFAIK it doesn't influence illager spawning, just makes whatever illagers spawned naturally to pathfind to it.Hanging/standing (placed) it should have no effect whatsoever."

    Anyway, thanks for the help in the end guys. :rolleyes:

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    posted a message on The Bad Omen

    So basically, I'm permanently cursed.

    On my survival world, I was slain in a cave by falling, so I re-spawned and sprinted off to find my house. When I located it, I identified a Pillager Scouting Party spinning endlessly in a river next to the house. Anyway, I rushed inside from excitement and grabbed my inventory to kill them.After returning to the surface, I took out the two Crossbow Pillagers and received nothing, leaving the Banner Pillager who had an Axe. After killing him, I received the "Ominous Banner". Since I've looked up nothing about this new update, I searched up the banner on the wiki. It said that placing/hanging the banner will not cause Pillagers to attempt recapturing it. After leaving the banner in my room after a good 10 minutes, I received the "Bad Omen". It says on the wiki that I can only receive "Bad Omen" by living within a Village, which I am sure that's not the case. Anyway, after a good 20 or so hours it's still affecting me infinitely. I have slain about 7 or so Pillager Captains, and they keep coming back.

    What am I supposed to do?

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