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    posted a message on Shader's Difficult to Run at 60 FPS

    Just the one it runs on, also try removing the other mods you have and see what happens.

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    posted a message on Shader's Difficult to Run at 60 FPS

    Let me ask this before anyone else does because they always do...

    show us a DxDiag.

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    posted a message on I Think I'm Hacked

    He's saying that he thinks he is hacked because minecraft is running in his background and it won't worked.

    Meanwhile, its all fine. Its a normal issue that the devs cant really fix.

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    posted a message on Terraria V.S.Minecraft

    Haven't seen one of these in a while. Didn't miss 'em one bit.

    In all seriousness they need to crack down on these. They're different games, completely different. Its like comparing lets say...a computer to a toaster. They're alike (in my example, both electrical, both put out quite a bit of heat, etc), they're both sandbox games, both have a focus on building and exploring, etc.

    Those similarities, in both cases, are just the basics.

    In major differences, MC has:

    3-D Gameplay

    Intentional Texture-Pack support

    expanded options for world generating (like seeds, world types, customizing)

    I'd go on but my laptop battery is a little low, so I have to make this fast.

    and Terraria has:

    2-D Gameplay

    Just 3 word sizes

    I'd finish but I've got 5 mins on here. Didn't notice it was low until the first list.

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    posted a message on Modded Server Crashing Whenever Player Is Fighting WIther Skeleton! Please Help!

    Seems there MAY be a conflict, they can sometimes do weird things.

    Heres what you can do:

    S1: Take out what mods you think could be causing this

    S2: Try to do what caused the crash

    S3: Add a mod back in and repeat S2.

    S4A: If the crash still happens, then don.t put that mod back in.

    S4B: If the crash doesn't happen, leave it in and repeat S3.

    S5. Assuming you have made sure this crash doesn't happen, you're good.

    you may need to do this for who knows how long, as the crash doesn't seem to point to a specific mod.

    I know this may be confusing, I can try to clarify it a bit better if you want me to.

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    posted a message on 1.10.1 Main Menu Lag

    anything unusual going on in the Launcher's logs

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    posted a message on Are Shulker Boxes too OP?

    Are people aware they do not HAVE to use the shulker boxes?

    Finally someone says it.

    Don't use it if you don't like it. Its that simple. I like them exactly how they are. Seems strange that people can complain about this and not that we can carry like 1000+ gold blocks (and gold armor) and not have any effects...

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    posted a message on Minecraft and Launcher stop responding when loading

    So I'm trying to launch MC with 12 mods (Listed below) and, when I start the launcher up, it looks broken (like the graphics off everything is all messed up) but that's normal for me (its always done that). I click where the play button normally is, the game boots up, but the game and launcher both freeze at the same time. It says "Java (TM) Platform SE Binary has stopped responding" so I tell it to close it, so the launcher closes.

    The game itself is unfrozen, then when it gets done loading (because the launchers gone, and it froze before so I can't tell WHAT is going on), the game goes into fullscreen then it freezes again and I force-close it.

    Mods I'm Using (FORGE and MC version in here as well):

    If a DxDiag (or whatever its called) is needed, I don't know how to do that

    MC: 1.10.2

    FORGE: 1.10.2-







    I will provide a launcher log if needed (if killing the launcher didn't break it).

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    posted a message on Too Many Alex and Steves

    Well no more than 20 minutes ago me and my friends were on my server, yet our skins were just fine...but it may not be working for some people (ive seen that happen before)

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